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6 months ago

Finally out! Presenting theoneandonly Frida Malloo frida.malloo ✨ What an inspiring, beautiful experience and honor to have worked with this Queen! I love you, your art, your emotion, your authenticity such a big admiration for this babe. A special shoutout to aki_n_o_m for her beautiful styling work! ✨❤️ And to my brother joserojasott for his creative mind and vision. This is one of the first projects we do together and it was just a privilege to have worked together as a team. ✨The first picture of many more to come✨ editorialphotography fridamalloo portraitphotography feministart musician cheeseart schönmagazine toilettepapermagazine berlinmusician queer studiolight dianarosstribute 80slight donnasummer nikon

11 months ago

You don't want to mess with this lady AKA  usual shenanigans with alyblake

1 year ago

I turned an 80’s light fixture into a chandelier for my daughter’s closet she loves it! Not bad for a $5 find!

1 year ago

You have to be all Ears and Lips 👂🏻👄

1 year ago

"You always have a green light that burns all night at the end of your dock"

4 years ago

That's very 80's! 😃😍❤️