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솔직히 말 해 호두 너 고양이 아니고 천사지 요녀석 😤❤ ANGEL 호두

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El amor tiene un duende que ríe, que enciende, que crea y recrea y aunque al diablo le pese, retoña y florece y al mal lo voltea.

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Перфектният акцент за всеки тоалет 🎀 Елегантни бебешки обувки от кожа с панделка и ресни в различни цветове 💥 Декоративна подметка 🎯Налични в сребрист, цикламен и лъскаво розов цвят 🍭 Размер 0-6 месеца 🔔 🔶 Цена 14,90 лева ✨🔝 🔶 За въпроси и поръчки, може да ни пишете на лично съобщение 📩📬 🔶 Доставка по Еконт до 2 работни дни 🚚📦 🔶 Безплатна доставка при покупка над 70 лева 🛎🎁 fashion babyfashion love trends family baby style angel littleangel cuteness shoes babyshoes passion бебешкамода бебешкидрехи бебешкиобувки дрехи бебешкистоки бебешкиаксесоари бебешкиартикули мода бебе семейство модерни

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Follow page 👉 shoutout_lovers_boys_girls 😘⛳⛳आम्ही मराठी असतोच सुंदर त्यामुळे दिसतोही सुंदर⛳ ☝️अश्याच अप्रितंम पोस्ट पाहण्यासाठी फॉलो करा🙏 आपल्या पेज झळकण्यासाठी आपले मराठी लूक फोटो पाठवा 🙏 तुमच्या आवडत्या फोटो मध्ये टॅग नक्की करत रहा🙏🙏 shoutout4shoutout beauty like4like handsome instagram instacool instaking instaqueen followhin followmi pune maharastra angel super beauty shoutout4shoutout beauty

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REQUEST: Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr. was born on June 22, 1930 to Charles and Anne Lindbergh in New Jersey, USA. 20 month old Charles was kidnapped from his second floor bedroom the evening of March 1, 1932, between the hours of 8:00pm and 10:00pm. Police were immediately notified, and a crude wooden ladder was found leading up to the nursery window outside the house. Left on the windowsill was an envelope containing a crudely written ransom note, demanding $50,000 for return of the baby. On March 4, a second letter was received in the mail, upping the demand to $70,000, and scolding Charles for calling the police. On the evening of April 2, John F. Condon, a friend of Lindbergh's who agreed to be a go-between, delivered $70,000 in marked gold certificate bills to the unknown kidnapper, receiving a hand-written note indicating where the baby could be found. Baby Charles could not be located at the indicated place in the note. On May 12, 73 days after the kidnapping, the body of an infant was found in the woods four miles from the Lindbergh home. Identified as Charles, Jr. the cause of death was determined as a massive fracture of the skull, apparently delivered the night he was kidnapped. In September 1934, Richard Hauptmann was arrested after the ransom money was found in his garage. The man was convicted of the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh, Jr, and was executed in the electrical chair on April 3, 1936. RIP Charles. June 22, 1930 - March 2, 1932 CharlesLindberghjr murder gonetoosoon foreverinourhearts angel rip restinpeace childabuse

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MentalHealth is extremely important for the generations growing up today. Especially for the black community. For so long we have shunned the very thought of inner work. Absentmindedly, shunning our inner peace. I am thankful this is less taboo. This should always be a ‘top of mind’ topic. •••••••••••• How does one negotiate life feeling as though they must work twice as hard as everyone else just to produce minimal results? To know the purposeful disenfranchisement of ancestors and the trickle down effects it’s had on the now? ••••••••••• Dr. Joy DeGruy speaks so eloquently on the topic of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and it’s lasting constraints on the way we (both black and white Americans) interpret and live our lives today. ••••••••••• Coping must go beyond the pleasurable acts for self. Beyond marijuana or sex. It is our duty to educate ourselves and seek the necessary preventative precautions. Psychotherapy, group therapy, and health & wellness literature (specifically from writers of color). This is how we eradicate repetitive harm. This is also how we in return, educate our youth. This information is factual and powerful. We must take the first steps that can change the course of generations to come. •••••••••••• Black people we are still in many ways beholden to our proverbial chains. We must become our own key so we are never held captive again. Also, to any non-binaries, pan-sexual, queer, and free lover’s in mahogany skin, I see your resilience and respect your fight to live life on your own terms. ••••••••••••••• Being ‘free’ is not easy and it starts in the mind. I love you a black people. Rest in Power, king. NigelShelby

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Neon angel 🔥🎀👼🏻🎀🔥

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[ Favorite Characters - CONCOURS : Dessins à gagner ] Et voilà la nouvelle version de ce challenge ! Je vais faire un concours dessus, les règles sont très simples : Vous postez un commentaire ou vous me mettez les noms des personnages que vous reconnaissez ! Vous pouvez aussi me le dire en MP pour éviter la triche. Mais petite restriction, je vous demanderai de partager ce post dans votre story pour que votre participation soit prise en compte, c'est tout ce que je vous demande :3 J'aviserai les prix en fonction des participants, le gagnant sera celui qui a reconnu le plus de persos !

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Самая первая фотосессия малыша. Проводится у вас дома 👆со всей заботой и нежностью к вашей крохе 😍 Весь необходимый реквизит привезу с собой 👍. Нужно только написать мне или позвонить 👌 . Отличный подарок для молодых родителей, от друзей или родственников, если раздумываете, что же им подарить 😊. Подарите им память о мимолетном времени только рожденного малыша 👶 Фотосессия новорожденного проводится в возрасте 5-15 дней. Возможна предварительная запись по ПДР. Пишите в WhatsApp и директ. А в посте можете задать мне интересующие вас вопросы 😃 марина_снимаю_фото_красиво новорожденные новорожденный родымосква 9месяцев 40недель 39недель 38недель счастье беременность роддоммосква роддом скоромама newborn newbornmoskow родители angel best_children_foto best_family_photo baby deti_ne_dlya_ramok дляbestfamilyphoto childhood семья детимосква