Mercedes Varnado

Mercedes Varnado

sashabankswwe Professional Wrestler Finding my purpose To pimp a butterfly DIFY-Do It for you Boston — Orlando

“I remember you was conflicted Misusing your influence Sometimes I did the same Abusing my power, full of resentment Resentment that turned into a deep depression Found myself screaming in the hotel room I didn't wanna self destruct The evils of Lucy was all around me So I went running for answers Until I came home But that didn't stop survivor's guilt Going back and forth trying to convince myself the stripes I earned Or maybe how A-1 my foundation was But while my loved ones was fighting the continuous war back in the city, I was entering a new one A war that was based on apartheid and discrimination Made me wanna go back to the city and tell the homies what I learned The word was respect Just because you wore a different gang color than mine's Doesn't mean I can't respect Forgetting all the pain and hurt we caused each other in these streets If I respect you, we unify and stop the enemy from killing us But I don't know, I'm no mortal man, maybe I'm just another " kendricklamar


Give me my 💰


Thank god I found the good in goodbye _misscircle_




In LOVEEEE. Thank you thatpillowguy check him out for custom pillows


Came through drippin' gregyuna


It is not until you change your identity to match your life blueprint that you will understand why everything in the past never worked. TheBluePrint TheStandard TheBoss


You ain't never seen a fire like the one I'ma cause.


This is too easy


I pop out when I feel like it and kill it every time See, I'm doin' fine and you chicks should get in line I'm the one they really watchin', you bitches is out of time DaBlueprint DaStandard DaBoss


Millions ✔️ Private jet ✔️ Own bus ✔️ Glam team ✔️ Answer to no one ✔️ Thank you Vince 👍🏿✊🏿 Raw theblueprint thestandard TheBoss


SASHA BANKS talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it. Dablueprint DaStandard daboss


This is going to be a crazy ride ryumaivia 🌎


That work hit different


Thank you for bringing joy to my life ryumaivia


You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation raw


Life gets hard, you ease your soul
It cleanse ya mind, learn to fly Then reach the stars, you take the time
To look behind and say, "Look where I came,
Look how far I done came" They say that dreams come true
And when they do, that there's a beautiful thing


If she had not been alone, she would never have seen the panther or felt the hope it spread into the world like rings around the splash of a rock thrown into a still lake. wweshop


Although the butterfly and caterpillar are completely different They are one and the same 🐛🦋


“ I know it all may seem sad, but guess what? I didn't build this system, nor did I f it up.” 🙃🌞


My girls 😍


I don’t want summer to be over 🌞🌻🌼🌸 nuolawigs