Shaaz Jung

Shaaz Jung

shaazjung Naturalist, photographer, cinematographer & big cat specialist. I run wildlife lodges in India & Africa. Currently filming for National Geographic.

I’ve always been fascinated By the leopardesses oracular fashion. Her mysterious ways will forever perplex me but what baffles me most are her whiskers and how she uses these sensory appendages to interpret and navigate the world around her. Each whisker has over a hundred nerve receptors that can pass information to other parts of her body. She uses them to sense even the smallest vibrations, like the changing of air currents, to help her decipher the environment in a way no human can. The diameter of her whiskers is wider than the width of her body, allowing her to accurately judge the distance between objects. This is most useful when hunting at night as she can map the nearby vegetation and approach prey with incredible agility and silence We call this leopardess ‘Mist’ and in the early hours of a misty morning, her white whiskers stood strong against shadows of the fading night; a night where she experienced a world we will forever be blind to. What a magnificent creature shaazjung nikonasia natgeowild nature leopard wildlife wildlifephotography earthpix earthcapture love


The ‘Last of the Giants’ was a mini series where I portrayed mighty tuskers in monochrome. I added the element of fading mist and clouds to signify how they’re quickly vanishing This image was a bestseller during my recent exhibition titled ‘Light & Shadows’. Standing 6ft tall, this print doesn’t do justice to his actual might but it gets pretty close You can now download the catalogue and order prints from Light & Shadows. Visit (link in bio) shaazjung nikonasia natgeowild earthpix elephant kabini nature wildlife wildlifephotography earthcapture love


The arrival of the birds, the rising of the sun, the gathering of herds, the forest now as one, the dragonflies are here, summer light in their wings, the spiders weave their webs with magic in their strings, the turtle doves call, the last leaves fall, birdsong in the wind, welcome to the Butterfly Ball Here’s a photograph of Kismet, the resident tigress, and her son. The love he has for her is unquestionable. They are absolutely inseparable but what I loved most about this sighting was to just sit there and imbibe how alive the jungle was on that summer evening. We sat on a little hillock with four tigers around us as flocks of parakeets glided by. The babblers babbled, the hawk cuckoo sang, distant cries of deer and the unmistakable hooting of a Fish Owl occasionally filled the air. Dragonflies, bees, butterflies were plentiful and the forest looked in absolute harmony as the cubs called out to their mother. It was truly ethereal and the this coming together of wildlife is something I like to call the Butterfly Ball. If you’re quiet and patient enough, you might just be invited to one shaazjung nikonasia natgeowild earthpix earthcapture wildlife nature wildlifephotography love tiger kabini


Look closely. Here lurk two of Kabini’s undefeated and most iconic. To your right stands the past and the present. His eternal scars as deep as the woods, his story forever etched in time. To your left stands the future. He who summons the night and holds the moon in his eyes. This is the endless journey of Scarface and the rise of the Panther. Two kings, both masters of one forest. Respect An artistic edit of Scarface and the Black Panther. My past, present and future shaazjung natgeowild scarface panther nikonasia earthcapture earthpix wildlife nature love wildlifephotography kingsofkabini


Leopards of the first light I’m sorry for the lack of activity on my page recently. We are in the final stages of wrapping up our current session of filming for natgeowild and it’s been an intense, yet very rewarding, last few weeks Here’s an image shot yesterday morning of the Sunkadakatte leopardess and her new cub. This family have stolen our hearts this year and have gifted us some wonderful opportunities shaazjung natgeowild nikonasia wildlife nature wildlifephotography earthcapture earthpix


Timeless, days don’t count in the forest of truth, where leopards stay submerged in the fountain of youth It’s been a decade since we christened him Scarface, a decade since I had my first encounter with Boor. Between these trees, I’ve witnessed the making of two iconic leopards, an eternal pair. Their timeless journey signifies how insignificant change is in a forest that remains resolute. Ten years have passed and here they were, still creating life on ancient trees, still as deft as the summer breeze Photographed with the Nikon Z7 nikonasia nikonindiaofficial shaazjung nikonasia natgeowild nikonz7 wildlife wildlifephotography nature leopard earthpix earthcapture love


The crooked branches of the Butea Monosperma sparked a flame with her fiery flowers. Her tri-foliate leaves represented the three powerful gods of Hinduism; Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. Every evening, as the setting sun sparks the tree to life, the trio summons its three most powerful elements; light, the rising moon and a golden leopardess There’s a beautiful world out there full of history and unending mystery. Find the moon that rises over the Flame of the Forest tree and you will find her most prized possession Shot on Nikon Z7 nikonasia . shaazjung nikonasia nikonz7 wildlife wildlifephotography nature earthcapture earthpix love leopard natgeo natgeowild


Who knew that the winds of Kymara would someday bring home a creature that would slowly become the soul of this forest. He rules the tallest trees, commands the flight of ravens, directs the clouds and brings new order to a timeless jungle that now radiates around his enigmatic aura. He is the perfect paradox and without a doubt the hardest cat I have ever tracked. He is my biggest challenge and my greatest reward. This is not a Marvel movie or a Kipling story for he is as real as the monsoon rain and he is here shaazjung nikonasia natgeowild earthpix earthcapture wildlife nature wildlifephotography love


In the depths of winter, this leopardess signified the inevitable summer that was soon to come. January is here and the winds of change carry fallen leaves from the ever-changing deciduous trees. This is when the leopard shines its brightest and art is naturally created through light as a brush This image was shot on the new nikonz7 mirrorless camera and a nikon 600mm FL lens. The picture quality is absolutely spectacular and the 45 megapixels allow you to comfortably crop in without loosing any detail. Details: Aperture priority, spot metering, Exposure -1.7, ISO 320, F4 shaazjung nikonasia nikonindiaofficial nikonmirrorless natgeowild wildlife wildlifephotography nature love earthpix earthcapture


There’s infinite hope, keep searching, for it’s deep in the darkness where life starts emerging Earth has lost half its wildlife in the past forty years but there’s still hope. The aim of my portrait series at my recent exhibition was to signify light at the end of the tunnel shaazjung nikonasia wildlife lion nature earthpix earthcapture love


Dawn of a new year, full of moments that have never been. A windstorm of change beckons and may the leopard find you this year as a better man Happy New Year to all of you. Thank you for making 2018 everything it was. This Instagram family has taken me to the most beautiful places and introduced me to the most wonderful people. I hope all of you find what you’re looking for this year. Lots of love from the unending bush and see you in the wilderness shaazjung nikonasia wildlife wildlifephotography earthpix earthcapture leopard newyear 2019 love


Will you still be there, When the mist fades away, And giants of the last march, Gently fade to grey, A summer breeze of dead leaves, Shall slowly pave the way, As giants of the last march, Are summoned to their grave The elephant population can be awfully deceptive. Don’t be fooled by their numbers just because they move in large herds. They may have a large presence geographically but we’ve lost over 60 percent of elephants in the last decade, averaging a hundred deaths a day Like the fading mist, you are witnessing a massive vanishing shaazjung nikonasia wildlife wildlifephotography earthpix love earthcapture


First day first show with the new Nikon Z7 and I must say I was blown away We spotted a beautiful tigress and she looked gorgeous in the new and crisp EVF. We then bumped into Torn Ears as he walked towards us and the 45 megapixel really allows you to crop in without loosing details. Perfect for my portraits and prints. The backlit langur in motion was shot at 8FPS (14bit raw) on spot metering. The 24-70mm S lens is fabulous for habitat shots on misty mornings Swipe through to see all. What a great day with the Nikon Z7 and I look forward to sharing more The future is without a doubt ‘mirrorless’ shaazjung nikonasia nikon nikonindia nikonindiaofficial nikonmea nikonz7 nikonmirrorless wildlifephotography wildlife nature earthpix love


My exhibition titled ‘Light and Shadows,’ is an embodiment of the philosophy that has shaped my vision as a photographer and artist. My style blends the elements of nature in an artistic way that is meant to evoke a sense of mysticism; a style I like to call ‘Environmental Surrealism’. The fading mist, transient clouds and dramatic play of light are meant to signify the vanishing world of wildlife The aim was to cater to an audience that was more inclined towards art, an audience that wouldn’t usually adorn their walls with wildlife photographs. The exhibition went extremely well. We were sold out on day one. The unique blend between photography and art had a powerful impact that captured the attention of a wider spectrum. Wildlife photography in India is still trying to break free from the shackles of ‘purity’ and I urge more of you to experiment with your work, especially if it has the potential to educate people and create an impact. Our wildlife needs it. India needs it A HUGE thank you to varuntalreja84 and estaa for making this happen. What an amazing team. Thank you to all those who attended the event (I know the traffic was awful). For everyone who missed it, my work will be exhibited at Estaa Gallery in South Mumbai till the end of Jan.