Elise Swopes

Elise Swopes

swopes Visual Storyteller from Chicago 📱: Mobile Artist ✨: Creative Director 📧: [email protected] 🌐: Swopes.co #SwopesSoDope 👇🏼😊YouTube, Prints, Podcast & more!

Grow so you can glow. ✨ Chicago I haven’t posted in 10 days or so, and normally that would stress me out but it doesn’t this time because I’ve been working on some super amazing things for you all that I can’t wait to share 😊💛 Thank you for always showing me love and making all of this possible. Being able to do what I‘m passionate about is the best thing in the world, though it comes with lots of lessons and struggle, I just want to inspire everyone to do the same and push through. It’s so much more worth it the more you keep going. ✨


I can’t thank TEDxUIUC enough for inviting me to do a TEDTalk. It was hard to think of what to say because sometimes I really don’t think what I do is that special compared to some of the amazing speakers I shared the stage with, but you all remind me everyday that it isn’t about being special, it’s about telling your story, being an example, and living your passion and truth. I’m so inspired and I feel like I have a long way to go, but you all make me believe that I’m already here. ❤️ I’ll share the link for the talk when it goes live! TEDxUIUC TEDx TEDTalk


March was a beauty. 💜 If you haven’t seen yet, I do daily sunrise photos on my Instagram story. I’ve been taking them with my phone for 13 months now. At this point, I have over 320 photos hoping to hit 365 for a small book. ☺️ Which one is your favorite? SwopesDailySunrise ShotOniPhone


Above it all. ✨ Chicago


Water your mind to grow your soul. 💦 Chicago


Time has a great way of showing us what really matters! Thankfully, with Uber’s new UberRewards program I get to keep what matters on my mind most. While I collect points on every eligible ride and Uber Eats order, I’m also dreaming, strategizing, and creating. Listen to my latest podcast “Time, Flexibility, and Control” to learn more about how to use time to your advantage. Ad Learn more at uber.com/rewards


Reflecting. ✨ Chicago


The Asterisk Collective in partnership with adidasoriginals and footlocker aims to celebrate the many forms of creativity, especially when it comes to creativity that promotes positive change in our communities! I believe that the greatest change we can make is by inspiring the youth through example. That’s why I decided to donate $5,000 to my friends offthestreetclub, a boys and girls club located on the Westside of Chicago that’s been active for over 25 years, and give them a mobile photography lesson that reminds us all that creativity has absolutely no limits. 💚 AsteriskCollective Ad


Thanks again to SIMPLEMobile for inviting me to REVOLTHouse. The energy was like nothing else! SXSW is all about connecting people whether it was through music, art, or our phones – we shared, loved and celebrated. Be sure to watch my story now to see how I was UnlockedBySIMPLEMobile! ad


Stay focused! 😁 SXSW


Thank you to everyone who came out to the REVOLTHouse BOSS LADIES panel! It was such a pleasure speaking with all the amazing ladies, but also talking with all of you and hearing what you’re up to. Good conversation is a two way street! 💚 And thanks to simplemobile, good conversation is as easy as ever - with no contracts, no credit checks, no hidden fees. If you’re at SXSW, there’s still time to come by and see performances from DMX, Dreezy, and more. Plus, come say hi to me ☺️ UnlockedBySIMPLEMobile Ad


Ad Thanks to simplemobile I’ll be at SXSW this week! Come join me at the REVOLTHouse on March 14th where I’ll be a panelist, plus vibe out to some of the dopest DJs, see performances from DMX, and more. You really do not want to miss this! Lucky for you, I’m giving away VIP access for two if you’re at SXSW (brownie points if SIMPLE Mobile is your wireless provider). Simply comment below for your chance to win and get an insider experience. See you there! UnlockedBySIMPLEMobile


Behind every successful woman is an amazing group of successful women who have her back. Sending love to all the magnificent women in the world today and every day! 💖 A favorite iPhoneOnly edit of mine to celebrate InternationalWomensDay


Moody is my middle name, Cozy is my last. Chicago


It’s officially been an entire year that I’ve been sharing SwopesDailySunrise, and it’s been nothing short of amazing. The Sunrise has taught me to be more present, that opportunities are endless and time is not, patience is priceless, your mindset is everything, and every single day is brand new. 💛 Today is also Chicago’s 182nd birthday! Which sunrise is your favorite? HappyBirthdayChicago


I have the most exciting news! I’ll be doing my THIRD AppleTalk on March 9th from 2-3PM at Apple Michigan Ave about POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS AND REFLECTIONS 😭💛 It’s been a JOURNEY, to say the least, on my process of being an artist in this day and age. With my daily reminders, I always set out to share what I need to hear the most and in return, I don’t feel so alone. 😊 Positivity and writing has changed my life! Please tap the link in my bio or visit my website Swopes.co to RSVP to learn how it can change yours, too. I can’t wait to see you there! TodayAtApple Apple


My first two YouTube episodes are finally out I am so excited! The first is my top 10 apps for surreal editing and creating, and then other is my top 10 tips for beginner freelancers and social media influencers. My favorite thing is sharing what I learn with you all. I hope that you enjoy them! 😁💛 Visit my website Swop.es or click the link in my bio for both! Chicago


adidas and footlocker are serving up sweets this holiday season. Valentine’s Day is all about spreading the love. Stop by ladyfootlocker to check out their latest drop and pick up something especially delightful for your family, friends, and your wonderful self. 💖 LFLspreadthelove createdwithadidas


January was too cold, there’s no doubt about that! We got a bit more color in the sky towards the end of the month. I have a good feeling even more pinks, purples, and yellows are just around the corner. 🌥 Which one is your favorite? PS- The more steam from the buildings, the more cold it is. SwopesDailySunrise Chicago ShotOniPhone


The Sun’s warmth. 🌞 Chicago


It’s cold. ❄️ Chicago


In a Summer state of mind with the iconic UniqloUSA. 🌻 Their new Spring/Summer collection is full of color and life. Artistic director Christophe Lemaire and his designers created lots of options for pairings of rich and bold tones that allows for tons of fun. 💛 UniqloU UniqloUSA UniqloPartner


Let there be light. 🌞 Chicago


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. ❄️ Chicago


The Bean. ❄️ Chicago