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💈Happy Father’s Day! Wishing everyone a happy day spent with family. Did you hook dad up with his favorite pomade this year?💈

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$•H•A•E•S I’m still here y’all, if you know you know. This barber game isn’t only about the fastest fade, the dopest taper but about the LOVE for the industry itself. Within that love and understanding comes understanding in you as your own person! Our hair cuts are our billboards, we do great work so people know who we are, how we gonna let people know who we are if we don’t know ourselves!? Take the time to always be patient with yourself, keep grinding, take an L every now, stay interested, always ask questions, and don’t ever lose sight of your true purpose. We all have a purpose! Go find it, don’t stop thinking about it and damn it CREATE IT! Create it one hair cut at a time, a conversation at a time, each lesson at a time, each event at a time everything you do make it a habit to always work towards you and your purpose! 💈❤️✂️ shaes shae shaemoney hair menshair cosmo barber barbercosmo femalebarber womanbarber girlbarber gurlbarber ladybarber ladybarberclub cutjunkies ingloriousbarbers sickgelbarbers dopecuts dopebarber sickcuts contagiouscuts uppercutpomade layrightpomade suavecitopomade suavecitapomade bonafidepomade hairevolution globalbarber blessed

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My training has been pretty limited since I’ve injured my groin. I can’t train like how I want or as often as I want but it’s all I want to do right now and compete again. The fire is lit and there’s no signs of it stopping. I’ll be better and stronger for the next one 💪🏼🔥 . Photo by: brucedeeblepics

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When they ask for it I do it! • TftTraditionalInkBarbersIncTvNBAHaircutsNicestBarbersSharpFadeMensHairMensHairWorldFreshyHaircutBarberFadeMensFashionMensStyleMensHairStyleBarberologyWaterlooIowaBarbersWahlClippersCrispyRazorSharpLetsGetItMensFashionPomadeWaterlooTaperTaperGangBeardGangBonaFidePomadeGoWaterlooAndisClippersTattoos

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Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life! • TftTraditionalInkBarbersIncTvNBAHaircutsNicestBarbersSharpFadeMensHairMensHairWorldFreshyHaircutBarberFadeMensFashionMensStyleMensHairStyleBarberologyWaterlooIowaBarbersWahlClippersCrispyRazorSharpLetsGetItMensFashionPomadeWaterlooTaperTaperGangBeardGangBonaFidePomadeGoWaterlooAndisClippersTattoos

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Thanks for another tremendous week! Here’s to buzzing into the weekend! 📷: easthillbarbershop . Full Monday. Spots available throughout the rest of next week! The Booking Link is in my profile or call, DM me! 💈👊🏻💈 feather barber barbershop pensacola destin eglinafb uwf florida Pensacolabarber floridabarber bonafidepomade barberlife barberlove barbergang 850barber floridabarber uppercut hanzonation fade menshair uppercutdeluxe oldschoolbarbering hanzo bigrickthebarber easthillbarbershop reuzel reuzelpomade choppingmopsandbustingchopps

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I still cut hair and I figured out that I should probably be using flash when I take pictures.

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💈Come in, we’re open! Treat yourself to a shave, a new cut or some pomade. This Pacific Ginseng by suavecitopomade is a refreshing scent for summer with all the hold you need!💈

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Attention: For those of you that are unfamiliar, when we ask if you would like the back square, rounded, or tapered. This is a prime example of what we mean by tapered. If you don’t know, now you know. Happy Friday y’all. 💈🖤✂️ - - - brigade brigadebarbershop barberbrigade barbershop barber tempebarber arizonabarber arizonabarbers beardoil haircut shave skinfade beardtrim tempe asu millave shinergold shinergoldpomade fade sidepart taper slickback mullet bonafidepomade barberlove menshaircut barberlife koken kokenpresident

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Book with the link in my bio 🛸

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I want to make a meme of two people on a seesaw completely leveled out. One person wearing a t-shirt saying shape, the other saying weight. At least I think it’s funny. Styled with bonafidepomade Thanks for the support! barber barbershop barberlife barbering licensedbarber coloradobarber boulderbarber boulderco trumanbarberco hair hairstyle haircut dapper pomade taper fade skinfade blended texture pompadour sidepart blowdry menshaircut mensstyle menshair bonafidepomade BBparty photography portrait

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マットペースト, MATTE PASTE ◾ストロングホールド、ツヤ無しの水溶性ベースのポマード ◾シトラス&ベビーパウダーのユニセックスで優しい香り ◾トラディッショナルなバーバースタイルや、ナチュラル・無造作のようなモダンスタイルなど、どんなスタイルにも万能 ◾太い黒髪にも負けないホールド力で一日中スタイルをキープ ◾Bona Fideのベストセラー。 [How to use] Step1. 髪の毛全体を霧吹きなどで湿らします Step2. 手のひら全体にポマードをたっぷりと載せ、両手にしっかりとなじませます Step3. 髪の毛の根元付近からマットペーストの白色が消えるまで髪の毛全体になじませていきます Step4. タイトに仕上げる場合は、くしを使用して一定方向にとかします Step.5 ドライヤーでブローして仕上げます Step.6 ホールド感やツヤ感を足したい場合は、別売りのテクスチャースプレーをつければ効果的です。 ホールド/★★★★☆ ツヤ/☆☆☆☆☆

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Wear the crown. 🌀

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Embdy want it? Wee Eunice is ready to dance 😂 • • whitemikebo serving up that panty dropper-fringe flopper 👀

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only the best of the best✨ we’ve got amazing products for every hair type! Which one is your favorite ?!?

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Descanso do guerrreiro: Nao é todos os dias que um gajo faz anos por isso dia 14 e 15 o ricardocarvalhomonteiro vai estar a aproveitar o fim de semana. Mas isso nao quer dizer que a barbearia vai estar de portas fechadas. O _d.tokyo_ vai encarregar-se dos assassinatos. PS: pegamos fogo ao livro de reclamações por isso qualquer coisa chamem a policia. Obrigadius 💈💀💈 porto portugal barbershop wahlpro andis valera reuzel uppercut layrite suavecito bonafidepomade murrays oilcangrooming antigabarbeariadobairro proraso personnablades vans dickies carhartt supreme

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ATTENTION ALL HAIR NERDS!💈🤓 💇🏻‍♂️ Barber students, cosmo students, cosmos, stylists, and all you savage ass Barbers out there! Join us for a FREE CLASS JUNE 23rd. Brought to you by bonafidepomade, look and learn going down with barberjustin, hosted by lincoln_st_barbers. Bring your open mind, willingness to learn, and professionalism! The civilizedmisfits will handle the rest! BONG BONG! 💈💪💈 lincolnstbarbers haircut bonafidepomade barber barbershop barberlove barbereducation hairnerds classicbarber coloradospringsbarber coloradospringsbarbers coloradospringsbarbershop downtowncoloradosprings downtowncoloradospringsbarber boxstatebarbers barbers scissorwork scissorwork barberfamily denverbarber colorado communityovercompetition community clipperwork classicbarbershop

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64 How the hell did we get 170 comments and NO ONE GUESSED 64 on a 1 to 100 😂 😂 😂 this was amazing. So the winners gotta be the closest to the guess and that’s barberfrankfroese with a 63 and thebabyfacedbarber with a 65 Thank you guys so much for participating and making these random contest so much fun. Loved all of the comments, if you guys wanna see more of this stuff let us know! To the winners send us a DM to claim your prize! bonafidepomade pomade mensfashion instagram