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That’s such a bad way to be found dead. Sad detail. This is Movie is full of a lot of hidden details. That’s why I love it though. It’s coming to Netflix on June 26 and I’m hoping to post more Easter eggs by then Hashtags⚡️ avengersendgame fantasticfour avengers avengethefallen spiderman infinitygauntlet infinitywar endgame avengersassemble avengersendgame avengersinfinitywar milesmorales peterparker spiderham gwenstacy spidermannoir pennyparker marvel marvelstudios dceu dccomics batman justiceleague thanos starlord gamora rocketraccoon groot drax mantis nebula

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Still getting prepared for every notification of “Marvel just posted a video”. I just miss my shows man. ——————————————————— Other account : ironfistmemes dcamu_memes gamecomicart • • • • • • • marvel mcu comicbook funnymemes funny meme ironfist jokes marvelcomics marvelnetflix daredevil captainamerica lukecage avengers jessicajones fantasticfour captainmarvel punisher ironman hawkeye art cool ninja thanosmemes superheroes spiderman dannyrand blackwidow

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Vilão do Dia Nome: Harvey Rupert Elder Codinome: Toupeira Editora: Marvel No mundo da superfície, ele era considerado um monstro, um pesadelo ambulante. Foi-lhe recusado emprego, por causa de sua horrenda aparência. As mulheres tinham nojo dele porque não era uma pessoa atraente. Cansado de tamanha rejeição social, Toupeira vai até uma caverna abandonada,onde se acredita ter uma passagem secreta para o centro da Terra. Ao entrar nessa caverna,ele leva um tombo, e escorrega por uma passagem,que o levou até o núcleo terrestre. Nessa queda,ele fica cego,como uma toupeira humana. Toupeira encontrou o mundo que ele chamou de Subterrânea, onde habitam os Molóides,que são monstros pequenos que servem ao Toupeira, e Giganto, um monstro enorme e verde que o Toupeira usa na maioria de seus planos para eliminar a vida na superfície e construir um novo mundo subterrâneo. Além de enfrentar vários super-heróis da superfície, o Toupeira já guerreou contra Tyrannus, um outro supervilão e ditador do mundo subterrâneo. Quando ficou cego, o Toupeira, com o tempo, começou a adquirir outras habilidades, como a dos morcegos, que tem a audição apurada. O Toupeira também desenvolveu um radar natural, que o permite desviar de qualquer perigo que venha em sua direção. moleman taskmaster treinador avengersendgame hq vilão marvel avengers spiderman comiccon theamazingspiderman guardiansofthegalaxy fantasticfour inhumans osvingadores vingadoresultimato homemaranha followforfollow follow4follow likeforlike like4like night boanoitee boanoite goodnight superherois_ followme

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$100.00 per spot. Only 9 Spots Will run mini raffles🎫 for everyone to get an opportunity to own an Iron Man 1 signed by Stan Lee 🔥💎 Pick your spots! 9 Spots, No reroll on🐍 eyes , and Good Luck Paypal only link will be sent DM after all spots filled 😁 comicbooks comicbooksforsale comicraffle marvel spiderman endgame venom originalcharacter spidey dc batman avengers hulk punisher xmen deadpool fantasticfour cgc ronin amazingspiderman ironfist 1 bobbycamp1559 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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Catsup and Chips

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DOCTOR DOOM Sorry I havent uploaded in forever. Ive been super busy and its been hard to find time and motivation to draw lately but I did manage to digitalize another old sketch i did.

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That time I met ioangruffudd at the airport I was sooo nervous to say hi because he was eating and I didn't want to be that person that brought unnecessary attention or was bothersome. I know celebrities get tired of that but my mom convinced me to go ahead and approach when it looked like he was finished. He was sooo nice and we had an interesting conversation about the 2015 fantasticfour movie!😆 I also forgot he had an accent lol. tbt wemetatanairport marvel starstruck geeked mrfantastic reedrichards stretch imetacelebrity hewassonice imsuchanerd

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Thor vs Thanos - - HAPPY THORSDAY Now for anyone that knows me, Thor is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES. This is from his 1996 series, issue 25 and on So Thanos is amped by various relics like the Stone of Illumination and the Chalice of Ruin (I think its called). Thor just defeated MANGOG of all people and Thanos was next on his list Now before people freak out, Thor had help from Odin and empowered gear, as well as the Chronicler and Fire Lord to be able to get the gear But either way, this is absolutely INSANE. Thor tells Thanos to fall and he's like, "Nah, hold this." In the end though, Thor is able to take him down by destroying the relics that Thanos was using to empower himself Lamely, this was later retconned as a clone Your loving overlord, Amazo marvel marvelcomics mcu comics avengers xmen fantasticfour spiderman ironman captainamerica blackpanther avengersendgame intothespiderverse thor punisher bullseye hulk wolverine captainmarvel thanos mangog

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Wow this one is 5 years old already! I was off sick from work and decided to make myself, my wife and some of our close friends and family, Marvel characters. Another case of looking at an old piece, seeing so many technical flaws and wanting to change so much but it was a beauty to me at the time and I'm still proud of it! artofinstagram illustration fanart comics comicart comicbooks comicbookart marvel marvelcomics marvelfan marvelfanart inks digitalart xmen uncannyxmen spiderman blackcat punisher humantorch iceman wolverine venom scarletspider elektra xmenfanart spidermanfanart fantasticfour draw