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So I was lucky enough to unexpectedly see hamiltonmusical this weekend and I can testify - as someone with a pronounced aversion to musical theater - that omfg, it is not overrated. The thought of breaking down exactly why I agree with the masses that this is a legit work of contemporary genius exhausts me atm so I’ll just say that I learned a lot of history in a really entertaining and poignant way, including this fun fact: Alexander Hamilton got mixed up in a sex scandal in 1792 that threatened to majorly mar his reputation, so he handled the rumors by writing and publishing The Reynolds Pamphlet, which thoroughly described his sexual relationship with Maria Reynolds (whose husband had been blackmailing Hamilton about their affair). The power move of owning his actions before the public could shape the narrative was so fucking krisjenner that I’m confused why no one has pointed it out before! There’s plenty of interesting and nuanced gender points in comparing the situations, such as the slutshaming kimkardashian faced - while simultaneously proceeding to make a career out of sexuality - and Hamilton’s loss of at a shot of ever becoming president, yet an otherwise undisturbed career (as well as forgiveness eventually provided by his wife and a forever reputation for uncompromising candor and integrity). But my main thing for theorythursday is just questioning if it comes as a surprise to anyone that Kris and her damage control logic is on the level of some Founding Fathers shit lol I couldn’t find footage of the epic Reynolds Pamphlet scene from the show, but here’s a drunkhistory clip with Miranda telling the basic story

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May God paint the canvas of our life with the colours of happiness, prosperity and peace. Wishing you all Happy Holi. officelife marriott candor gurugram

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Reposted from sayitforwardpod, where you're taken inside the revealing life stories of culturally relevant people ▪ Have you ordered the free trial of Faraday's yet? Get it hot via our website. Link in bio ▪ "I don't even know if it's confidence or stupidity, but somewhere in my gut I've always been sure I'm extremely decisive and know what I want." -Anat Baron ▪ culture candor heart media mediaroom meditation mediacorp mediaagency mediatour mediadesign mediamarketing podcast itunes podcastlife tribe positivity growthmindset safetravels travelgram optimalhealth health healthiswealth emf emfprotection radiationprotection music motivation motivationalquotes motivational

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I was tempted to post some bullshit inspirational quote that tied in with gears meshing or some bullshit to try and portray my bad-assery ⠀but the reality is, I'm still not done getting this bike ready to go and I'm embarrassed about it. ⠀ I've learned that procrastination is fear in disguise. ⠀ There are a dozen things that intimidate me about taking my podcast on the road, via motorcycle, and I've come up with all kinds of ways to drag my feet. ⠀ TEMPORARILY. ⠀ I'm committed to the process, and it will be epic. ⠀ I'm getting my hands greasy on the regular. ⠀ The time is drawing near. ⠀ DuaneRidesSoulAnarchist⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ moto motorcycle motolife motorcyclediaries blackandwhite blackandwhitephoto bikeporn candor vulnerable procrastination fear resistance personaldevelopment liveauthentic photography motophoto stilllife diymechanic suzuki suzukigs1000

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I live very close to a pond: there is a couple of resident swans, and last year they had five cygnets, if I remember correctly; however only four are now left, they don’t always get along, and at least two of them (one portrayed here) are slightly tamed, as they accept food from hands, have no clue about personal space, and are not aggressive- yet. Practising photography (especially now I have my new camera!) over there is indeed giving me the chance to observe more, learn patience and increase insight into the natural world and its dynamics it’s surprising how busy that pond is! And how fond I am becoming in “shooting” bird! Especially now that mating season is here! Nikon D750 Sigma 100-400mm at 400mm 1/1250 f/8 ISO 800 nikon nikonuser nikonphotography nikond750 sigma sigmalens sigma100400mm swan drop droplet feather pond white candor visualsofearth pondlife birdphotography wildlifephotography juvenile viewbug natgeoyourshot yourshotphotography

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Quest'arte ci pone tanti quesiti da quasi farci impazzire: che forse quei volti coperti ci raccontino di un amore tanto forte e profondo da non aver bisogno di vedere, di toccare, di sentire? Un sentimento tanto radicato e condiviso da andare oltre ed essere vivo seppur gli amanti siano lontani, ciechi nel loro amore intenso e sincero? Eccolo il dubbio, quello che si vuole insinuare in ognuno di noi. E quante volte un bacio è stato motore di dubbi esistenziali? Quante volte un semplice tocco di labbra ha messo in discussione vite, rapporti, convinzioni e certezze? Ecco dunque, l’ennesima domanda: questo bacio cosa rappresenta per voi? Un amore al capolinea per l’incapacità di comunicare, per il sopraggiungere di una partenza se non addirittura della morte, oppure un amore cieco e fedele oltre il contatto? Una risposa univoca non c’è, perciò baciate. robertmapplertorpe renemagritte photography painting modernart love kiss lips contact over vividness comunication blindness faith depth candor view feeling touch

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ボタニカルキャンドル プレゼント用🎁 クリスマスローズ やっぱり存在感があって好き✨ 最後の一輪 ! 失敗は出来ない 集中して製作、上手く出来て良かった〜😊香りは ラベンダー 精油 アロマ ミィちゃん不機嫌 眉間に皺、、? でもポカポカですぐご機嫌☀️ 壁の向こうには行けない 行きたいなー 進撃の巨猫 老猫19歳 白猫 老猫介護 腎不全猫 ねこすたぐらむ 猫すきさんと にゃんすたぐらむ cat catsagram kitty candor

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Self-Forgiveness & Personal Responsibility • One of the big reasons we have such a difficult time forgiving ourselves is the same reason we have difficulty forgiving others. • It’s because we mistakenly believe that letting go of the pain means that the wound we suffered (or inflicted) didn’t matter. • As Lisa Olivera at lisaoliveratherapy so accurately points out, that’s just not true. • When it comes to self-forgiveness, we must own our crap. • There’s no getting around it. • As with anything else, the only way out is through. • Where we can give ourselves some grace & mercy is taking an honest look at what we didn’t know then that we do know now, the lessons we’ve learned, & the new ways we’ve shown up since. • While not a guarantee that this approach will make the situation in which you screwed up go exactly back to the way it was before (that’s really unlikely & mostly beyond your control), it can make you less prone to repeat the same mistake again & prevent the past from poisoning the N:OW. • Nothing is in vain unless you refuse to learn from it. • When you know better, do better. • Except to the extent that it informs your present & future, let the past stay where it belongsin the past. • perspective overview global faceit confrontation review honesty candor holdspace keepitreal reflect kindness accountable responsible ownership selflove

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Aqui esta Cartagena "the Heroic " Colombia what a great country and the candor of it's people is unbelievably beautiful. Grateful to my amazing family and friends who have shown me as always the most amazing time, the only person missing is the hubby to plenty Happiness. I will be back soon again with the power of god. colombia southamerica Happypeople Caribbean beautifulpeople beautifulplaces homeawayfromhome destinations candor humanity beaut cartagena Bolivar picoftheday instaplaces