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bougetaclasse Ça fait un moment que je pense à réorganiser ma classe pour faire un coin scientifique/artistique/bidouillage. Et puis avec l'arrivée de l'imprimante 3D que dremeledu me prête (encore merci !) il fallait que je m'y mette ! J'ai donc mis ma grande étagère rose en travers pour délimiter un nouvel espace, rajouté une table pour l'imprimante et tourné mon meuble orange pour avoir les rangements du côté Maker ! Je vais encore essayer d'améliorer ça parce que la table n'est pas assez stable pour l'imprimante et du coup l'impression n'est pas optimale. On a lancé un modèle enregistré dedans pour voir un peu ce que ça donnait ! Elle est assez silencieuse donc c'est cool si on imprime pendant la classe 👍👍 Plus qu'à se lancer et montrer tout ça aux élèves lundi ! aménagementespace art imprimante3D 3Dprint dremel dremel3D40

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Favorite Product Friday number five! While not the most exciting product to talk about, the dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite is a handy way to get your dog's nails short and smooth. I prefer a cordless Dremel to a corded tool because it's less cumbersome when working around our four-legged friends. For larger dogs with thick nails or if you're working with multiple dogs in one session, you may need a second battery or a corded tool instead for a longer run time. Just search “Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite” on Amazon! Start by taking off as much length as possible with sharp, dog-specific nail clippers, being careful to avoid the quick. Hold the toes firmly with your non-dominant hand while clipping with your dominant hand. Take a small amount off at a time, until you're nearing the quick. Then, give nails a smooth finish by using the Dremel to round off the edges. I like to clip all of the nails on one paw first, then follow up with the Dremel before moving on to the next paw. But there's no way my dog would stay still and let me Dremel his nails, you say? Over several short training sessions, introduce your dog to the clippers and the Dremel, rewarding with food each time you touch the tool to the dog's feet. Once they're comfortable with the contact, start trimming small amounts and rewarding each time with food. Then, do the same with the Dremel, rewarding the dog for polite, calm behavior. Take it slow and pack your patience! 🐾 olddominiondogtraining oddt familydogtraining rvadogtraining favoriteproductfridays dremel doggrooming

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As I’m cleaning up some pieces today, singing through my respirator it occurred to me so many may not know the precautions to take. When I’m either sanding or pouring I always wear a respirator and nitrile gloves. Always. In the beginning I didn’t know and got it all over my arms for weeks and broke out in a rash from the resin. Also developed a sore throat and nasty taste in my mouth. Once I started using the respirator and gloves and no skin contact I was good. I still get random hives when I oops. You should wear goggles too but I haven’t gotten mine yet 😬 create but be safe You get use to it pretty fast. I also don’t pour inside the house, ventilation is key. Education yourself and be safe! Doesn’t matter what brands you use, they all can cause these things and worse. I realize they advertise as safe, just please look out for you. Ok enough! Have a fab Friday safetyfirst meetthemaker artistsstudio makers dremel 3m respirator artsafety resinschmesin artistgear resinart resinsafety chemicals workingwithchemicals neverstoptrying experiment

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We are so excited to open this shop! There’s so much to do baby steps to build this shop into what we want. Please help us figure it out. Come look, shop, and share feedback to help us improve. We have a running list of have to-dos, want to-dos, and dreamer level to-dos! Let us know how we can better serve you consignment consignmentshop consignmentboutique consignmentfurniture consignmentstore consignmentshopping littlerockarkansas littlerockmetro northlittlerockarkansas maumellearkansas centralarkansas buylocal shopgreen shopgreen19 nowopen newstore newshop africanmasks orientalswords guncartridge binoculars tools dremel violin trumpet clarinet mandolin collectible furniture antiquetrunk

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WIP Justice

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👉🏻 Con el Minitorno Dremel 3000 podrás materializar tus proyectos creativos Mirá cómo usarlo en este video. Grabado en cuero. Te esperamos en los 3 locales SEYCO 🔖 Casa Central Seyco MdP 📍Av. Independencia 3051, MarDelPlata 🔖 Seyco Zona Sur MdP 📍Av. Edison esq Calabria, MarDelPlata 🔖 Seyco Balcarce 📍Av. San Martín esq. 113, Balcarce. *Planes de financiación: - Ahora12: Tasa directa 19,38% de Jueves a Sábados Seyco FerreteríaIndustrial Herramientas Mdp MáquinasHerramientas Dremel

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Available now at our custom shop, this gorgeous Fox, serial TMF0237. This is one of our custom color mixes, a three dimensional teal burst that moves effortlessly between deep blues and sea greens. This guitar RIPS! Contact us today so you can take this beautiful guitar home 615.866.0846 Sales Teye.com nashville nashville_tn artwork aluminium guitar guitarplayer guitars guitarplayers lespaul teye fox teyeguitars tryateye teal burstfinish custommade customguitar handmade aluminum acidetched engraved dremel lollarpickups

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Za dnia biel, w nocy turkus :O. Taka lampeczka wyszła spod moich rąk. Ażurowa i grawerowana. Świecąca w UV i mroku. Doskonale się nada jako nie bijąca po śpiących oczętach lampka nocna i dekoracyjne oświetlenie w salonie, poprzez tworzenie wachlarza kropek na otaczających powierzchniach. P.S. Jest na sprzedaż ;). Wszystkie przedmioty dostępne na ten moment można obejrzeć na: https:sprzedajemy.pl/oferty-uzytkownika-7419582 cotozaczary uv glowinthedark fearofthedark rękodzieło_pl kawawlesie etno boho hippie psy psychedelic psytrance psyart polskierękodzieło sharemydremel dremelartist dremel lampa ręcznierobionalampa lamp buyme design głogów turkus niebieski biel white blue coconutbowl coconutlamp

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I'm calling this pc "Ricks Angel" I did this for rickwalters benefit in California hosted by unclejeremy Thank you racheleatsoreos for allowing me to use this beautiful photo of youI fell in love with it and saw wings the second I saw this photo congrats on all your success and becoming a Sullen Angel This pc was a huge challenge, never did so many tattoos in a portrait along with so much detail and to try and capture the emotion this pc sets R.I.P Rick Walters you will be missed rickwalters racheleatsoreos unclejeremy sullenart dremel sullenart dremel dremelart sullenart dremelmaker sullen woodtattoo sharemydremel woodtattooing woodengraving makersgonnamake

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Si fijas toda tu atención en una humilde piedra encuentras en ella la magia y el amor. -Alejandro jodorowsky

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Generative design study I put together for a vacuum attachment hanger. adskfusion360 pumped out some sexy results! And some not so sexy swipe to see the best of the best, and worst. Hit me up if you have an idea that could use generativedesign.

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ReGlam 🖤Such A Huge Fan Of artistry_by_aletia 🖤 There Is Beauty In Everything 🖤Check Out Her Work One Day I’ll Be Able To Afford A Commission💋