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Got some plans for Luna. It’s going to be a long progress, but she’s going to get more mods both performance and cosmetics I’ve been neglecting her for a while and it’s time to put some love on her I’ve got some ideas on what to do with Luna this year. Hopefully everything goes well 🙏 Happy Sunday everyone mitsubishi evonation ct9a mitsubishilancerevolution mitsubishilancer lancerevolution lancerevo lancerevolutionx lancerevox evo evox evolutionx evogram cz4a 4b11 4g63 evoix triplediamondsociety evovii

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One year with this bitch we’ve had our ups and downs but big this coming soon 😈

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Our guy Matt just wants to let you know: "Is your Evo just bumming you out lately? Are you trying to help your beauty get its appeal back? Say no more, MAPerformance is here to help! We have everything you need to bring the hot back to your ride 🔥 Let us know how we can help turn your ride into then dime piece it deserves to be!"⁣ ⁣ maperformance evo evox mitsubishi jdm evolution lancer evogram lancerevolution evonation 4b11t evoaddicts mitsubishievo evolutionx turbo boosted mattlatmap

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Past memories ___________________ mitsubish lancerevolution evo10 evox cz4a evoxgsr evoxmr varis rui voltexracing brocadewheels ___________________ ▽team▽ team.elevate_ teamelevate teamelevatejapan ___________________ gearheadsociety stancenation stanced lowered  lowerdlifestyle carswithoutlimits carsofinstagram evonation evogram evosociety evogram evoporn superstreet jdmstance jdmculture ___________________

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Sometimes you just gotta sit back and be thankful for what you have💆🏽‍♂️

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Let me drive the boat

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Its Sunday and I hope everyone is having a good weekend! My allergies and sinuses have been killing me today. Hopefully my medicine kicks in soon. Since paying off the evo I've been real antsy to start buying things for the car and get rolling on the things I want to do this year but i know i need to save the rest of what i need to build the transmission. Hopefully over the summer I'll be able to purchase a good set of coilovers and get started on the new mikuevo V2 itasha design that I plan to have done. I've been thinking about making some YouTube videos vlogging about the cars and the things that I'll be changing and improving on the car. I've never made any videos like that before and would probably be few and far in between as the car sits in the garage most of the time. It's something that I'm thinking about. 📸 cmv.92 Speedshop kozmicms hatsunemiku miku racingmiku anime animeworld animelover animeart animedrawing 痛車  初音ミク  ミク photoshoot photography japanesemuscle carwraps itashastyle itashanation japanimport streetcar racecar animeslaps importtuner superstreet raysmsc varis evox evonation

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Precision 6466 hiding under there, next to the Hella turbos.

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Have a good Sunday everyone 🙏🏼💯

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Just want to make it clear, my car isn't a priority for my lifemaybe my bank account 😂 but definitely would and could sell it one day if I had to or if it started taking presidence over my families priorities. I would never choose this over my , wife or family. Yes, it's fun buying and building it, yes I do get a huge enjoyment and happiness from owning it and driving it but it's not EVERYTHING and if I lost it one day it's JUST A CAR 💁🏻‍♂️. People make these things seem so important when they get into an accident but IT CAN BE REPLACED 👌🏻. Definitely would suck, would be upset and angry (can't even imagine how lyssixoxo is feeling going through it) but hey it's just a material object 🤷🏻‍♂️ thankfully nobody died or was injured and that's what matters. What truly matters 🙏🏻. ApexSilver Evo8 Evo Evolution EvoSociety EvoNation EvolutionArmy EvoAddicts

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Those who know, know projectblitz blitz.co.ltd . I only have a couple parts for now. When i go to 3 port its going to be a sad day, but we are at this controller limit. Wont be for a while though. I need to talk to elijaah_m Moon Performance to see whats the best route to get to my goals. And before my brother lagartonco Asks its wont be for sale 🤣😂😂😂🤣 he is right im a hoarder. MoonPerformanceOverEverything moonperformance wingztuned wingzperformance evolutionsandralliarts evogram evo_society team_evolution_ teamevo evolution8 evoscene evo_society_team evounion evoaddicts evonation evonation evogods evostandards evogods lagartonco danielcalsada daniel.c d.calsada builtandmade evo8 evo

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Took the Evo to speedymufflers to get some work done! Getting him warmed up. I have a thing for adding more things to the car 😂 Project Car life, Anyways saying that, well he needs to be tuned again. So Dyno Tune coming soon! 😂——————————————-—————— etsperformance turbo icraveboost evoaddicts evoload evoaddicts evo evo9 awd awdarmy awdnation evogirl ladydriven girlydriver evogang evogram evonation enkei brembo victoryfunction evosociety jdm jdmlegends jdmcars jdmculture superstreetme 4g63

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Happy Sunday Hope everyone has an awesome day🤘