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Shika Hookah

shika_hookah Handmade Traditonal Hookahs. Brass excellence no compromise [email protected]

From the very beginning until this very moment of posting, the Shika hookah team has always ensured reflecting our passion and commitment to the culture and heritage of manufacturing top level traditional hookah pipes with optimal attention to details and innovation. The materials used are solid brass, copper, stainless steel materials and detailed hand carved engravings that stand the test of time and will be passed on to future generations. You as our customer base have always been the inspiration for our work and we are thankful for it. shishalovers Shikatrain shikahookah hookah hookahaddiction hookahbar hookahlounge brasshookah nargilaaa nargile nargilebar luxurylifestyle luxuryhookah brasshookah shisha madeinegypt🇪🇬 handcraft handmade art


Iowaska V4.5 show casing shika artisans ultimate craftsmanship . Every inch engraved resulting in a master piece unique and a must collector item. All brass engraved models are limited editions by default as average production time is 2 weeks per stem. Location Ras Shetan Egypt Sinai.Ras Shetan is rustic echo friendly beach . We consider it the offical Shika vacation havenhighly recommended shisha_time shishaholic shishagirl shishatabak shishatricks nargile nargilekeyfi nargilegurme nargilah nargilatime nargiles hookah💨💨 hookahholic hookahlife💨💨💨 hookahlounge hookahbargains hookahbar nargila luxuelryhookah brasshookah madeinegypt🇪🇬


Shika Tryon V4.5 brass engraving at its finest. All our engravings are executed by seasoned artisans representing a firing breed of art making every stem a potential collector item if not a must. The attention and prestige shika stems offers its owners is truley one of a kind never mind the smoking experience . All Shika hookahs are built with strong quality control requirements focused on providing our customers with an authentic smoking experience allowing users to fully savor each session while allowing a wide well balanced draw. Thank you caralo for sharing shishas shishatime shishagram shishalifestyle shishaholic hookahs hookahaddiction hookahporn hookahshop hookahsession hookahparty shikahookah shishalounge hookahbars nargilem nargiletime nargileciler luxurylifestyle luxuryhookah brasshookah madeinegypt🇪🇬 hookah💨


Legend V4.5 electro brass. Electro brass stems shine and durability continues to raise the bar redefining the definition of modern hookahs. Legend full set includes washable hose oblivion hmd comptiable 12 inch matching color tongs and a matching color clear vase allowing for easy water level measurements. shikatrain shikahookah masonshishaware trifectatobacco masonshishaware shisha luxuryhookah brasshookah nargile nargila hookahtricks hookahlounge hookahbar smoke nargile . Thank you Rud Sulivan for sharing


Shika Hookah Lounge Tokyo. Line up of some of our Shika models paired per flavor for our customers. Shika lounge was designed with the intent to create a unqiue smoking experience surrounded by a chill environment where you are the focus of our attention . Call it a meditation spot or call it a lounge end result is you will walk out more relaxed and and at ease than when you first came in:) uptail_shika_lounge uptailshisha shisha shika shikahookah nargile nargila hookah hookahlounge luxuryhookah brasshookah handcraft handmade madeinegypt🇪🇬


Iowaska V4.5 is one of the most challenging yet appealing designs to be released by Shika. The multiple flat semi cylinderal sides allowing for more surface area for hand engravings. Similar to all V4.5 the Iowaska ia paired withe latest shika hose and port design upgrades allowing an effortless draw while savoring flavor as intended by all Shika designs. Now available via the first global Shika Hookah lounge in collaboration with uptailshisha uptail_shika_lounge in Japan. Opening announcement to follow soon. Tokyo be ready for the Shikatrain . shikatrain shikahookah uptailjapan tokyonightlife Tokyo brasshookah shikaenthusiasts nargile nargila shisha hookahlounge hookah tobacco khabib khabibnurmagomedov madeinegypt🇪🇬


Iowaska V4.5 Hookah hookahbattle hookahexpoworldwide 2018. Iowaska model was designed with the intent of creating larger surface area for engravings allowing more surface area to work with allowing freedom or Shika artisans to be creative with their designs. Flat side heart shape is impossible to get with a cnc machine made designs adding more to the value and uniquness of handmade brass hookahs. Euro based customers can purchase Iowaksa via hookah_shisha using code 'SHIKAHS' for a 15% discount and special euro shipping rates. Special thank you to the hookah battle and hookah expo teams. This is by far one of the most engaging and innovative hookah events globally. The amount of work the hookahbattle team and hookahjohn invest in making these events an international success is very impressive. hookah hookahlounge nargile nargila shisha shikatrain shikahookah shikaenthusiasts brasshookah luxuryhookah hookahlounge brass handcraft handmade madeinegypt🇪🇬 khabibnurmagomedov khabib masonshishaware