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A few months ago I was contacted by a nice man enquiring about a unique sculpture as a gift for his partner. We emailed ideas back & forth before he added the words ‘tree’, ‘Savannah style’ & ‘baby’! He was then happy to leave me to it & ‘Following Mama’ was the result My first ever tree & I loved the challenge 🙂it’s finally been gifted so I can now post it! Thanks to Scott for trusting me & Thanks to Kyle amaraphotographyuk for the great picture 😘 sculpture driftwoodart cornwall madeinsuffolk wiresculpture steel numonday handmadeintheuk_hmuk makersgonnamake smallshopsnetworking shophandmadeuk creativecrewuk heytheremaker dremel elephantsofinstagram elephant elephantlover motherandbaby mama greatphotography photographer interiordesigner interiordecor uniquegifts commission

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Małe komplikacje wiertło 1mm przeszło na wylot przez opuszek. Nigdy więcej nie kupię żadnego noname wiertła z castoramy. Tylko dremel <3 Niestety złamał się ;( zamieniłam na ten badziew i zamiast wiercić zaczęłam się męczyć z każdą jedną dziurką. No i bach + jedna dziurka w kciuku. Mąż dobra rada: Spirytusem polej! Ja: Sam sie kurna polej pogieło Cie? Jak to mówią ,, niedzielna praca w niwecz się obraca,, Ale swoje zrobiłam. W tle flaszki bols, desperados, fanta, cola, heineken, pilsner, absolut, sobieski, jim bean, adwokat, jackdaniels, redlabel, carlorossi, kadarka i wiele innych. Jakie jeszcze marki alko powinnam zrobić na sezon 2019 Bałtyk2019 wakacje2019 paluszek boli aua znieczulenie wino

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Al WIRED NEXT FEST 19, il più importante festival italiano dedicato alla cultura dell’innovazione, thefablab_makeitreal porta i workshop e laboratori sui temi della fabbricazione digitale. Stampanti DREMEL, tools una fantastica mostra sulle macchine di leonardodavinci realizzata con un mix di tecniche tradizionali e innovative come il lasercut e la stampa 3D!

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Happy Easter weekend everyone:) Detailed shot of my newest piece ”Deceit” 26 in my Gothic Times series 70”H X 32”W X 6”D Really happy with the final outcome Gold n Brass highlights🤙 AvailableFor inquires please email: shallowgravestudios hotmail.com Many Thanx jasonstieva shallowgrave_tattoo jackofthedust sullenclothing shallowgravestudios shallowgrave sullenclothing jackofthedust arts_help art_motive artcollective art_empire art_spotlight assemblageart skulls timepiece art_collective_mag steampunk steampunktendencies dremel dremelmaker sharemydremel sclupture darkartist Credit: shallowgravestudios

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🌟 Like the picture and follow us to enlarge the network 8_golf_restore🌟 The heads of your golf clubs are an extension of your arm. Do not let them get hurt. Have them maintained by our 8_golf_restore specialists, they will make them clean and renovated 🇫🇷 Your club heads will find all their striking features.

4 hours ago

The Dremel fairy stopped by the garage this week to drop off lots of goodies! What do these tools have to do with cornhole, you ask? Not a thing (except for the torch, but you'll have to wait a couple of weeks before I'm ready to unveil that set). These are all part of my efforts to expand the "and more" side of Dan's Cornhole (and more) Garage! Lots of exciting new projects coming soon! Thank you all for your continued support! cornhole cornholeboards customcornhole bostonsports woodisgood dremel teamdremel handmade smallbusiness diy

5 hours ago

Tiny grinder 24k rpm made short work of sharpening Sue’s fav garden hand pruners! Dremel

5 hours ago

Thank you frederic_bignon_artistedubois for a demonstration of The Rotary Chisel and allowing us to share your beautiful woodworking texturing. Glad that your enjoying your Rotary Chisel it’s 😳 an amazing option for texturing with The Rotary Chisel frederic_bignon_artistedubois texturing art artistsoninstagram woodworking woodcarving woodturning woodworking woodworkingtips woodworkinglove woodwork woodworkingtool dremel rotarychisel bowl bowlturning wood turning lathe craft crafts carving woodenbowls woodengrain create modernart contemporaryart photooftheday instagood

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Starting on a new woodcut series for Womxn with my new dremel so happy trying it out and excited for the series now between two jobs I just need to find the time to actually do it art woodcut bodypositive biggirl printmaking dremel fun

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Фестиваль antifactory в самом разгаре! Огромное количество талантов из самых разных сфер собралось на территории хлебзавод9 Очень приятно было пообщаться с некоторыми из них Алексей bratstvotscherepka и Александр cheglakov_craft megamalevich tool work tools fest exhibition woodwork craft DIY craftsman ceramics amazing steampunk epoxy dremel loft design loftstyle accessories handmade хлебзавод фестиваль деревообработка сделайсам

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Кто на выходных в Москве сегодня 26 мая на «Хлебозаводе» Bosch и Dremel в рамках фестиваля antifactoryfest проводят мастер-классы на площадке diyacademy Здесь можно увидеть новинки инструмента, принять участие в мастер-классе и забрать результат работы домой, пообщаться с представителями Bosch и Dremel! Кстати, вход на фестиваль бесплатный! diy diyacademy diyacademybosch мастеркласс столярка москва dremel

11 hours ago

mouse droid update: received all the s.h.a.d.o.w. parts 😁

13 hours ago

I made another coin ring out of a 10 Cent. It’s not great but you can kinda see the pattern of the lyrebird feathers. Anyone want it for free? It’s a size P 1/2 coinring coin 10cent aussiecoin free thirtysixtysix thirtysixtysixdesigns handmade craft alternativestyle provisions dremel diyart diycraft woodartist customwoodwork metalwork custommetalwork unique oneofakind recycledjewelry recycle recycled environmentalism reused repurposed supportsmallbusiness melbourne collingwood australia