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Elise Swopes

swopes Visual Storyteller from Chicago Mobile Art, Photo, Video, Writing, & Design 📧: [email protected] 🌐: Swopes.co #SwopesSoDope Keep Your Imagination Alive

Staying consistent with my morning routine is everything. ad A great morning can set the tone for a wonderful day ahead it helps me smile more and spread good energy every step of the way. My morning routine consists of meditating, reading, writing, and taking a sunrise photo all before 7am, but sometimes this routine includes catching a flight for work trips. One of my favorite ways to keep the good energy flowing on flight days is to request an Uber Black trip to the airport. Having trust that a professional driver will know the route and that the ride will provide comfort is key to starting a work trip off right. Also, with the ability to request new features like a Silent Ride, I can pay attention to the things that matter. UberBlack


Chances are like lightning. ⚡️ Chicago


Is water wet? 💧 Chicago


Happy July! We are officially finished with half of the year. Pretty wild, huh? It’s gone by so fast 😭 but luckily for us here in Chicago, Summer has officially picked up and the sunrises from June were giving us lots of new color and cloud shapes. Which one is your favorite? 🌞 SwopesDailySunrise


I’m so grateful for all the love and support I’ve received recently that I decided to send some back 💜 Comment below and tag 2 of your favorite people. You and the 2 people you tag will win $50 gifts cards to the Apple Store! One winner will be announced Monday at 9am CST via my Instagram Story. Good luck! 😊


Make waves. 🌊 Chicago


There’s magic in movement. ✨ Chicago


The best adventures to chase are your dreams. ✨ Chicago


Thanks to Apple for commissioning these pieces with the Pixelmator Pro app and for today’s feature. Definitely a dream come true! 😊💛 “I would describe my work as surreal, imaginative, limitless. It’s this dream-like place. Whatever people want to see in it is what they can take.” Watch my Instagram Story Highlight to see the process behind these edits with permission from Apple. ShotOniPhone


Are you enjoying apothicwine Inferno as much as I am? 🍷🔥 I made The Firestorm: Inferno, rum, aromatic bitters, and fresh squeezed orange. Loved making this delicious creation come to life. ApothicWine sponsored


Sunday Sweets 🍭 Chicago


Happy first of the month! May was quite a beauty with lots of warm colors and rainy mornings. Fun fact: The sun rises one minute earlier every day until mid June then it starts rising later again for Fall. Right now it’s coming up at about 4:20AM. June is going to be interesting. LOL 🌞 Which sunrise is your favorite? SwopesDailySunrise ShotOniPhone


Inspired by Mother Nature 💚 Chicago


Maintain the momentum. 💫 Chicago


Failure isn’t the opposite of success, it’s a part of success. ✨ Chicago


CTA Dreams 🚊 Chicago


I had THE MOST FUN EVER making this tutorial with the super amazing, wonderful, and talented team at phlearn! Learn how I create my art with just my phone and follow step by step to create your very own 😊 There’s nothing I love more than sharing my secrets with you to inspire you all, so this makes me very happy! Visit my website to watch now 😁 PHLEARN SwopesSoDope


ad Living my best life with simplemobile! It’s Day 1 at rollingloud - the music is dope, the energy is high, and the weather is top notch. Getting UnlockedBySIMPLEMobile really couldn’t get any better and we’re only getting started. 🙌🏼


I’m so excited to be going to Miami for rollingloud this weekend thanks to simplemobile! RollingLoud is the world’s premiere hip-hop festival, and you already know I’m bringing you the exclusive UnlockedBySIMPLEMobile experience. So, stay tuned. You won’t want to miss a thing! ad


It’s that time again! 🌞 SwopesDailySunrise is on its 14th month (thanks April! 😍) and because of my travels I hadn’t been able to collect exactly a year of photos at the 12th month, but I’m so happy to say that I’ve finally reached 365 sunrise photos 😊💛 I’ve reached my goal and I’m not sure when I’ll stop? Because I truly love and am obsessed with waking up and watching every single sunrise. Thank you all for holding me accountable. It’s definitely been one of the best things I’ve done, ever. Book coming soon! Which one is your favorite? Chicago ShotOniPhone


I can’t wait to be in Toronto this weekend with thecreatorclass for Canon Creator Lab at the free space! Make sure you RSVP for my May 5th discussion moderated by the amazing reneerodenkirchen where we’ll chat about how to utilize social media for business as a photographer while finding your passion, consistency, and the success that comes from failure. I’m so excited to see some new and old faces! 😁💛 See ya there! TheCreatorClass CanonCreatorLab


I am so thrilled to announce my partnership with apothicwine ! If you know me at all, you'd know my love for red wine. There's nothing I love more than a cozy evening and a glass of Red Blend, and thankfully, I'll be able to enjoy that and more with Apothic. This year is going to be full of memorable moments, amazing new releases, and unique explorations, and I can't wait to bring you along for the ride. First, let's set the mood. Sponsored ApothicWine


Hoping I get some time today to explore SF 😊💛 love this city! SanFrancisco


A mood. 😎 Chicago