Shaaz Jung

Shaaz Jung

shaazjung Naturalist, photographer, cinematographer & big cat specialist. I run wildlife lodges in India & Africa. Currently filming for National Geographic.

There is something inexplicably beautiful and tranquil about the elements of nature. I’ve spent the last decade documenting this individual leopard we call Scarface and watching him drink the rain was probably one the most beautiful moments we’ve shared together. What a magical world This was filmed on the Nikon Z7 on manual mode with focus peaking on. Shooting through the EVF viewfinder makes it ridiculously easy and the 5 axis in body stabiliser allowed me to shoot this handheld shaazjung nikon nikonz7 nikonasia nikonindiaofficial nature wildlife leopard


This was one of my first artistic edits back in 2012, when Photoshop in wildlife photography was considered a sin. What a journey it’s been, to introduce photography as art and help magnify this magnificent world. The birth of ‘Environmental Surrealism’ is a style I created that aims to evoke emotion and thoughts by depicting a magical yet vanishing world. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but portraying wildlife as art was a milestone and it gives me immense pleasure to now see more people experimenting with their work To all the photographers out there, don’t be afraid to keep your third eye open shaazjung wildlife nikonasia nikonindiaofficial nikon nature tiger earthpix wildlifephotography


This was shot on the new Nikon Z7. The light was low, the leopardess was treed up by Wild Dogs and we knew her descent was going to be fast. We positioned at a distance, far enough to give her ample space but I chose to use a 600mm prime that would be tight enough to get a full frame vertical. I didn’t want to push my ISO past 1000 and to gain a faster shutter on Aperture priority I underexposed by -1. I was still not fast enough but this was a potential print worthy sighting and my aim was to get a picture with the Z7 at 45 megapixels rather than using my D4s that would have given me a higher FPS. At a shutter of 1/500 I knew the only way to possibly get this right was with a slight pan. The dogs vanished into the distance and within seconds she started to descend. Fortunately she gave us a quick look before the final descent and that allowed me to lock my focus. As she descended in quintessential leopard like fashion, I gently panned in the same direction of her movement. As you can see, the bark of the tree and foreground is slightly out of focus due to the motion blur created by the pan, but the leopard is tact sharp. The results of the camera and pan were astonishing. There was no noise, beautiful colours, and a full frame leopardess leaping in full frame dimensions of 8000x5000 pixels Note: Firstly, I couldn’t have done this without understanding the tree first. Always take a minute to study the tree the leopard is on. Understand the angle of its branches and predict how she may descend. This allows you to position yourself better. Secondly, understanding and respecting your subject is equally important. Give them space whilst knowing what comes next, makes it easier for you pre-visualise and compose your frame. We’ve followed this leopardess we call Mist for 8 years now. This is the 5th time we’ve seen her get treed up by Dogs. Older leopards like Mist prefer to descend face up but when troubled by Dogs they always descend facedown to see if the path ahead is safe to sprint into. Facedown means a much faster leopard which requires and a whole different array of settings nikonasia nikonindiaofficial nikonz7 shaazjung wildlifephotography


In a valley of silence, I drifted into its cosmos, carried away by the first winds, like last leaves from trees of the ancient. There I sat, beneath the night and waited for the coming of dawn. Silhouettes of branches, like out stretched arms, crept through dying starlight. Silver dew-laden grass shimmered as the forming of poltergeist-white mist buried the forest in obscurity. There’s something inexplicably beautiful about misty mornings; it’s opacity doesn’t allow you to see far. The uncertainty keeps you anticipating but you’re never quite ready for what’s to come. There was no greater thrill than discovering the unknown, no greater feeling than loosing yourself in this jungles esoteric wisdom. The cuckoo sang to the effortless artistry of how the first light painted the night away with its infinite palette of colours. Dawn had arrived and I couldn’t think of a better place to be alive shaazjung nikonasia natgeowild nature tiger love wildlifephotography wildlife kabini earthpix


Shadows of the undergrowth, full of murk, full of mystery. Witch-light creeps deep to reveal its tapestry. My pen like a wand that yields infinite imagery, of silver-lit corridors and moonlit trickery. Giants walk hidden with the powers of this wizardry, I hold the torch of time so stand next to me and feel the weight of a thousand tusks buried in history shaazjung nikonasia nikonindiaofficial wildlife nature wildlifephotography earthpix


Shadows of the past, like whispers in the wind, legends that have passed, may the birds of life sing Here’s a shot of Bella, one of my favourite tigresses. She was old and it’s been many months since we’ve seen her. Something tells me I won’t see her again, but the memories of her shall forever be etched in this forest and my mind shaazjung natgeo nikonasia nature wildlife wildlifephotography


I’ve always been fascinated By the leopardesses oracular fashion. Her mysterious ways will forever perplex me but what baffles me most are her whiskers and how she uses these sensory appendages to interpret and navigate the world around her. Each whisker has over a hundred nerve receptors that can pass information to other parts of her body. She uses them to sense even the smallest vibrations, like the changing of air currents, to help her decipher the environment in a way no human can. The diameter of her whiskers is wider than the width of her body, allowing her to accurately judge the distance between objects. This is most useful when hunting at night as she can map the nearby vegetation and approach prey with incredible agility and silence We call this leopardess ‘Mist’ and in the early hours of a misty morning, her white whiskers stood strong against shadows of the fading night; a night where she experienced a world we will forever be blind to. What a magnificent creature shaazjung nikonasia natgeowild nature leopard wildlife wildlifephotography earthpix earthcapture love


The ‘Last of the Giants’ was a mini series where I portrayed mighty tuskers in monochrome. I added the element of fading mist and clouds to signify how they’re quickly vanishing This image was a bestseller during my recent exhibition titled ‘Light & Shadows’. Standing 6ft tall, this print doesn’t do justice to his actual might but it gets pretty close You can now download the catalogue and order prints from Light & Shadows. Visit (link in bio) shaazjung nikonasia natgeowild earthpix elephant kabini nature wildlife wildlifephotography earthcapture love


The arrival of the birds, the rising of the sun, the gathering of herds, the forest now as one, the dragonflies are here, summer light in their wings, the spiders weave their webs with magic in their strings, the turtle doves call, the last leaves fall, birdsong in the wind, welcome to the Butterfly Ball Here’s a photograph of Kismet, the resident tigress, and her son. The love he has for her is unquestionable. They are absolutely inseparable but what I loved most about this sighting was to just sit there and imbibe how alive the jungle was on that summer evening. We sat on a little hillock with four tigers around us as flocks of parakeets glided by. The babblers babbled, the hawk cuckoo sang, distant cries of deer and the unmistakable hooting of a Fish Owl occasionally filled the air. Dragonflies, bees, butterflies were plentiful and the forest looked in absolute harmony as the cubs called out to their mother. It was truly ethereal and the this coming together of wildlife is something I like to call the Butterfly Ball. If you’re quiet and patient enough, you might just be invited to one shaazjung nikonasia natgeowild earthpix earthcapture wildlife nature wildlifephotography love tiger kabini


Look closely. Here lurk two of Kabini’s undefeated and most iconic. To your right stands the past and the present. His eternal scars as deep as the woods, his story forever etched in time. To your left stands the future. He who summons the night and holds the moon in his eyes. This is the endless journey of Scarface and the rise of the Panther. Two kings, both masters of one forest. Respect An artistic edit of Scarface and the Black Panther. My past, present and future shaazjung natgeowild scarface panther nikonasia earthcapture earthpix wildlife nature love wildlifephotography kingsofkabini