St. Vincent

St. Vincent



Oscar night 2018.


Producing SK in Pantera swag.


It was so fun to be in the redhearse video. I mean —- jack, Sam dew, Sounwave. I’m in. Love those guys lots.


Dead ringer.


Saw my dear friend catelebon play last night. Magic! She trusted me to do her makeup. Inexplicably. Now that’s love.


Great minds think: viktorandrolf . I remember being stage left watching jimmy jam announce Grammy winners, waiting for my category to be announced, getting high-school-physics-project-nervous.  I couldn’t move each of my feet more than 6 inches forward at a time, on account of the rad, aforementioned dress/shoes combo.  I remember asking the wonderful, avigail.collins, if she thought anyone would be able to see my vagina if I had to walk up the stairs to the stage to accept an award.  I think she assured me, “no,” though I am not sure she could possibly know the answer to that question.  I was poised to only have to walk a few steps up, should my name be called, and meet one of my absolute heroes ( flytetymejam and terry lewis, call me — that “rhythm nation” shit is industrial af), when all of a sudden, the awards podium went stage right!  Shaggy began announcing the categories just before mine. “Fuck How am I going to get over there in time?! I can’t walk up the center stairs and risk winning an impromptu “best rock vagina” award.” And then it was time. And direalshaggy called my name and jackantonoff’s name and it was so sweet and I felt like I was on a rad version of the price is right (viktor & Rolf edition) and jack didn’t see me because I was coming from stage left and I think he thought I hadn’t bothered to show.  And I had to call his name across the big stage but my voice gets very high and breathy in those moments and it took him a second to register that I was behind him. And then we both gave speeches and it was the most nervous I’d ever seen either of us ever.  And I had always rolled my eyes at actors when they win awards and say they don’t have a speech prepared and bend too far over the little microphone to breathlessly thank people but then I was there and I ALSO bent over the little microphone and i also didn’t have a speech prepared Anyway, iamcardib looks amazing Love her.


Miranda July did this brilliant video for “Hurry on Home”. Brilliant.


It was an insane DREAM COME TRUE to work with the women of sleater_kinney on their new music.


Came across this sexy still from the I AM A LOT LIKE YOU tour video shoot.


May 2019 The story behind Actor


So honored to have been a part of the annual plannedparenthood gala. There are red carpet pics but I chose this one as a metaphor for the idea that to deny access to women’s health care is garbage. Also, I got lost in the building.


Having the best time at lollapalooza. Photo by Karla Bossenberry.


af Hilma at the Guggenheim!


Life is


Thank you, loves Designer: garethpughstudio Photo: Da Ping Luo for Lincoln Center


I was sooo thrilled to perform with the lovely dualipa . Such a kind, smart, talented person. Babe of babes grammys


I got to win a Grammy for writing a song with one of my favorite people in the world, Jack Antonoff. So special. So humbled and proud. Love you, Jack.


Me and Dua in Grammy rehearsals as the twins from “The Shining” repost from dualipa . grammys


Places to go! largo




two dear friends playing songs together with the kind of secret understanding one can only get through endless nights in New York City MassEducation out now. Link to album and official video in bio.


MassEducation coming October 12th. Listen to the first track ‘Savior’ now. Link in bio.