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people think soulmates are all about being with a romantic partner. that’s false. you can find your soulmate in a friend, meeting in the most spontaneous adventures like riding a bus in a study exchange in California during undergraduate. 4 years later from exploring together from Iceland, California, Memphis, Boston and New York, still flying to see these two♥️ • • • • • • • • • travelblogger traveltips latinablogger womenwhoexplore traveltheworld manifestingpositivity girlswhotravel shetravels traveler happy catchflights explorebabes tennessee sanfrancisco california chasedreams blogs sundayfunday travelcontent blogger memphis bestplacestogoto discoverearth girlsvoyages femaletravelbloggers

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Lady on the wall.

1 hour ago

Yall know I love graffiti.

2 hours ago

Catching flights, exploring the world and creating memories with my right hand iam_zinzi. These are stories we’re gonna tell our ✈️🌍💕.

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•nobody: me: but, where the food at tho?

4 hours ago

Edificio, my boy.

5 hours ago

Definately not the "Lesser Quarter". 😍😍😍

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16 hours ago

I feel like this is one of the worst names for beer in history. Unless this was supposed to be non alcoholic. It was only 3.4% abv. If that is the case you win this round, Trebek.

16 hours ago

Reminded of training to fight Ivan Drago for some reason. Also more of the same.

16 hours ago

•i really wanna tell y’all about the things. and show them to u too. so u can feel them with me. and maybe use them again on the long and tough days. during the moments when a dash of beauty and some simplicity could go a long way. as a reminder that things do and will improve. and the real smiles [the ones that seem to stretch clear across the face] return. and, even if temporarily, the things will be ok. but, the words escape me right now. so here’s a pic of me. when the things were very good | love y’all, for real 🇵🇦

17 hours ago

•half dressed at an inappropriate time. but make it fashion 🇵🇦

17 hours ago

•”see daddy, sinners have soul too.” | 🇵🇦

18 hours ago

•”everybody has an addiction. mine happens to be u.” | 🇵🇦

18 hours ago

cuz this one tastes exactly like the last.

18 hours ago

It was okay. I am starting to feel like the same beer is just bottled in different packaging.

18 hours ago

Black. Jesus. Never have I seen this outside a wood paneled room. Or a room with crushed velvet somewhere to be found. Or a room where you couldn't sit on the furniture. This was in the middle of a church on the Panamanian coast. Awesome.

18 hours ago

Portobelo got a Black Jesus, yall. On purpose.

18 hours ago

Can't do it justice.

18 hours ago

We wanted to go to there. So we did.

18 hours ago

Knees not made for rap squats no more. So. This what we get.

19 hours ago

Ven y bésame 😘

19 hours ago

Life isn't about the destination my friends, it will always be about the journey. travel catchflights

1 day ago

•”ya boy back in the building. brooklynn, we back on the map” | 🇵🇦

1 day ago

Is there a such thing as Eastminster Abbey?

1 day ago

Life update: Currently booking flights 🌚

1 day ago

On everything I thought this was a beer. I'm a lil mad about it. This like drinking a Smirnoff ice. Bad form. That's what I get for not reading the whole thing prior to purchase.

1 day ago

La primera. Simple.