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Thank You All for 1k ❤️ ! I appreciate it so much ! I have come along way. I had another account “ rondathebadass “ but it got deleted or I have no idea. I’m so glad I made this account because this account has grown so much ! I got noticed by Ronda 4 times now. I’m so glad to be supporting the best woman, wrestler in the world ❤️< ( my opinion )I love Ronda and I love being in Ronda’s fandom and once again thank you ! rondarousey rondarouseydotcom rondarousey rowdyronda rowdyrondarousey baddestwomanontheplanet therowdyones 1k thankyou rowdyones explorepage

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A LOOOOOK😍❤️ Now that Sasha’s back shouldn’t someone else be back BaddestWomanOnThePlanet

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Before the show, Corey Graves was able to get a sit down interview with STRIKEFORCE Women's Champion, Shayna Baszler. "Shayna, since Ronda Rousey made her debut attacking Sasha Banks in your match, everyone has seemingly stepped down to you. What's your opinion on this?" "I've already beat them all. They stepped down before Ronda arrived. She had no effect on how my so-called competitors feel about facing me." "Do you think that Ronda would ever want to face off against you for your championship?" "Of course. Just because we're friends outside of the ring it doesn't mean we're the same inside. If she wants to lay down a challenge, she can, and I'll accept it." strikeforce wrestling shaynabaszler queenofspades horsewomen submissionmagician rondarousey rowdy baddestwomanontheplanet interview

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Acho que se fosse pra RondaRousey retornar, eu faria o seguinte: Natalya vencia a BeckyLynch no SummerSlam e dps a Ronda retorna atacando as duas e no Hell In A Cell, nos teriamos uma Triple Threat entre elas. Mas eu acho que a Ronda vai atacar a Becky no meio do combate e ele vai terminar por desqualificação, fznd. a Becky reter e no Hell In A Cell, a Ronda tira o titulo dela. rondarousey baddestwomanontheplanet beckylynch theman natalya queenofneidhart rawwomenschampion womensdivision summerslam raw sdlive wwe

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nationalgirlfriendday I'm certain I'm the corniest lol maggles503 you're my one, my peace, and my fit! You're my best friend, I love that we enjoy same movies, humor, activities and whenever we're doing our own thing, can't wait to see each other again. You're the only one for me! You get my quirks, love me and treat me with love as we continue this amazing journey Let's keep it 💯 you don't love everything I do, but you love me enough to help me grow, to understand balance and also things aren't always as simple as they seem You love me enough to not give up! You love me enough to fight, and save us! I love you, I love us, and I'm very blessed to have the opportunity to matter a family with you motivationalquotes familygoals wcw😍 wce familyfirst mygirlisthebaddest baddestwomanontheplanet

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Those days when you feel like the world is yours and everything you've been through has made you into a kind, understanding badass, and you know you can do anything yeah, that's today baddestwomanontheplanet sorry to steal your tagline rondarousey but I needed it today. selfie me work igotthis