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West Auckland ZIN TEAM (not complete on the pic but almost!) EXCITED for our event coming up in May West Auckland Zumba Party Saturday 11th of May 2pm at New Lynn Community Hall. Tickets available sale now 😍 Very limited numbers so get in quick as this event will be sold out fast Contact one of us and secure your spot! You can pay at the class or online 👍 bakeraggie ginger_fleur_85 zingracekapma rj.rickyrocks zumba_sylwia sumzybabe01 megankapma georgiazumba zin zumba zumbaparty zumbafitness zumbafamily zumbacommunity zumbaevent westauckland zumbanz zumbaauckland zumbanewzealand zumbainstructor PARTY dance chugether team zteam zumbalove

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NOW DANCING WEDNESDAY ! With djalfredovarela ! Salsa & Bachata Dancing & Dance Class every Wednesday & Sunday night 9pm to 1 am FREE PARKING - NO COVER - FULL BAR/KITCHEN Sundays - 6:00 Salsa Class: Beginner with jimmyrumba 7:00 Salsa Class: Intermediate with Jimmyrumba 8:00 BACHATA Class: Andres mgdancestudio Book your birthday celebration, Bachelorette, Anniversaries and any fun get-togethers Call (310) 323-3954 Full Bar, Large Beer Selection, kitchen, Free Parking, Food & Drink Specials All Night Alpine Village - HOME OF OKTOBERFEST 833 W Torrance Blvd, Torrance, CA 90502 Photo: Joseamaraljr SalsaAtAlpine longbeach elpolloinka torrance bachata gardena nightsofdance carson downtownlongbeach sevillalbc HermosaBeachPier alegrianightlife thepalmsdowney cubanpetes bluejbarandlounge floridita pchclub 3vinos sevillalongbeach salsa liveband torrance oldtorrance AlpineOktoberfest2018 alpineoktoberfest dance thingstodointorrance downtowntorrance torrancearts artsoftorrance

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Secret Ladies Day every Thursday at fivepalmjumeirah Ladies enjoy Free flowing cocktails, 2 course A La Carte lunch and pool/beach access all for just AED 149 🍹💃🏻 See you all poolside 💦

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Сальса, сальса и ещё раз сальса😍. В нашей школе существует 5 направлений по сальсе: ⭐️сальса в парах ⭐️сальса fusion ⭐️сальса-руэда ⭐️сальса-музыкальность ⭐️сальса lady style. ⠀ Занятия открывают много интересных фишек👌, учат чувствовать музыку🎶, развивают пластику тела😉. ⠀ 📍м. Фрунзенская, ул. 2-я Фрунзенская д. 10. 📍м. Цветной бульвар, Цветной бульвар 7 стр. 11, этаж 5. ☎️8 (915) 224-59-98 ☎️8 (985) 784-80-75 ⠀ школатанцевмосква сальса танцымосква сальсамосква бачатамосква salsa dance instadance dancelife dancefloor dancers socialdance salsashow salsaparty socialparty latinodance salsaybachata salsacubana salsadance salsafestival socialdanceworld dancesalsa salsadancing salsadance salsamusic salsanight salsastyling

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Thank you everyone who came out to celebrate Easter Exhibitions at ArtSeeOcean We did it! All the way from LA California to the Swedish forests; artist & Butoh dancer Caroline Haydon! World premiere sneak peaks of new short films by Caroline Haydon - Hydra, Theresa Lekberg - The anointing and their collaboration Death dance. With limited edition fine art photography prints. On stage Live Music by Mattias Lies performing from his New Album Arvet. Exhibiting photography, abstract painting and masks ‘hood for inner vision’ and ‘hood for inner silence’ , Theresa Lekberg. We give special thanks to photographer Marie Linderholm for all the help and support with editing and printing. And producer Katherine Helen Fisher from Safetythird productions for the intensive work on shooting Hydra. And thank you Stefan Lekberg for your unvaivering support and for being the best🔥 artseeocean carolinemhaydon mattiaslies bildproffsen khfdance safetythirdproductions art artist artistinresidence artseeoceangallery artistinresidency artistinstudio photography artistresidency artistresidence resartis butoh dance film filmmaker shortfilm wedidit

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🆕BUZZ NEWS🆕 【レンタルスタジオBUZZ】です🎶 🤗本日OPEN📣 ↪4月25日 NEW OPENスタジオ 【BUZZ池袋西口タワー校】誕生🔜 ▷ BUZZのスタジオは ☑️24時間営業 ☑️エリア最安値 低料金設定 ☑️駅近ST ☑️会員登録不要のHPより即時予約OK ☑️おしゃれインスタ映えST ▷ 下記URLより簡単にご予約頂けますので、是非ご活用くださいませ。 ▷ 【BUZZ池袋西口タワー校】 💻PC版 ▷ 📱スマホ版 ▷ お問い合わせアドレス info3 ▷ 〒171-0014 東京都豊島区池袋2-37-7 ジオ・ステージ池袋 🚇池袋駅西口より徒歩5分 👟BUZZ池袋西口校より徒歩1分 ▷ -レンタルスタジオBUZZ- ▷ ▷ buzz stuudiobuzz buzzueno rentalstudio omotesando shinyokohama yokohama ueno tokyo dance studio 24hours buzznews スタジオBUZZ レンタルスタジオ オシャレスタジオ 格安スタジオ 東京ダンススタジオ ダンス 深夜練 リハーサル バックダンサー shibuya 上野 横浜 表参道 国分寺 ダンス部 ダンスサークル サークル

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TBT to my grade 12 farewell performance back in 2015. I have a strong emotional connection with this place as I have given countless performances here and have got tons of love and support from my schoolmates ❤ which can be judged from the loud screams they have made 😘 schoollife farewell dance passion beautifulmemories

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⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 오빠 근데 이거 숨 딸려 ⠀ 은근 힘들어 ⠀ ⠀

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This throwbackthursday, have a look back at my 2015 video highlights of lakeofstars festival. With over 75k views find out why you need to add this festival to your travel plans for 2019 & this year will be even better, with a new location & new format! Click the link in the bio to watch the full video tbthursday lakeofstars festival artists musicians singers bands dancers live djs music dance fashion location beach sun sea party fun video vlog vlogger youtube africanfestival festivallife africanfestadventures mangochi malawi

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Never a dull moment at Wanderlust108 London! ⥈ With a focus on balance through movement, its only a matter of time until we shake + wiggle our hips with hulafitwithshakira in The Uncommonns on July 27th in BatterseaPark. 🙌 ⥈ Over 20 free bonus activities all included in the price of your ticket. Prices rise soon, be on the lookout + don’t say we didn’t warn you 👀 ⥈ WanderlustUK Wanderlust2019

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Cha Cha Cha Had so much fun doing this one. Pink and blue, can u smell unicorns? Lol Here's a lil history for ya: The cha-cha-chá, or simply cha-cha in the U.S., is a dance of Cuban origin. It is danced to the music of the same name introduced by Cuban composer and violinist Enrique Jorrin in the early 1950s. This rhythm was developed from the danzón-mambo. The name of the dance is an onomatopoeia derived from the shuffling sound of the dancers' feet. ° ° ° chacha dance latin editorialdesign graphicdesign graphicdesigners womanillustration art_spotlight artsi arte artistsofinstagram dailyart instagood instadaily sketch sketching sketchbook picoftheday commisionart editorialdesign gesturedrawing graphicdesign inspiration dancemoves couple love

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Quick eyes studies I've done yesterday. The subjective truth will remain the same, you never should explain your art or get frustrated if someone doesn't "get it". Nobody is supposed and certainly not everyone can. I feel like, the duty of the artist is making you able to see and feel what he/she feels and what he/she wants to say to you. The debate will continue on the subject as, do you think that in order to be able to feel something you have to experience it first, can you feel a pain of something that never happened to you? I 100 percent agree that you can, I do it everyday Sometimes it's a bless sometimes it's a curse, but the point is that's not the point lol I know this is getting too confusing but art above all is a way of communication, a language if u will and many people speak it many don't many invent their own language within the language and many translate it the way they want and all that is completely fine. As long as you enjoy the process. I've always seen art as my portal to other dimensions and ones Im in there everything else just disappears, u might say a daydreamer whatever u wanna call it, but we all have our demons and pains and tragedies and if you don't find a way of cleaning your soul of the dust it will eat you up. So, if that's art so be it. And if your soul didn't die after this description, wish u an artful day, peace n love \\ ° ° ° ° ° art illustration eyes eyestudy acrylicpainting painting drawing mysketchbook sketch dance blueeyes eyes greeneyes sadness artistsofinstagram dailyart instagood instadaily love blue pink paintbrush latenightthoughts poetry

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Comment bellow which dance moves you would like to see next ⬇️ Happy Monday yall, I can almost feel your enthusiasm and happy mess I mean ness from here. Anyways, there is nothing that skating can't cheer up even Mondays. It's just one of those days that I wish I find a spaceship and they happen to need an artist. Imagine making dope illustrations for aliens lol So, anyways, this is my ice dancing inspiration that I finished yesterday, can never rly get enough. Here is your daily dose of history: Ice dance is a discipline of figure skating that historically draws from ballroom dancing. It joined the World Figure Skating Championships in 1952, and became a Winter Olympic Games medal sport in 1976. According to the International Skating Union (ISU), an ice dance team consists of "one Lady and one Man". ° ° ° ° ° icedance skating woman man instagood illustration digitalillustrations digitalart artworks editorialdesign graphicdesign graphicdesigners womanillustration art_spotlight artsi art colorpalette ui web drawing mysketchbook sketch dance ice couple instadaily picortheday

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Altus多功能芭蕾舞架 Altus multi-function ballet bar HKD$1184 Wow! 竟然在家也可以有芭蕾舞幹?😱用Altus多功能芭蕾舞架啦5個高度任你調較😍 如有興趣歡迎您上我们的网站https:altushk.com或用電邮emil聯絡或Whatsapp 66455179 fitnessproduct ballet 芭蕾舞 balletbar 芭蕾舞架 健身 運動 運動用品 禮物 體育 產品 減肥 瘦身 消脂 特價 igshop fitness keep 健身 hkig hk hkshop hkonlineshop 852 852shop gym hkigshop hkiger 優惠 yoga dance