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Kid tells James Harden his step back is a travel. James Harden's reponse: "It’s not a travel. This year i’m coming up with something more creative that looks like a travel, but it’s not.”

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Justin Holiday will join his younger brother Aaron in Indiana on a 1year/$4.8M deal. The Pacers drafted Aaron with the 23rd pick in 2018, and the , nifty combo guard showed he can be a dynamic and productive scorer. He runs the court with quickness and ease, could develop his good playmaking instincts and has length and speed to make up for his size both when attacking the rim and defending on the perimeter. Aaron will take on a much bigger role in his freshman campaign, perhaps earning the starting spot in place of freshly retired Darren Collison. Instead, Justin is coming off his two best seasons and arguably hitting his prime. Unlike his brother, he will have a tough time fighting for space in the rotation because of fierce competition. Yet, in my opinion, his defensive-minded attitude will mix well with the explosive backcourt of Aaron and Oladipo and could earn him valuable minutes on the court. Good luck to both of them! justholla7 the_4th_holiday pacers 📸 agcanshoot justinholiday aaronholiday holidaybrothers holidays indiana indy indianapacers pacers wegrowbasketballhere golddontquit oladipo backcourt swingman sophomore veteran brothers reunited nba offseason freeagency contract newteam newthreads easternconference ballislife sportsphotography photo sports training development

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KD rehab seems to be going extremely well 🙏

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Agree or disagree? *Post should say Herro not Hero

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Lou Williams got a crazy drive that lasted 15 years in the NBA

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these are some bold takes that you guys thought of. should i ask more questions on my story? which one of these do you think can come true? ◽️◾️◽️◾️◽️◾️◽️◾️◽️◾️ follow pacers.dime for great content on the best NBA team ◽️◾️◽️◾️◽️◾️◽️◾️◽️◾️ bold jeremylamb tjwarren malcolmbrogdon roty points ppg mostimproved sabonis domantassabonis louwilliams east top2 ecf easternconference pacers nba basketball nbabasketball gopacers indiana indianapolis indy indianapacers dimeaffiliates follow pacers.dime for more great content about the best team in the NBA. Go Pacers!

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Lebron James let's Sierra Canyon what to expect from Bronny

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"In this action, Kawhi Leonard seeks to re-write history by asserting that he created the 'Claw Design' logo, but it was not Leonard who created that logo," Nike states in its countersuit, which was filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California, where Leonard's original suit was filed last month. "The 'Claw Design' was created by a talented team of NIKE designers, as Leonard, himself, has previously admitted. In his Complaint, Leonard alleges he provided a design to NIKE. That is true. What is false is that the design he provided was the Claw Design. Not once in his Complaint does Leonard display or attach either the design that he provided or the Claw Design. Instead, he conflates the two, making it appear as though those discrete works are one and the same. They are not." - via espn

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2019-2020 NBA Eastern & Western Conference Standings Predictions. New Video OUT NOW! LINK IN BIO!

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Here are my predictions for the Eastern/Western Conference standings for the upcoming NBA season. Do you agree/disagree? Comment below ⬇️

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Opinion: In my opinion I have the new look jazz as a 4-5 seed in the west. Jazz quietly had one of the best off-seasons adding the seemingly always underrated Mike Conley. Mike Conley should fit perfectly with Donovan Mitchell not to mention the 2x DPOY Rudy Gobert anchoring their defense. Comment where you think the jazz are going to end up below! donovanmitchell rudygobert mikeconley domantassabonis utahjazz westernconference easternconference lebronjames stephcurry kevindurant zionwilliamson jamorant lonzoball

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Per wojespn "nothing is materializing so deep into summer free agency" and both sides could accept the point guard playing the season with Oklahoma City. - via bleacherreport

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Some are just built different 😂🤷🏻‍♂️. You have moms, dads, aunties, uncles, and opposing coaches asking for that passport verification LOL. - Tag a friend who can play ball just as good or even better than the older guys 👇🏼👇🏼🏀❤️

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Dion Waiters speaks on why he opened up on Instagram about his struggles coming back mentally and physically from ankle surgery. 💯

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These are my eastern conference power rankings * I have the Celtics low due to their defence in their front court Hayward/Kanter * I believe the Raptors will still be a top 4 team due to their defence and the emergence of O.G * Wizards are low due to the fact that I don’t know if John Wall is coming back Let me know how you feel about my rankings and what you would switch up?? nba nbafreeagency easternconference kawhileonard lebronjames f4f basketball hoops 76ers bucks raptors

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TakeYourPick : Which Eastern Conference team do you think put themselves in the best position to win the Eastern Conference Finals next season❓ Comment what you think below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 💢Follow theomnifan for more FAN-tastic sports content👊🏼☝🏻 nba nbafan nbanews nbaoffseason easternconference basketball sports espn bleacherreport celtics bucks heat sixers 76ers fancrazy ilovemyteam teampride teamfirst teamloyalty fanloyalty fantastic fanzone fancentral fansfirst fanatics fanatic theomnifan

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😂 Kyrie in 2018 vs. Enes Kanter in 2019 about the wearing the Celtics 11

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Enes Kanter trolls Kyrie Irving at Boston Celtics press conference

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“I’m the best in the world. I think I do a lot of things that a lot of players can’t do as far as playing a complete game. I can play on the block, play on the perimeter, play defense on both ends, switch 1-5, guard, score the basketball. I want to be the most dominant player in the game, and I’m going to continue to do that. Obviously you have players like Kawhi, KD, LeBron, Steph all of those guys who are the same way. They’re great players, talented players, Hall of Famers, and that’s what makes our game fun. Everyone wants to be the best in the league. Everyone wants to be the most dominant, and that’s when our competitive edge comes out on the floor and makes the game so fun to watch.” - Anthony Davis

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HOT TAKE: The Nets are not winning a ring, by Maxi. It is my opinion. The Nets have acquired KD, Kyrie and DeAndre Jordan in Free Agency, those players are super pickup but I don't think they will make the breakthrough to a ring or even the NBA finals. Kyrie is an great player and a great 2nd option but I find him overrated rankings wise (I will make sometime soon another post for that) and I don't see him being that great of a teammate and team player. KD has an career threating injury right now, which almost guarantees we won't see the KD, we have now. If he is lucky he will gain back around 90% of his old self and if he is unlucky, it will be much worse, but realistically he will gain back around 80-85% of his old self, and I don't think that's enough for him still being Top 5 because the other players don't sleep and he will be 32 by then. DeAndre Jordan is an great pickup (sometimes all star-caliber too) but he literally has no impact without an guy passing to him. The rest of the team seems good, you still have guys like Dinwiddie, Harris or Allen,and the rookies did great in summer league but I don't think that's enough for winning a ring or even making it out of the east because the competition never sleeps and the Lakers, Clippers are powerhouses in the West and the Bucks have still much room to improve and the new look 76ers are a huge threat as well for the next years. What do y'all think, how far will the Nets go? nba nbasummerleague basketball debate splash freeagency brooklynnets kyrieirving kd easternconference westernconference nbachamps deandrejordan celtics warriors 76ers bucks clippers lakers nbafinals knicks

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My Projected Eastern Conference Standings for next year! Agree or disagree? nba easternconference

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Another five year anniversary

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lastagionecheverrà dei Brooklyn Nets ⚫⚪⚫ Un grande mercato, inaspettato per una squadra che dagli anni '80 in poi non ha mai avuto una vera superstar togliendo i due anni di Drazen Petrovic sotto il nome di New Jersey Nets. Si comincia a parlare finalmente di Nets sotto in un'ottica titolata, mirata all'ottenimento dell'anello ad ogni costo. Un'ottima campagna, iniziata cercando di tenere i gioielli della panchina dell'anno scorso, Dinwiddie e il giovane LeVert, puntando poi fortissimo in free agency non avendo scelte importanti. Si concretizza qui il grandissimo e mirato percorso intrapreso dal GM Sean Marks negli ultimi 3 anni. La firma di Irving che pian piano si stava allontanando dalle speranze dei bianconeri di Brooklyn è il colpo di grazia per le strategie dei cugini newyorkesi dei Knicks. Kyrie è la pedina giusta per convincere Kevin Durant che approda al massimo salariale nella grande mela, sponda Nets ovviamente, in una sign and trade, ovvero firma e scambia, che coinvolge D'Angelo Russel, fresco all-star proprio con i Nets che lui stesso ha trascinato ai playoff la scorsa stagione. Le firme di Kyrie e KD si sono rivelate poi fondamentali per l'arrivo di un DeAndre Jordan che dopo un'annata buia si vuole rilanciare. Wilson Chandler sarà un ottimo panchinaro a portare esperienza e riempirà le rotazioni, lo stesso per Garrett Temple. Il taglio di Allen Crabbe la scorsa stagione e la fine dei contratti di Demarre Carroll e Jared Dudley sono perfetti per liberare spazio ai max contracts delle nuove superstar in entrata. Una free agency eccezionale quindi per i Nets, merito di tantissime scelte, scambi e tagli di contratti molto oculati in un percorso di tre anni con un grandissimo lavoro di Sean Marks. Piazzamento previsto: 3° ad Est, Finali di Conference (Durant tutta la stagione) Voto:9,5 Chapeau Sean Marks! nets brooklynnets seanmarks kevindyrant durant kyrieirving irving kyrie jordan deandrejordan newyork marks eastern easternconference jareddudley dloading

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Who should Chris Paul play for next season?

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Happy 5th Anniversary!

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Isaiah Thomas believes he will get back on top of the nba if he is given the opportunity.

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Who's getting a pair of Giannis' Nike Zoom Freak 1's?