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4 minutes ago

3:49pm 10/10 + no edit✨ I need the weather to go away so I can take nice sunset photos again

9 minutes ago

As the Joker famously said, “Why so serious” 🙃 Don’t take yourself too serious, otherwise your colourful personality can’t shine as bright 🌻🌈

11 minutes ago

got caught making breakfast this morning. candid 🤪

13 minutes ago

"I got some memories to look back on And though they help me when you're gone I'm well aware nothin' can take the place of your being there" Marvin Gaye

16 minutes ago

The heat gives me all the confidence I need to walk around w/o a shirt 🤙☀️

16 minutes ago

all summer nineteen🍷 this is an actual real life candid RT for gd luck n 2 pass all ur exams . AGirlWhoCantSitStill

17 minutes ago

“She has fire in her soul & grace in her heart”. Currently obsessing over my recent portrait session with abbyy_marie. This girl is STUNNING & was such a joy to capture!

18 minutes ago

Had an amazing time these last few days, this is exactly what I needed! I’m so excited for what’s to come not only in my business but in my personal life also, I’m forever grateful for this opportunity ❤️ grateful blessed candid love livethelifeyoulove lovethelifeyoulive tarragona successsummit2019 nuskin skincare networkmarketing likeforlikes followforfollow discoverunder1k discoverunder5k myillnessdoesnotdefineme fibromyalgia spoonie spoonielife chronicfatigue chronicillness butyoudontlooksick nevergiveup selfie

18 minutes ago

A ringside view only a ring bearer could have!

1 hour ago

You have no idea how happy this girl was to put on her goggles and swimsuit 🤣☀️

4 hours ago

First time seeing an Air & Sea show was absolutely incredible. Thanks again, nationalsalute ✈️🇺🇸 usa

1 week ago

Frm stealing chocolates to preserving all ur darkest secrets she remains a constant companion. Her inseparable luv towrds me drags me to her everytm.A sister will surely laugh on u bt she's also the one who cries w/u whenever u r in trouble . Realise their imp coz hving one by ur side is more than a blessing♥️ : : : : : : : : : sister sistalove👭 forever forevermine mine beauty nature love quotestoliveby care crimepartner livelong yellow green picoftheday📸 photographylife candid possingtimesmile kurta