saphir_medailledor Since 1920, we manufacture exclusive products in France with natural components

Cherished worldwide beyond the Christian community, Notre Dame symbole of Paris and our national identity will soon rise again As an art and historical lover, Saphir Médaille d’Or is proud to participate to its resurrection by donating 10.000€ Adoré à travers le monde, bien au delà de la communauté chrétienne, Notre Dame symbole de Paris et de notre identité nationale ressuscitera bientôt. En tant qu’amoureux de l’art et de l’histoire, Saphir Médaille d’Or est fière de participer à sa résurrection avec une donation de 10.000€.


« Nature holds the key to our aesthetic » - E.O Wilson Photo pernobile aesthetic


In Moscow at pernobile Shoe care with SaphirMedailledOr and Patina with saphir_official . Per Nobile - «это выбор тех, кто уверен в себе и понимает, что знаменитое имя на бирке не показатель статусности» Shoecare France


Philippe Atienza in his splendid Parisian atelier. He was awarded the Meilleur Ouvrier de France - one of the most prestigious awards a craftsman can receive. Thank you for using SaphirMedailledOr


We were delighted to be part of the London Super Trunk Show. This has allowed to bring together shoemakers, shoeshiners and shoe aficionados There is nothing better than sharing all this knowledge . Thank you shoegazingblog saphir_official SaphirMedailledOr


After buying nice shoes, you want them to keep their original shape to look as nice as the first day you bought them. By using wooden shoetrees, you will be able to do so Photo straitsestablishment SaphirMedailledOr


The Maitland - Crockett & Jones boots and Saphir Médaille d’Or available in Australia At doublemonk Melbourne & Sydney


View our How-To guides on . La version française sera disponible bientôt Glaçage on a grainy leather shoes by shoe_brush