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Hey, fans of Marvel Comics! Do not plan anything on June 7. Why? Because of the release of an American superhero film “X-Men: Dark Phoenix.” On this Friday night the only thing you should do is to go to your local cinema and watch this brand-new movie. Haven’t we convinced you? Then, let’s have a look at the cast. James McAvoy. Michael Fassbender. Jennifer Lawrence. Tye Sheridan. Nicholas Hoult. Sophie Turner. The film is written and directed by Simon Kinberg – one of the most outstanding American screenwriters, film and television producers. Oh, come on, don’t be such a skeptic! Besides, the story is really exciting. The X-Men are national heroes going on increasingly risky missions. They face their most formidable and powerful enemy: one of their own, Jean Grey. During a rescue mission in space, Jean is nearly killed when she is hit by a mysterious cosmic force. As a result, she loses control of her abilities and unleashes the Phoenix. But before the premiere we invite you to take a closer look at one of the leading actors – James McAvoy. On PRABOOK.COM you can find a lot of interesting info you might not know. movieaddict movietime newmovie cast jamesmcavoy michaelfassbender jenniferlawrence tyesheridan americanactor drama xmen darkphoenix hanszimmer superhero whattowatch 20thcenturyfox biography newfilm marvel prabook website movierelease filmrelease hollywood

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Have been very preoccupied in recent days and thought I'd make a quick post. Ordered this one from Ammy along with the new spidermanintothespiderverse both in 4k. Was pleasently surprised to see a BD included here as most fox releases are now 4K only unfortunatly. I look forward to watching this one again in atmos and love the artwork(especially of the 4k disc). Recommeded for fans of the film and the fantastic ramimalek who finally gets the credit he deserves. bluray bluraycollector bluraycollection 20thcenturyfox 4k queen freddymercury

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✨BREVE RESEÑA✨Hoy gracias a los chicos de cineadictos_peru pude estar en la función premiere de TOLKIEN. En el cole tuve la oportunidad de leer los 3 libros del Señor de los Anillos, una historia magnifica de principio a fin, un mundo creado desde 0 por una persona que hoy pude descubrir. Si bien conocemos a J. R. R. TOLKIEN por sus libros "El Hobbit" y "El señor de los Anillos" detrás de estos hay toda una historia espectacular, llena de tristezas, superación, amor y sobre todo amistad. La historia de Tolkien nos sitúa en la primera guerra mundial, época en la que iremos descubriendo poco a poco memorias y situaciones que empiezan a enlazar datos sobre sus libros y motovaciones. Fue interesante descubrir todas estas referencias y sonreír en cada guiño a los libros que nos brinda la película. La actuacion nicholashoult es impecable, desarrollar la personalidad de un genio no es fácil y Nicholas lo hace muy bien al ponerle esa seriedad, silencio y corazón en cada escena. Por otro lado varios elementos se unen para hacerte sentir todo feeling del Señor de los anillos, Tomas Newman con la música está impecable, la paleta de colores utilizada te mete en la época y la fotografía es buenísima. Seas o no fan de los libros de Tolkien no puedes perderte esta cinta que se encuentra desde este jueves 24 en nuestros cines TOLKIEN thelordoftherings elhobbit 20thcenturyfox cineadictos nicholashoult sam frodo smaug hobbit tolkien edadmedia peliculas series lima peru libros biopic

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Good Time (2017) • Directors - Benny Safdie, and Josh Safdie Cinematography - Sean Price Williams Producers - Sebastian Bear-McClard, Oscar Boyson, Paris Kassidokostas-Latsis, and Terry Dougas Cast - Robert Patterson, Benny Safdie, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Taliah Webster, Buddy Duress, Barkhad Abdi, and Necro • Ever since I heard about Patterson’s casting as the Dark Knight, it made me want to check out some of his work, and this is one of his well known films. I’m very happy I tried this movie out. I’ll start with Patterson’s performance which I loved. While it didn’t blow me away, I honestly saw Patterson as a different person as I feel that he just disappeared into this role. He’s come a long way since Twilight and he show’s an incredible amount of potential. I also enjoyed seeing Leigh again as she plays a very solid supporting actress character yet again. Patterson’s chemistry with Buddy Duress was fun to watch as Duress’s character was a nice addition to the story. The story itself is very fast paced but it does so smoothly and clearly. The story, along with the screenplay and narrative, are very creative and thrilling. Definitely one of the most suspenseful movies I’ve seen in awhile. Clever plot points, and I just love how things spiral out of control in the most original way possible. The dialogue is clever and well written, as are the characters. The characters are subtly developed which absolutely works in this tone and pace of movie. It slowed down a few times but luckily are overlooked by this absolutely beautifully shot cinematic thriller. The cinematography really is one of the strongest parts of this movie. Not only pleasing to watch, but hiddenly meaningful. I absolutely loved the ending. The more you watch the more you think which I think is fantastic. I was very impressed by this movie and Patterson. It’s a fairly short tale but it’s well told, shot, written, and performed. • 9.2/10

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rip basssinger of thedells charlesbarksdale Born January 11th, 1935 Died may 15th, 2019 harvey chicago illinois randb doowop soul rockandrollhalloffame And vocalgrouphalloffame 2004. ✓Studio albums: 1959 Oh, What a Nite. 1965 It's Not Unusual. 1968 There Is. 1969 Musical Menu. 1970 Like It Is Like It Was. 1971 Freedom Means 1972 The Dells Sing Dionne Warwicke's Greatest Hits. 1973 Give Your Baby a Standing Ovation. 1974 The Dells vs. The Dramatics. 1974 The Mighty Mighty Dells. 1975 We Got to Get Our Thing Together. 1976 No Way Back 1977 They Said It Couldn't Be Done, But We Did It 1978 Love Connection. 1979 Face to Face. 1980 I Touched a Dream. 198 1Whatever Turns You On. 1984 One Step Closer 1988 The Second Time . 1992 I Salute You. 2000 Reminiscing. 2002 Open Up My Heart: The 9/11 Album. ✓record labels; volt philadelphiainternational veteran private 20thcenturyfox abc mercury cadet veejay. ✓other dells members: *Marvin junior (B.1-31-1936 d. 5-29-2013). *Johnny funches (b.7-18-1935 d.1-23-1998). *Verne Allison (b. 6-22-1936). *Lucius McGill (b. 1935). *Johnny Carter (b.6-2-1934 d.8-21-2009). *Michael McGill (b. 2-17-1937). instachickens celebritydeaths tribute obituary likesforlikes likesforlikesback instafollowers chicago enjoyillinois rock_and_roll_hall_of_fame voltrecordsinc philadelphiainternational veteranrecords 20thcenturyfox.zpt a.b.c.records mercuryrecordsofficial

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New poster for Rocketman

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Repost turnermotorsport with get_repost ・・・ “The Art of Racing in the Rain” is coming to theaters August 9th! Check out the trailer and the behind the scenes of the Turner teams involvement in this major movie at the link in our profile. artofracing turnerbmw m4gt4 turnermotorsport 20thcenturyfox - - turnermotorsport and the sport come to life on the big screen! So awesome to see 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 - Make sure you go see check it out August 9th‼️ - - Don’t forget we offer many Turner Motorsport products! Anything for your N54, N55, and S55. Send us a message for any questions! bmw turnermotorsport liquimoly artofracing motorsports highrevmotorwerks

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Did you want to wish that: Magnetic Entertainment Group & ABC Studios for Disney & Fox? Please let me know in the comments below. disney & 20thcenturyfox

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👍👍👍👍👍 . 🎦 The Wolverine . 🎥 Director: James Mangold 🎬 Screenplay: Mark Bomback, Scott Frank 🎭 Starring: Hugh Jackman, Hiroyuki Sanada, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, Famke Janssen, Will Yun Lee, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Haruhiko Yamanouchi, Brian Tee . IMDb: 6.7/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 71% Metacritic: 61% . xmen thewolverine wolverine marvel marvelcomics 20thcenturyfox chrisclaremont frankmiller jamesmangold markbomback scottfrank hughjackman hiroyukisanada taookamoto rilafukushima famkejanssen willyunlee svetlanakhodchenkova haruhikoyamanouchi briantee imdb rottentomatoes metacritic film movie movies

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The Art of Racing in the Rain يتذكر كلب يدعى انزو دروس الحياة التي تعلمها من صاحب سيارة السباق ، داني A dog named Enzo recalls the lifelessons he has learned from his race car driving owner, Denny. Dog lovers believe their canine family members understand language, comprehend events, have opinions, exude loyalty. In "TheArtOfRacingInTheRain", wise old dog Enzo Swift shares thoughts about the life experiences which prepared him to protect his family in times of greatest need KevinCostner MiloVentimiglia AmandaSeyfried . RacingInTheRain ArtOfRacingInTheRain ArtOfRacing 20thCenturyFox . فيلم كوميدي دراما Movie Comedy Drama disney

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🚨Art of Racing in the Rain POSTER: Kevin Costner is a Dog Who Loves Racing🚨 - Kevin Costner voices a dog who loves car racing in the trailer for The Art of Racing in the Rain. Funny as it sounds, 2019 has been a pretty big year for live-action movies featuring "talking" dogs. Case in point: Bryce Dallas Howard lent her voice to the canine star of A Dog's Way Home in January, and Josh Gad only just reprised his four-legged character from A Dog's Purpose in this month's sequel, A Dog's Journey. Now, the Oscar-winning Costner's lending his vocals to another doggo in this summer's adaptation of Garth Stein's best-selling 2008 novel, The Art of Racing in the Rain. Written for the screen by Mark Bomback (War for the Planet of the Apes) and directed by Simon Curtis (Goodbye Christopher Robin), Art of Racing in the Rain tells the story of Denny Swift (Milo Ventimiglia), a wannabe Formula One racer, from the perspective of his witty canine companion Enzo (Costner). The film's release date was only recently bumped up from September to August, as part of Disney's schedule reshuffling following the completion of its purchase of Fox's movie and TV assets. As such, the marketing is getting started a little earlier than previously expected. theartofracingintherain kevincostner dog racing carracing amandaseyfried family drama 20thcenturyfox waltdisneystudios disney fox themousehouse news movie themovieboys

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🚨Art of Racing in the Rain Trailer: Kevin Costner is a Dog Who Loves Racing🚨 - Fox has released The Art of Racing in the Rain trailer online, along the first official poster. The trailer offers a fairly broad-stroked, but otherwise none too revealing, rundown of the film and its overarching narrative. All in all, the promo makes Art of Racing in the Rain look like a pretty straightforward, family-friendly drama about a person and the major events in their life (pursuing their dream career, getting married, having ), as told from the perspective of their ever-faithful furry companion. However, the trailer also leaves out a central element of Stein's source material; namely, Enzo hopes to be reincarnated as a human after he dies, which is why he's so focused on studying the human condition through Denny's experiences, and becomes obsessed with racing in the first place. It's pretty different from Marley & Me in that way, despite what the poster would have you believe. Assuming the movie doesn't stray from Stein's book in that regard, The Art of Racing in the Rain may ultimately resemble A Dog's Purpose in the way it folds philosophical musings and themes about spirituality into an otherwise relatively grounded story about a human and their loving dog. It's possible Fox is concerned moviegoers will perceive Curtis' adaptation as being a ripoff in that respect, which would explain why they've chosen to shy away from that aspect in the marketing and focus more on Costner voicing a wise beyond his years, but also adorable pup who loves to race in cars instead. Of course, it remains to be seen if that's enough to convince audiences this isn't just the same movie about a philosophizing dog they've seen before, released under a different title. theartofracingintherain kevincostner dog racing carracing amandaseyfried family drama 20thcenturyfox waltdisneystudios disney fox themousehouse news movie themovieboys

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— This is how Tsarevich Alexei of Russia is portrayed in the 1997 20th Century Fox film ‘Anastasia'. This is supposed to be him in 1916. He appears to be 5 or so. However, he’s actually 12. There’s a lot of things historically incorrect in the film but hey, they all have nice hair🤷🏻‍♀️

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In 2009, the USNS T-AKE 7 was named the USNS Carl Brashear, in honor of Master Chief Boatswain's Mate (Master Diver) Carl M. Brashear (1931-2006), who joined the U.S. Navy in 1948. He was one of the first African-Americans to graduate from the Navy Diving School, and was designated a Navy salvage diver. He was the first African-American to qualify and serve as a master diver while on active duty, and the first U.S. Navy diver to be restored to full active duty as an amputee, the result of a leg injury he sustained during a salvage operation. After thirty-one years of service, Brashear officially retired from the U.S. Navy on April 1, 1979. ⚓ 🎥 : 'Men of Honor' 🎖️(2000) ©️ 20thcenturyfox 🔻 👣 | Follow us for more addict.screen 📺 menofhonor usnavy history diver bestcasting bestmovie robertdeniro deniro cubagoodingjr charlizetheron africanamerican segregation racism realstory cinematography cinephilecommunity cinema cinematographer cinemalover filmisnotdead filmphotography filmcommunity filmmaker iconicduo iconicfilm epicmovie iconicscene bestacting bestactors 20thcenturyfox

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There are some slight changes to this in Spider-Man 2, but it’s mostly the same 💯 - Source: Amazing Spider-Man 50

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