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Happy Easter! 🐰 We will be closed tomorrow, April 21st, to celebrate Easter with our families. We hope all of you have a blessed Easter celebration and look forward to serving you again starting Monday, April 22nd! As always, thank you so much for choosing Divine Designs! See you soon! 💕

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There’s a patio too? 😱 Okay, I love it here. Let’s stay forever. 🥰

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tbt ⏱

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I’m so thankful to have won the xhalecity contest. I got an amazing killa_glass water pipe, cbd edibles, cbd nugs, 4 vaporizers and tons more. 💚💚💚 Happy 420! 🤙🏻

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hey it’s lisapinka , enjoy my fan acc only for jisoo i will put story at 100followers so follow me ifb sure💖

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'If I lay still she won't notice me'

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ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤ いまは何が好きなもんか分かるようになった。至極シンプルな思考になったのが分かる。昔は獅噛みついては捨てられなかったもんを削ぎ落とす事が出来る。迷いもない。己れの即決力と行動力にたじろぐこともなく気持ちを推移出来る。無駄なプライドなぞ要らん。声にすればその通りに成る。大切なもんはひとつだけ有ればよい。軽量化に快感する。悶える。

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