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LookIng forward to hosting my dedicated ND Filters Workshop today and meeting a very enthusiastic group of photographers here in north Dorset. So I thought I’d repost an old image of Swanage Old Pier whereby I used a 10 stop ND filter and 2 stop ND graduated filter. Today is all about ND filters and creative effects 🤠 naturephoto main_vision landscape_captures awesome_earthpix natureaddict rsa_rural awsomeearth nature_wizards longexposure_shots jurassicworld ic_longexpo global_hotshotz longexpohunter magicpict night_shooterz dream_image longexposurephotography blake.onstreet lovegreatbritain visitengland photosofengland unitedkingdom photosofbritain englandtourism fujiphotos dorsetcoastworkshop allwaysofseeing fujixphotographer s dorset

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Blessed with two of the best boys in the world how lucky I am one calls me auntie Stacy and one calls me mum auntie mum kaydin blake nephew son

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Do you wanna go to war Balake?? Blake

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"[] when the five senses whelm'd In deluge o'er the earth−born man, then turn'd the fluxile eyes Into two stationary orbs, concentrating all things: The ever−varying spiral ascents to the Heavens of Heavens Were bended downward, and the nostrils' golden gates shut, Turn'd outward, barr'd, and petrify'd against the Infinite. Thought chang'd the Infinite to a Serpent, that which pitieth To a devouring flame; and Man fled from its face and hid In forests of night: then all the eternal forests were divided Into earths, rolling in circles of Space, that like an ocean rush'd And overwhelmèd all except this finite wall of flesh. Then was the Serpent temple form'd, image of Infinite, Shut up in finite revolutions, and Man became an Angel, Heaven a mighty circle turning, God a tyrant crown'd." William Blake, "Europe: A Prophecy", 1794 blake williamblake europe prophecy europeaprophecy poem poetry imagination mundusimaginalis romantic romanticism mystic mysticism esoteric esoterism occult occultism vision myth mythology spirituality visionary seer

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zer0tail is probably shadow banned thanks to some fuck head calling me a whore via DM and me posting that screenshot and not saying anything negative about it. This app is a fucking joke I swear to god ⍟ ⋆⋅⋆⋅⋆⋅「Artist Info」⋅⋆⋅⋆⋅⋆ 「Artist: cyonko_dhc_ - Twitter」 ⍟ 「Follow : zer0tail 」 ⍟ yangxiaolong rwby  weissschnee winterschnee rubyrose yangxioalong whiterose blakebelladonna weiss blake ruby yang animelover jaune animefans animeart animegirls pyrrhanikos fanart animes anime animelove teamrwby teamjnpr roosterteeth

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John Linnell ‘William Blake wearing a Hat’ c.1825 the informality and intimacy of this pencil sketch is a testament to the two artist’s friendship.John Linnell makes this spontaneous portrait of his friend during one of their regular walks on Hampstead Heath. It was Linnell who introduced Blake to a group of artists who took to calling themselves ‘The Ancients’. The group which included the artist Samuel Palmer much revered the older artist as the quintessential romantic visionary. artistfriends johnlinnell williamblake blake romantic visionary visionaryartist drawing sketch graphite portrait artistportrait manwithhat on loan from the fitzwilliammuseum fitzmuseum_uk to the exhibition tatebritain tate

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Blake spent the afternoon building this Toy Story LEGO set, this is the first one he has done 💯% on his own, he is so proud and so are we! He didn’t get frustrated and quit he took his time and followed the instructions. blake proud toystorylego boymom

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I try to refrain speaking in absolutes. “Most” Art has a delay for me. ALWAYS feel the disruption, or shaking loose of unconsciousness, if you will. Then over time living patterns&subconscious symbolism (wisdom) bring awareness. Then synchronicity&Stillness awake KNOW. Then I think consciously, SNAP, that’s what I felt. The less Stillness, longer the learning curve. This poem didn’t take long, I’m using it to illustrate the process. Read it 3yrs ago; intuitively I felt uneasy but excited. Kid with a pocket knife. Forgot poem til I read William Blake Tiggerr, I can literally visualize the synchronicity that sparked awareness, exactly where I was&what I felt. Blake = catalyst, ART. So let’s use this poem to shatter democracy now it’s Conscious. For fun. Who made the Wolves? God. Who made the Lambs? God. If the Wolves killed all the Lambs would that be okay? No. Who made Democracy? Man. Who made Monarchy, Republic, Dictatorship, and Communism? Man. Who made Man? God. So is it okay for one Man to tell/force/kill Man over Government? No. God made all Men as he did all Wolves&Lambs. See the Wolves think they’re right to kill all Lambs. As ALL Countries believe they’re right. 90%ish all followers of ANY Government are circumstantial based on where they were randomly born. Most have never so much as read a 2nd, 3rd, 1st Book of any Archetypal belief. Religion kills over “God”, no understanding of Being. Spirit. Faith is the absence of reason. SPIRIT FUNCTION (Faith,Hope,Love)CAN ONLY FEEL. NO THOUGHT: Being, Consciousness; God. Which language says the words “be still” RIGHT? French? Inuit? Lakota? Spanish? ALL SAY IT RIGHT&WRONG because it’s no word. It’s Spirit incarnate. I’ve camouflaged my point enough: A UNIVERSAL THEOLOGY IS IMPOSSIBLE. A UNIVERSAL GOAL IS. Man is Man is Man. You are my brother. To heal myself, I must heal you. Apply that globally, feel don’t think, we can shrink the Leviathan, Unconscious. Consciously as One. We One. Only without condition, you see. “Love thy neighbor.” AS IS. “Learn to appreciate the beauty you do not understand. Check the function&goal of errthang. bestevvaaa acim ax kafka consciousness blake isaiahberlin

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How lucky am I to have such a beautiful baby boy and a amazing fiance? Couldn't love them anymore than I do ❤ family fiance baby blake lucky

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it’s true if Reece says it is

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Viva mexico cabrones blake

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Un verdadero referente del rap, un placer poder haber estado en uno de sus conciertos. 🤘🏼🔥 San Mateo 2019 Oviedo.

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the glow up she didn't even need💍

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This is thy collab I did with k3determined (his OC- the big BOI, Rocket) is a. k. a. "Swap OC's clothes challenge"I think Anywayzzz I had so much fun drawing this and I might drop digital version soon😉 AuraBloodstyle OCchallange swappedoutfits Blake Pyro Rocket crossover firemeetselectropsychic phoenix fire scar firefenox traditionalart lineart sketch bluepencil blackandwhite instaartist instaart bigBoi artchallenge collab psychic Demolbino beready2AuraUP ready2AuraUP youknowthedrill MangastrikerOUT

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Formerly Hecate Now 'The Night of Enitharmon's Joy' 1795 Because nothing says 'joy' like a demon interrupting a quiet moment reading.

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Let’s try this again huge shoutout to our lady hounds and a few of loyolamsd that participated in Swim Across America this morning ironhounds blake

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Maquillaje del viernes para celebrar que terminé los exámenes 💕 no me hice nada en especial porque no tuve mucho tiempo, aunque estoy deseando ponerme a ello. Qué tal el finde? Espero que empecéis el lunes a tope 💪😊. 🇬🇧🇺🇸 Friday's makeup mess 😁 starting my "second" summer holidays with a natural makeup 🤩 Im very excited to play with makeup ❤️ have a nice day ❣️ makeup makeupmess mua motd lotd fotd toofaced pierrerene loreal thebodyshop becca sephora blog blogger beautyblogger besutyjunkie deliplus catrice blake maquillaje belleza beauty

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"eres la verdad tras la mirada magia oscura más pasa mi vida, más me miras mas curas,eres pura, como un do – mi – sol en manos de Vivaldi tu cuerpo no es de barbie, es de diamante y marfil estás haciendo dar mil, vueltas a mis esquemas sin tener principio ni fin, la mitad los partí eres lo que dicen que no existe un corazón que viste de ilusión cuando esta triste arte del que nunca plasmará ni un cineasta y preciosa como un fuego rodeado por Alaska" blake work fotosdesprevenidas instamoment instaday tropicana discotecatropicana camon instawoman music loveyourself malgratdemar barcelona costabrava spain cataluña partynight worknight blueeyes💙 songs goodday👌 like4likes

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Was ein unfassbar genialer 1. toughhunter Lauf 😁 mein bester Bube Blake hat mich so stolz gemacht ich konnte es nicht fassen die ganzen 14km hat er ALLES gegeben und mich fast permanent gezogen und alle Aufgaben gemeistert. Es war eine tolle Erfahrung und hat uns zwei nochmal mehr zusammen geschweißt - Mit dir durch Dick und dünn 😍 bzw. Durch den Dreck 😅 und danke an das geilste Team marie_419_ mit Juju und Benny mit Duffy 😘 toughhunter2019 warmensteinach canicross hundezugsport bordercollie bordercollieofinstagram borderliebe dogpower laufen menschhundteam 4motion geländelauf teambuilding besterhund bestesteam dogofinstagram dogsport

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El adjetivo dantesco se utiliza para referirse a todo aquello relacionado con el autor Dante Alighieri, pero también se utiliza para describir una situación pavorosa en la que hay muestras de sufrimiento y dolor extremo, relacionada con la muerte y con la tortura. Así se usa también en otros idiomas, como en inglés, francés, italiano, valenciano, portugués y alemán. El Diccionario de la RAE define esta acepción así: ‘dicho especialmente de una escena, una imagen o una situación: Que causa espanto.’ Muy a menudo se abusa de este adjetivo desvirtuando su significado original, pues en los medios de comunicación se emplea mal. Hay que recordar que las escenas que describe con increíble precisión Dante en la esfera del Infierno son de especial crueldad y de ahí que se haga esta comparación. En la imagen, una ilustración de una escena del Infierno del artista romántico William Blake (1757-1827) que, fascinado por la obra de Dante, realizó 102 ilustraciones de la Divina Commedia. Estos dibujos, que se encuentran custodiados por siete instituciones distintas, han sido recogidos en un volumen de la prestigiosa editorial Taschen, especializada en arte: ‘William Blake. Las ilustraciones de la Divina Comedia de Dante’, de Sebastian Schütze y Maria Antonietta Terzoli. Otros artistas que representaron el mundo dantesco fueron: Miguel Ángel, Eugène Delacroix, Gustave Doré y Auguste Rodin. Dante Commedia DanteAlighieri arte art letteratura literature libro liber llibre book poet poeta poem poème poema literatura poesía poesia 15deseptiembre literaturaitaliana Commedia DivinaCommedia Blake WilliamBlake Romanticismo Delacroix Rodin Doré Taschen dantesco

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This is pretty much the new theme. 😌💕