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Good Girl 🤩 Wir hatten heute Training bei bestem Wetter ☀️ und beide Mädels waren echt brav 🥰 vielleicht lad ich euch dann noch paar Ausschnitte in die Story 😉 Am Wochenende steht mal wieder Turnier an und ich bin gespannt ob wir an die tollen Läufe von letzte Woche anknüpfen können 🤗 Das Bild hier ist von lisa_fin 😍 Danke dafür! Ich liebe es 💕

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Mini percurso super caseiro de agility. Pra aprender a fazer essa bagaça vai lá no Canal do YouTube e procure a gente. Lá você aprende a ensinar o seu cachorro e de quebra perde uns quilinhos com ele. Obs: se você pegou a referência do Mario kart é um indício que vc tá ficando velho 😅 agility toledopr toledo adestramento adestramentopositivo trupecao cachorroétudodebom cachorrosaudavel cachorrofeliz comofazer facavocemesmo dogs dog dogslife puppy instadogs instapet

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Good Lateral Movement is a huge key to be able to make plays in any sport I can't stress it enough! If you can move and change direction well you will make plays! This is another exercise that will help you execute that. Do 3 sets of 20 reps don't use too much weight this is to be done smooth and quickly. athletictraining athlete fitness performance makeplays speed agility accleration

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Timeless is less than one month away ⏱ agilityofficial and I have been grinding every single day to make it perfect, can’t wait to share it all with you! It’s without a doubt one of the most experimental I’ve had the honor of working on 💯

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Is this what you think risk management should look like? Fully armed against all evil and in a position where you can’t move? Did you know that in the Middle Ages knights used to wear these outfits in combat? It did protect them from sharp weapons but it cost them a lot of agility as well. And agility in combat is sort of helpful. Do you think this should apply to your risk management as well? I bet you are smarter than that, right? agility agileriskmanagement agilemanagement beyondsabbatical makenanimpact impact impactingpeople personalbranding personalbrand personalmarketing helpingothers helpingentrepreneurswin soloentrepreneur  solopreneur  riskmanagement   riskreward   reputationmanagement startupcoach  startupcompany socialmediareputationmanagement startwiththeendinmind

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Illan viimeiset hitaat siis treenit. Viimeisen viikon aikana olen ehkä ymmärtänyt eniten Tempon tulevaisuudesta agilityn parissa. Haasteeksi ei riitä, että se on iso ja pitkäkoipinen. Sillä on myös piiitkä laukka. Ihan helpolla ei tulla pääsemään, vaikka Tempo kiltti onkin ja pyrkii aina tekemään parhaansa ja kaiken lisäksi oppii nopeasti. Kilpajuoksussa tulen häviämään Tempolle aina. Mutta mikä estää kouluttamasta sitä taitavaksi tiimipeluriksi irtoamisen saralla. Tänään päädyttiin opettelemaan in-innien alkeita. Aamulla ei kestänyt yhtään liikkumistani, illalla tuli jo helpolla ohjauksiin liikkeestä huolimatta. Enemmän merkkaa oma sijoittumiseni, liian läheltä ohjattuna Tempolle ei jää aikaa reagoida esteisiin. Toki tämä varmasti muuttunee kokemuksenkin myötä. Sokkareitakin treenattiin sileällä. Eipä sen ohjauksen tarvitse olla kuin sekunnin myöhässä, niin tilanne meni jo. Tempon kanssa ei tarvitse ainakaan pelätä sitä, että purkaisi estelukituksia Piikan tavoin. malinois malinoisofinstagram malinoispower maligator maligators belgianmalinois kettutyttö vaintempojutut agilitytraining agility agilitydog koiraurheilunilo sportdogs

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Molly had her first agility class today, if it was a "walk off and do what you like" class she'd have won everything! 🙈

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• B A L A N C E • Off season training is under way athletes are working on the details to take their game to the next level . The squats and deadlifts will come :. Create symmetry first this will allow for proper muscle balance & little dysfunction down the line 🙏🏼 mavinanderson mcgregor_marcus- Markus Kier - watchaser claro.96

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if you loyal to me I make sure that you get it ‼️ ATH: runitup.fazzo Song: Da Baby x Suge

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Voici la fameuse vidéo où je montre mon petit travail de ce soir 🌃 le but est de différencier le "Tic" et le "Go" ainsi que de les assembler afin de les ajouter à mes chorégraphies de dog dancing ! La vidéo n'est pas très belle mais je ne pense pas qu'elle va rester sur le compte 🐾 . Quel trick êtes vous en cours d'apprentissage ? 💪🏻 canon500d photography dalmatiens canicrossdogs dogstargram dogmodel agility petsitting canon dalmatian

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We’ve got another great ab exercise for you! Give Reverse Crunches a try! ⠀⠀ This movement works the bottom portion of your abdominals + also targets the transverse abs more than regular crunches! How to: A) laying on your back with your knees at 90 degrees + hands positioned next to you. B) pressing your low back into the ground, squeeze your core to bring your knees into your chest. C) pulling your knees in will lift your tailbone + from there begin to press your feet toward the sky. D) reverse the motion, slowly, careful not to let momentum or gravity take over. Are you ready to give it a try? Let’s see what you’ve got. Show us your crunch! prideprogramming renegade roguefit reset pridepack strong functional agility train workout fitness smallgrouptraining core endurance hiit differentbreedofstrong rogue fit motivation

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PLYO 2 B: Mini Hurdle 4 jumps to sprint🏃💨 - Two Feet SL land - SL hop to SL Land R & L (Forward) - Continuous SL hop R & L (Forward) - SL bound (Start off of right then straight to left) - SL hop to SL Land R & L ( Lateral) ⚡ Lateral Movement -Mini Hurdle Step Over 4 Trips ⚡ The ability to apply a reactive force is the major goal of plyometric training. An increase in power will directly correlate to an increase in Speed and Explosion. ⚡  Perfect takeoff and landing technique. Don’t land below parallel! Camps & Combines rate and rank players off of verticals, broad jumps, and 40 times make sure you attack these drills!

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“Por qué debes entrenar más agilidad que velocidad en el futbol americano” Link en Bio Empecé un blog, y voy a estar escribiendo más seguido. Checalo en Sé que esta generación no le gusta leer tanto, pero espero poder proveer información valuable y relevante a deportistas y gente que quiere mejorar su salud. Y si tienes una pregunta, o si hay un tema que te gustaría que incluye en un blog post, comentalo con toda confianza!

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Auch ein Nachbaut kann schön und spannend sein, man muss nicht alles neu erfinden! Lieber schnell als perfekt an den Markt! agility agil produktentwicklung lego

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⚡️ acupuncture for hip flexor tendinitis with estim for extra pain relief ⚡️

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Para que una rutina o programa de entrenamiento funcione . Solo existe una clave. "Actitud" Si no la tienes , simplemente se convierten en ejercicios que te hacen sudar. Mis clientes saben que si no tienen actitud, ese día no entrenan conmigo crossfitmadrid tuentrenador mecoach entrenadorpersonal gymmadrid coordinacion rehabilitacion agilidad agility alonsomartinez entrenadorfitness fitcoach madridfit fitmadrid fitnessmadrid madridfitness coachmadrid entrenamientofuncional entrenadorpersonal forusbarcelo crossfit gymmotivation fitgirl crossfit crossfitmadrid

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🔥Glute Activation🔥

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Si lo haces bien, no va a ser fácil

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WarmUp 👣⚡️™️