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Good afternoon artists and lovers of art ☀️ Here is a painting with a twist. This is the second time I combine acrylic paint with false eyelashes for a “3D” effect 😁 Made using acrylic paint and false lashes on a vinyl record canvas 👩🏻‍🎨 vinylrecord vinylrecordart paintingwithatwist acrylicpainting paintingcommunity falselashes 3dart 3dpainting aliengirl aura thirdeyepainting thirdeye whitehair art arte artistoninsta paintingoftheday girlart drawing goldeyeliner

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Showing off my new apron my hubby gifted me yesterday. I love it so so much. It is from searchandrescuedenim in granvilleisland. The girls there were so sweet, helpful and they didn’t mind my sprawled out on their shop floors(big plus)😂 you can even have an apron customized. futuregoals marchmeetthemaker carvetimeoutforart detailshot abstractart plantspot doitfortheprocess pacificartmarket communityovercompetition studio momartist vancouver sumibrush acrylicpainting mixedmediaart unisoncolour mondayinspiration artforbreakfast artnow pnwartist thestudiosource emergingartist homedecor artcollector contemporaryartcollector femaleartist vancouverartist tealover

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Lunar (2016), acrylic on canvas 100 x 100cm.

5 minutes ago

⭐️ loosescrewtattoo ⭐️ For anyone who has been following along with my journey, you know I have worked on this painting for nearly two years. Well, she’s finally done! Say hello to “Widow Blues” This is my very FIRST painting ever. 😊 That’s the short version if you want to read my longer, more expressive ramblings, please continue 😜 Over two years ago, jessesmithtattoos challenged me to create a piece of art that was all my own. Being an artist who had really only ever copied black and grey portraits, I knew nothing of the artistic process, color, or really anything about painting whatsoever so I took ten million photos of hollymbryngelson , sunnyswanson , emma_nolan , sabrinatattoos and rockpaperscissors until I found the perfect photo. I changed my idea 100 times, fought tooth and nail on having to do thumbnails, did the base layer, then had to re-do it about four times until it was right. And after envisioning all the ways I’d burn it, and having what felt like thirty breakdowns when it wasn’t coming out right, it finally started to come together suddenly it started looking like an actual human, and Jesse stopped looking at me like he wanted to put my head through the wall. He dragged me, kicking, screaming, and cussing to this point and deserves a trophy for painfully critiquing me the whole way To you guys on social media, this is something you’ll spend 15 seconds or less looking at and say “Jesus Christ, Jen, it’s just a painting, relax.” Well screw you, because I stared at this for over 100 hours and combed over every inch a billion times. And you know what? I’m damn proud of myself. Learning to paint was something I always wanted to do, but was scared to leave my comfort zone. So I really want to thank Jesse for teaching me this medium oh and Dylon for continuing to lovingly kick my ass to finish it 😂 the ramblings of an artist who’s just trying to celebrate the small wins. ☺️👍 loosescrewtattoo jenbean jenbeanart jenbeantattoos acrylic acrylicpainting 2019 golden novacolor

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Today is Week 12 of TWintersectionalfridays! I'm honored to feature L. from wherechangestarted. She is an antiracist educator and has been such an amazing influence on me and my journey. Her writing has not only taught me so much, but helps me on how to communicate it in a way that is intentional. I'm so thankful for her Watch my instastories/highlights for a talk through and art process Thank you wherechangestarted for sharing your story! 💕 TWintersectionalfridays: Space to explore intersections of identity and systems of oppression. Space to tell your story. Space to listen. Every Friday of 2019. Week 12/52. 'L.' / 8x8 in. / mixed media on paper

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Loved seeing the very talented artist ilaria_de_plano and her gorgeous art. Swipe to see more art.

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2 hour demo (usually ends up about under 1 and half with talking and tea break;)for fairly local art group earlier in the week It’s A2 acrylic on canvas paper Really fun one to do as a side from birds, figures and street scenes are probably my other favourite subject

19 hours ago

Que a coragem e a força te conduzam às melhores atitudes! Que estas, sejam de renovação e renascimento! A Vitória de bons ventos, de boas ações é certa com proteção espiritual! O mundo tem sede de transformações! 💕🌞🌾🌿 painting acrilicpaint sirleihansen brazilianartist dubai pintura art arte burjalarab jumeirahgroup saidkhalil aguia força coragem eagle uae decoracaodeinteriores arquitetos newpaint artgallery eaglelovers instaart acryliconcanvas contemporainart modernart artlovers kunst flyeaglefly eaglefly acrylicpainting

2 weeks ago

‘De Effenaar‘ - Bounded Series 04. Mixed media on canvas. 30 x 40 cm. Influence: 05/11/05, My debut live show in Eindhoven with Goldie . Scroll to see in-depth. The jeans I wore that night are in this piece + some ground vinyl dust from a record release that year.