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“If you see how seasons change….” is the opening line to the song ‘Caravaggio’, by Krista Papista. A song looking at ‘time’ and ‘letting go of traumas.’ The seasons have been resounding in Cyprus during the last 6 months. Rivers are flowing and dams are full due to an unprecedented waterfall during winter and spring. In turn, nature unveils pockets of liquid delights in the countryside and changes the urban fabric During the April week we decided to shoot this film, a murderous narrative was unfolding in the news; one which involved a 35 year old military officer murdering immigrant women and disposing of them in suitcases in a dam. Concurrently, a sandstorm from the Sahara desert was covering the Cypriot skies, creating an ochre layer of diffusive light: the prelude to a hot summer. The Greek Orthodox Holy Week was unfolding in all its eloquent glory and so we set out to reclaim the rural and urban landscapes (and where they meet) We approached this in two ways: by re-styling female traditional garments and religious props as well as setting up tableaus exploring Krista’s presence and aura in the landscape. By doing so, we propose a re-imagining of our cultural narratives alexandrospissourios krista_papista christos_kyriakides andreaszen.portfolio blowcy nakedrg23 janitoroflunacy kristapapista alexandrospissourios caravaggio sultana 16mm

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Just wanted to throw a quick THANK YOU to the students at Gloucestershire College of whom I invited myself over to take some more behind the scenes snaps of their final major project ‘Jana,’ which for some reason they decided to shoot on 16mm film?? Hope the rest of the shoot went amazing, guys, looking forward to seeing the final thing shortfilm independentfilm filmmaker independentfilmmaker supportindiefilm independentfilmmaking film camera 16mm filmstock celluloid filmvsdigital filmmaking filmmakerslife filmdirector gloucester gloucestershire graduationfilm studentshortfilm studentfilm

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La maison du lac . Fuji xt3 . [16.06.19] / Paris

3 hours ago

FLASH ahhhaa SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE! On Wednesday the 19th, you can see the eternal cult classic ‘Flash Gordon’ (1980) on 16mm, with a banging soundtrack from Queen and the strangest costumes this side of ‘Barbarella’. 👽 Before the film you can bear witness to the early 3-D film ‘Third Dimensional Murder’ (1941) - 3-D glasses provided of course! 👓 The celluloid fun starts at 19, come prepared for a night of interdimensional and intergalactic eccentricity! 🎬

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17.06.2019, 20:15 Uhr: PICKPOCKET (XIAO WU) (CN 1998, 108 min, OmU, 16mm) by Jia Zhangke | Werkschau Jia Zhangke | Im ersten Teil von Jia Zhangkes Trilogie über seine Heimatstadt Fenyang hält sich ein junger Kleinkrimineller mit Taschendiebstählen über Wasser und driftet zwischen der Straße, Rotlichtvierteln und Karaokebars umher. In nur 21 Tagen gedreht und 1998 ohne Absprachen mit nationalen Behörden zur Berlinale-Premiere gesendet, besticht Jias Debütfilm Xiao Wu durch raue 16mm-Bilder und neorealistische Anleihen. In Zusammenarbeit mit Laiendarsteller*innen arbeitet der Regisseur bemerkenswert klar Zukunftsängste und eine allgemeine Perspektivlosigkeit in einer sich im Wandel befindlichen chinesischen Gesellschaft heraus. [bs] jiazhangke pickpocket werkschau kino cinema unikino kinokultur programmtipp pupillekino movies film filmtipp kinozeit films leinwandschätze lichtspiel goetheuni unifrankfurt kinotipps kinotipdestages arthouse 16mm analog celluloid

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Noise captured from the blank frames of 16mm B&W, I've brightened them a little to make the detail more visible 🌌🌃😃

4 hours ago

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad serpopal ! - Here he is a couple of weeks ago helping me out with a short 16mm project for sybillebauer that we got to shoot with her beautiful Bolex Camera. Pretty sure my professional obsession with the mechanical eye that is the Film Camera is somehow connected to this Neurobiologists professional obsession focusing on the Human Eye bolex 16mm bolexcamera bolex16mm dadswithcameras

5 hours ago

Lac inférieur de Boulogne . Fuji xt3 . [16.06.19] / Paris

6 hours ago

My brother directed his first short recently entirely on 16mm film. Won 2 awards tonight🏆🏆 in his first festival including audience favorite! Couldn’t be prouder, It’ll be out soon! (Photo credit tort_ellin_i ) director studentfilm shortfilm 16mm

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Location Komatsu 📷original JPEG JPEG撮って出し📷 camera XT-3 📷 xf16mm f1.4R 📷 フィルムシミュレーション シネマ . ……月刊Clubismの . ……取材 . ……撮る方は得意だけど . ……撮られるのは苦手💦 . ……来月は石川テレビの . ……取材💦 . ……度緊張😰 . 情報誌 月刊Clubism 写真好きな人と繋がりたい 金沢倶楽部 石川県 小松市 Clubism 取材 snapshot isikawa japan 16mm 写真を撮ってる人と繋がりたい ファインダー越しの私の世界 FUJIFILM XT3 fujilove 被写体募集中 富士フイルム 東京カメラマ部 instagood instalik

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Location ゆりの里公園 ユリーム春江 camera XT-3 📷 XF50-140mmF2.8R 📷 xf16mm f1.4R 📷 original JPEG JPEG撮って出し📷 with wife . ……いつまでも . ……輝く✨ . ……俺の . ……太陽☀️ . 太陽 solar 福井県 坂井市 japan 夕日 写真を撮ってる人と繋がりたい ファインダー越しの私の世界 FUJIFILM park flower XT3 16mm 新緑 被写体募集中 ゆりの里公園 ユリーム春江 illumination 富士フイルム 公園 夕陽 イルミネーション 東京カメラ部 instagood instalik

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오늘은 출근을 국회로😲 세미나실에서 있었던 영상자료 복원사업 현황과 과제 토론회 깊이 공감하는 고민들과 새로운 소식(봉준호 감독님 시드니영화제 대상)을 들을 수 있던 자리😬 나에게 주어진 과제들과 앞으로의 시간에 대해서도 고민하게 됐던 좋은 시간이였습니다🙌🏻 Film Filmarchive Filmpreservation Filmrestoration archive movie study 16mm 35mm 국회의사당 영화 영화필름 영화복원 필름 FRD 탁주조합 필름복원