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Another blissful day in paradise Bathing suit by fayehavoc

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Flashback to my last lean phase I will be beginning my next one in a couple weeks after I get back from a work conference I have greatly enjoyed this bulk phase but soon it's time to get bikini ready! I gained 8.2 pounds of muscle this phase! I check my BF% and muscle mass regularly with a body scan. I dropped from 27.6% BF to 17.2% BF during this last leaning phase I don't usually have a specific goal but I think I may set 17% as a goal. It's reasonable in a non bikini competitor leaning phase. I'm ok with never getting lower than that My general strategy is this: . Week 1: More cardio. Kickboxing 3 days a week (intense HIIT) and half hour of steady state cardio after lifting. I stop moving up in weight and pushing PRs and start giving my muscles a little break. I work out fasted meaning I go first thing in the morning before breakfast. I drop calories by 5% with lower carb intake Week 2: Workouts remain the same. I drop another 5% calories . Week 3: workouts the same. I drop another 5% calories . Week 4: General this is where you really start to notice fatigue and a slow down of metabolism. I reevaluate week 4 to see what's best. Generally, in the past, this is where I don't drop calories but start a 1-1 carb cycle Week 5: I reevaluate. Adjust macros. I may switch the carb cycle to 2-1 but from this point on I listen to my body and go from there I never go past 6 weeks. I NEVER forget my weekly cheat meals Now that I know I have more muscle I'm curious to see what my body is gonna do and how it's going to react fitlife fitness fitlifedoesntstop fitlifestyles fitnessmotivation weighttraining liftingmotivation womenwholiftweights womenwholiftheavy fitmomstrongmom fitmoms fitmomswholift chickswholift bodybuildingwomen bodybuilding bodyunderconstruction progressnotperfection strongwomen strong strongisbeautiful strongissexy physiquemotivation leanphase

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Perks of having a back disease you ask?? Having REALLY sucky deadlifting days. Today sucked and there was nothing I could do but listen to my back to not injure myself. I have to remind myself that some people with this disease don’t get to do the things I do and I should be grateful but it’s hard when I just wanna pull heavy weight degenerativediscdisease sciaticnerve powerliftingwomen chickswholift chickswithmuscle girlswithtattoos inkaddict powerlifting deadlifts backdisease weightlifting gymlife

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The gym should feel like recess. When struggling with motivation, choose movements that you enjoy and feel strong in. 💪🏼 The KB Snatch makes me feel badass and lunges are my least favorite. I paired them up and went to work. I performed my gorilla rows in a descending ladder, starting at 15 each side, dropping three reps each go-around and Farmer Walking to “near” failure following each set. Give ‘em a go and let me know‼️ chickswholift personal trainer fitness kettlebells kettlebellswings movement juststrong everydayathlete functionalfitness

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Chest night. Started with incline DB. Worked up to a heavy set of 10. Top is 40’s which I thought would be my top set. But nope. Bottom is 50’s for a set of 10 Still building. So close to prep Must be that huckfinnbarbell shirt Ok bye chest bodybuilding aintnobitch BElieveinYOUrself chickswholift girlswholift powerlifting dualathlete builtbybedson teambaize npcfigurecompetitor npcfigure fitchick powerlifterturnedbodybuilder kystrong neversettle neverenough okbye workinprogress roadto1000 roadtothestage strongfemales motivation

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Wooooo Happy Dance It felt like I was at 237 foreverrrrrr No one was home when I stepped on the scale earlier and I was so excited and relieved I cried I’m still fighting negative thoughts. This journey is sooo much more mental than physical! I keep fighting thoughts that I won’t keep losing. That my body will stall and refuse to budge any lower. I have a genuine fear of this. I get anxiety about it and it’s something I’m working heavily on. For now I’ll celebrate every win even if it’s small keto kickstartingketo KO knockoutdynasty extremeweightloss nutrition saynotohighfat goals crossfit liftheavyshit fitness chickswholift dedication motivation macros macroliving bodytransformations cleaneating effyourbeautystandards strong overcomingmedicalobstacles recovery grrrlarmy faith weightlossjourney consistency electrolytes electrolytesarenotoptional

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Life is like this branch. Its not perfect, its not straight in symmetry , but god **** it'll make you proud once you pull yourself up and see everything from the top. Okay so enough of that. Can we just talk about how hard it was to keep this pull up to snap one for the gram 😂😂😂 Literally had people waiting in line to get through to the other side. Thanks for the support austin peeps you rock! 🙌🌞😀💟 chickswholift hiking i am the view baby fitnessmotivation girlswholift techniquematters mexicans always climbingtothetop futurept skinnyandstrong gymshark austintexas austin austinviews adventuretime adventure ptulaactive quotes

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Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more ✨🖤 ILYSM

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This has been a tough week. My uncle is slowly slipping away. F$& you, cancer! 😤 Nevertheless, he has maintained good spirits and his hilarious sense of humor, always looking for the sparkle in every moment. ✨ May God make his transition easy. 🙏🏼💕 • Follow 👉🏼 holistichealth101 for more • Link in bio to: -Order AdvoCare products -Schedule free health consultation DM for coaching and orders in Qatar. 🛒 • healthcoach onlinecoaching advocare nutrition mealprep wellness optimism fuckcancer healthylifestyle activelifestyle gym workout weightlifting inspiration motivation workoutmotivation supplements girlboss coach fitlife fitfam instafit fitchicks chickswholift fithijabi dohafitness qatarfitness denverfitness coloradofitness seattlefitness

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1st Week Back To Strength Training, Already Back To My Original PR 🤩🥳⠀ 2 Months Of No Strength Training Due To irondeficiencyanemia ⠀ ⠀ ⛽️ By insanelabz Possessed ⠀ “CALI25” insanelabz Takes 25% Off Your ENTIRE order ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀⠀ insanelabzbassador reptheasylumwomenwholift momswholift buildingstrength deadliftsandchill deadliftmotivation lowiron teaminsanelabz FitFam InstaFitness StrongNotSkinny FitnessWomen FitnessGirls StrongNotSkinny FitnessGirls FitGirl GirlsWhoLift FitMom FitMommy FitMomsofIG FitWife ChicksWhoLift GirlGains LadiesThatLift

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Your Mom, Dad, Second Cousin, ex best friend, that chick on Instagram. They don't matter. Their journey doesn't affect yours. Focus on you. You deserve 100% of your own attention 🖤. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ progressnotperfection doYou eyeontheprize ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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This spray is everything 😍 thefloatspace Lavender, wild orange and other balancing oilsperfect to spray into a room or over yourself. It's so calming 👌🏼

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Top single of 190, second clip is 180. Really happy with how comfortable these felt, 3 weeks out from my next meet. I’ve maintained strength since adjusting to beltless and a wider stance, now I’m hoping my body doesn’t throw me any surprises in the next 3 weeks so I can get this meet under my belt, pulling some decent weight comfortably 🙏🏻 cmon baby! powerliftingpregnancy powerliftingwomen powerlifting powerlift powerlifter powerliftingmotivation girlswhopowerlift train training strengthtraining lift lifting liftheavy girlswholift girlsthatlift chickswholift momswholift fitmom fitmoms fitpregnancy sbd squats squat girlswhosquat uspa strongwomen 19weeks

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Yesterday, first up went to the gym for strongman class had yoke up first managed 120kg which is a PB without a belt, last time I did this weight I needed my belt and I hurt my back so have been afraid to go this heavy since, but felt easy I could definitely go heavier next time. Later went up Ormeau and had some fun 4wding around there. cocosgym yoke strongwomen strongman startingstrong powerlifting  strongdontquit strongwoman blackmilkactive  fitness fitfam progress muscle training brisbane strongnotskinny  hussleharder fit strong motivation chooseyourhard determination goldcoast  musclegain chickswholift 4wd australia exploringyourownbackyard

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I'm no nutritionist, but I'm 100% sure that the calories in beers you drink after a hard day of manual labor do NOT count. changemymind 🤷‍♀️⠀ • ⠀ Spent the day pouring 54 60lb bags of concrete (not that I was counting) with my parents. Confession: they're getting a hot tub and I'm trying to get in their good graces so I can use it whenever I want. The concrete was for the slab that it's going to sit on. The irony? It would have been REAL nice to have a hot tub to sit in after all that bullshit 😒 but alas, it won't be here for another month. Go figure.⠀ • ⠀ I'm sore as all heck, covered in bruises, and my dog is stained red from the concrete dye. By golly I earned this freakin beer (and the remaining 5 in the pack).⠀ • ⠀ Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment after completing a task like that though. Especially when it's something you don't particularly like doing. If I can pour concrete for 7 hours, I can do anything ❤🌈 Not a bad end to an otherwise stupid week.⠀ • ⠀ quizonfit andswayzetoo beeroclock concretecardio cheers

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Feeling sooo good after getting my butt kicked by this reformer in a glute focused Pilates class. It’s been about a year since I’ve been on a reformer, and wow do I miss it! I used to do Pilates more often when I lived in LA, because I had classpass and would gym hop around it was great and I never got bored! Lol The reformer engages my muscles in such a different way that I literally shake in some of the exercises we do with very little resistance too!🙈☠️ Have you ever done Pilates on a reformer?!

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Find your voice. Find your passion. Find your wings. And never let anyone tell you it isn’t worth it. If it’s important to you, then it’s a vital part of the person you’re becoming🦋

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I’m my own competition, and enjoying this journey. Hard work is finally paying off. I thank everyone who sees the changes, who compliments me, and who support me. Today was crucial 😨 -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- saturdays legday quads glutes hamstring deadlifts squats chickswhosquat chickswholift ironaddict gymlife physique bodybuilding dedication fitnessjourney transformation workout motivation selfcare selflove happiness pumped vegan vegana veganfoods veganism veganchallenge plantbased 6months

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I realised today that I’ve essentially been “meal prepping” for 14 years! 🙌🏽 Every since I moved to Melbourne at 19 I started making my lunches for work because it was far more budget friendly than buying out every day (and I’d just moved out of home). 🌿What I eat, the way I eat & even why I meal prep has of course evolved a lot in that time but the basic habit of weekly mealprep is part of normal life for me. It impacts my health, mood, energy, performance (& wallet!) ⚡️Achieving both long term health & goals (whether they be health, fitness or other goals) are essentially just consistent daily & weekly habits. What are your favourite habits you do? Mine are meal prep, glass of warm water with ACV on waking, exercise & watering my plants (cos 🌿 makes me happy!) For meal prep recipe inspo & my tips for easy healthy meal prepping, download my 3-Day Meal Prep Plan - free when you subscribe to updates at 👉🏽 TAMealPrep TANutrition

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Today, I competed for the first time in almost two years. I set some high goals for myself based on what I accomplished in training. Frustratingly, I didn’t hit my goal for some events, but I impressed myself and easily surpassed goals in others It’s been a long time coming, but I finally got to compete alongside pdubb757. I remember when I was still trying to convince you to come lift with me Huge thanks to thepamelasuzanne for driving us to the venue and screaming at us all day! Thanks to manis_and_muscles, andtriana, and cox_in_a_box for coming out to support us. And thanks to josh_odins_son for encouraging and pushing me during my training. Great job by femandfierce for putting on another amazing all women’s show 245lbs. deadlift (CT state USS LW123 record). 114lbs. log (CT state USS LW123 record). 335lbs. tire flipped 9x in 60sec. 130lbs. per hand farmers carry with a turn at 40ft. in 25.19 sec. 125lbs. atlas stone to shoulder (only 1 rep counted) strongman competition uss unitedstatesstrongman fitness fitfreak fitspo fitnesslife fitlife fitfam fitspiration instafitness instafit weightlifting fitchicks fitchick strongwoman girlswholift womenwholift chickswholift girlswithmuscle petitepowerhouse mightymouse shortgirls redhead redheadsofinstagram PR personalrecord personalbest

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3/23/19: Did you know costco has the best prices of anyone on eggwhites? They do, you should check them out. I wouldn’t say I got a lot done today but I definitely got something done that’s super important for my week so I’d say it’s a success. • Back/shoulders. • • • macrosinc iifym success EYFV fitspo thisishowwedo fitness flexibledieting chickswholift instafit killinit exercise pushthrough gymlife determined noexcuses strongwomen doyouevenlift comeatmebro ifitfitsyourmacros resistancetraining doitanyway disciplineequalsfreedom demgoals gymlife musclesandmascara disciplineovermotivation excusesendhere

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Really debated on posting this, but it’s been A WHILE So this week I had the flu, which actually sucked the life outta me. The stress of the course work I have to catch up on combined with the general fatigue in my body, really impacted today’s session. Not gonna lie, besides 270*5 on dead’s, I took a huge L. But I feel like there’s a whole lot of lack of transparency in regards to social media. So yeah, today I took an L, but I’m not going to let that impact me for tomorrow. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Examples from Today’s Workout ⁣⁣ 1.) Overhand Rows (lol the struggle here was real) ⁣⁣ ▶️5 by 8⁣⁣ 2.) Deadlifts ⁣⁣ ▶️5 x 4 (270) at 8 RPE (I’ve given up looking cute while doing this, it just ain’t gonna happen) ⁣⁣ ▶️Failed Doubles at 280 🚮 (lol at my friend’s expressionsame 😭)

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I had never been on a catamaran and it felt just as glorious as the music videos make it seem💃🏼 . Y’all when next fall comes around, please remind me to book a warm trip in February. I was definitely feeling the winter time blues, but a little vitamin sea and actual vitamin D has this girl feeling 🥳 Friends who live in cold weather, do you have a favorite warm place to sneak off too during winter? . 📸: briansutton18

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Thanks to hubby aaronsingerman for helping me get under 215 today at the redcon1 training party🎉 at trainerspace — this was my 7th set of squats and 2nd set of 215i got 3 on the previous set with his help, so this one i wanted completely on my own. Happy to have gotten 1 rep with confidencefinal week of our challenge and it may be a close one! 💪🏼 Redcon1 fitmom momof3 fitchicks momswhosquat chickswholift fitness bodybuilding squat PR hubby fitcouple motivation trainerspace bocaraton bocamoms

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You are ready to be and have whatever you want RIGHT NOW! Wearing flowfonix wireless buddies 👊 use code NN10 for a discount x

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•••Anxiety around training••• I’ve been training since I was 21. Yet still, every now and then I get mad anxiety about going into the gym. It’s been on and off a lot lately (although last week I couldn’t train due to some sort of neck injury) Recently it’s gotten to me so badly I need a personal trainer with me just to train me. Today it was so bad I wasn’t even going to go. So I went for a walk, and decided to give it a go. I didn’t have my belt or my straps but I was like fuck imma still go for it. I managed to get two reps before going into fuckmode, but I didn’t want to give up so I decided to try facing the wall so I couldn’t see into the gym. I turned around, faced the wall, calmed down and gave it another shot. I got out another two. Obviously this wasn’t my strength goal, but if I focused this morning on not hitting that, I would have beat the shit out of myself for being a weak price of shit and would have felt so much worse. If I didn’t go in, I would have felt worse. When you’re in a state like this you have to change your focus, today my focus could not be physical strength, it had to be mental strength This morning I went in when I wasn’t going to go, this morning I did some reps, this morning I accepted I didn’t have my belt and straps and still picked up a weight i usually use them for. This morning I found a way around my internal melt down, this morning I did my best while feeling caught in a head fuck. And that’s something to be proud of. I wanted to share this, especially if you’re new to the gym, it’s ok to feel this way even ten years in. Awareofmypancakeassalreadykthanks) fit fitness deadlift deadlifts gym lazyaf fit fitness live life love gym deadlift squat bench cardio arnyofhotties fitchicks chickswholift strong strength fitspo fitfam gainz gains muscle muscles worldgym worldgymsurfersparadise anxiety anxious mentalhealth

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We've had an AMAZING Saturday so far. Palafox market this morning followed by cicloviapensacola downtown which was so much fun. The number of active groups here amazes me. Running groups, tri training groups, hiking groups, biking groups. We definitely won't have any shortage of things to fill our calendar this year Was amazing day for a run too. If I had started about 4 hours earlier 🤦. Forgot what 73° and no shade feels like. So I got a slow and sweet 3 miles in exploring the new neighborhood. Might be able to squeeze 4 miles out and around here which makes for a perfect morning weekday run. 10 mile long run coming up Tuesday 😩. Let's see how well that goes runyourweekend floridalife naptime

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PB Alert 🙌🏻 122kg feeling breezy 😳 I can’t believe that it was only 3 Months ago I was struggling with 100kg! Big thanks and huge appreciations to strengthcoachfarncombe and ryangriff_projectbarbell for their support and guidance 💪🏻 Thanks josh_pwrlftr for the push and commands 💪🏻 Fist bumps all round 😆👊🏻 pbperformancegym powerlifting girlswholift girlswhopowerlift chickswholift heavylifting powerliftingwomen fitness weightlifting musclebuilding squat sbd liftfam musclenation squats pcos pcosweightloss weightloss strength strengthtraining grrrlarmy thickthighssavelives weightlossmotivation pbperformancegym powerliftingchicks gainsforgirls cardifffitfam welshpowerlifting mentalhealthmuscle strengthshopuk dominatehumbly