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Reposted from unknown_the_don - Reposted from unknown_the_don - Reposted from unknown_the_don - Reposted from unknown_the_don - Repost • • • • • • New visual for unknown_the_don "Love Maze" featuring robrileyreally x Tara🔥🔥🔥 Book your next music video shoot with FysteeProductions today! 🎥 DM 👉 msfystee215 to book 🎬 Click the link in bio to watch the full video and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel filmmaker photographer Videographer philly newyork newjersey phillyvideographer phillyrappers hiphop femaleshooter femaledirector canon sigmaart camera sonyvegas photoshoot musicvideo rap sing 2019 visualart 4k hd cinematography rokinon - regrann

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I used to pray for times like this. || 📸 dougvansant

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The Blood Brother Chronicles Is A Movement In The Making. The Blood Brother Chronicles deals with racism in a totally different way, compared to movies like Mississippi Burning. Though brutally honest, the project hits you in ways about race that are very unexpected. First, the brothers are from mixed lineages, the same white father. This is a dynamic way for the viewing audience, specifically whites, to understand racism and bigotry on a level of which feels unique and genuine. The reason for this is Slick, a white Cajun that is very close to his half brother. This bond will be cemented throughout the project; the trials and tribulations both have went through together and the life they shared as small boys. Another way The Blood Brother Chronicles is different from other films in this genre is it's liberal use of the supernatural, introducing the world to southern folklore that has been apart of the Deep South for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. The end result is a project much like a 1920's period based XMen, with all the conviction of Mississippi Burning and Django. To all of those that have supported this dream, were in the process of turn these epic books ( I'm a writer as well) into a television show! Get out there and RT, SHARE & Comment. Let's make magic happen Tag a someone who must see this🎬 ▶️ Check the LINK IN MY BIO ◀️⠀ bloodbrotherproductions INTRODUCING bloodbrotherchronicles theriverbooks nativeamerican tonkowa director producer actors cameraoperator filmphotography filmmaker cinematographer filmmakers videoproduction videography setlife behindthescenes filmproduction videographer filmproduction filmmakerslife independentfilm cinematography filmmakers cinematographer cameraman cameratricks videoshoot makingof art photoart filmphotographic

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tbt❤️ 🎙🎥🌷

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Two of my short films screen this weekend at West End Film Festival! 😍 stoked • • • • • 1. Saving Grace by All Hours 2. The Devil May Care Trilogy: Blood • • • • • westendfilmfestival shotsforbands jonathan_creed weff filmfestival musicvideo musicvideodirector indiefilm film filmawards filmmaking filmmaker filmmakers filmmakerslife filming filmlife shortfilm director directing directorofphotography dop cinema cinemas cinematic cinematographer cinematography videographer videoproducer videoproduction movie editor editing

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WHITE ELEPHANT is Now viewing via the DOCU-THON INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM MARATHON DIRECTOR: André Almeida Rodrigues The story of a private investment of around 7 million EUR that had little use. GrindWorksMedia GrindWorksOriginal grindworksdocuthon international FilmFestival FilmFestivals filmmaking filmmakers filmphotography filmphotographer filmmaker documentary documentarian documentaryfilmmaker documentaryfilm documentaryphotographer lifestory WhiteElephant euro Europe European europeanfilms UnitedKingdom UK London spanishfilm portugese

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САМЫЕ КРАСИВЫЕ ФИЛЬМЫ О ЛЕСБИЯНКАХ. ЧАСТЬ 1 ⠀ Трудно представить, но еще каких-то 50 лет назад кино с эротическими лесби-сценами было под запретом в свободолюбивой Америке. До 60-х годов прошлого века на территории США действовал этический кодекс Хейса. Этот кодекс запрещал любые, даже косвенные, намеки на гомосексуальность в кино. ⠀ Владимир Владимирович (тот самый), будучи еще премьер-министром, в 2011 году предлагал и у нас ввести аналогичный кодекс. ⠀ Первые фильмы о лесбиянках были сняты ещё в начале XX века, но там, конечно, не было интимных сцен и эротики, которая по-настоящему эмансипировалась в 80-е годы с раскрепощением кинематографа в целом. ⠀ Предлагаю вам насладиться несколькими красивыми эпизодами из кино, где любовь иллюстрируется в виде горячих лесбийских сцен, некоторые длятся лишь несколько секунд, но и они достойны восхищения. ⠀ 1.«Голод» (The Hunger), 1983 В полнометражном дебюте Тони Скотта чувствуются отголоски работы режиссёра над рекламными роликами. «Голод» — утончённая и эстетизированная мистическая картина о связи между холодной красавицей-вампиршей Мириэм и женщиной-учёным Сарой, которая пытается помочь быстро стареющему партнёру первой. Когда двухсотлетний Дэвид Боуи уже одной ногой в могиле, две женщины с библейскими именами чувствуют непреодолимую животную тягу друг к другу. Изысканная эротическая сцена между ними под музыку французского композитора Лео Делиба одна из лучших в кинематографе: не просто завораживающее зрелище, но и чистая красота кадра, гармония видеоряда и музыкального сопровождения. ⠀ 2.«Берлинский роман» (The Berlin Affair), 1985 Запретная любовь во время тоталитарного режима Адольфа Гитлера между женой немецкого дипломата и дочерью японского посла в Берлине. Притягательная своим восточным очарованием Мицуко вступает в связь с Луизой и её мужем; любовный треугольник не ускользает от взора правительства и перед героями остаётся один выход — смерть.👇

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Missing my sweet lil fam, the Jacobi gang 💫

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Ava Duvernay's 'When They See Us' hit home for the creators of The Blood Brother Chronicles. So much of what this dynamic artist orchestrated felt brilliantly true and brutal to watch. Because it was and is. But 'When They See Us' is only a small example of how black men have been brutalized by the American Penal system. We feel Ava's brilliance is now starting a dialogue that can portray more of this hard truth, stories of uplifting hope, mystery and the dark reality so many suffered under in the 1920's. In walks The Blood Brother Chronicles. Thought to have lived in and around 1922, Ben and Slick are great distant cousins of acclaimed author and show creator, Theodore Thought to be powerful conjure men, rumored to have blown up at least 12 klan chapters, taking part in countless of jail breaks as well as murder for money, The Blood Brothers are apart of dazzling folklore that was first told to Theodore when he was . Time to continue this much needed conversation with adventure, mysticism, brotherhood and love. ******************************************* bloodbrotherchronicles theriverbooks director producer actors cameraoperator filmphotography filmmaker cinematographer filmmakers videoproduction videography setlife behindthescenes filmproduction videographer filmmakerslife independentfilm cinematography cameraman cameratricks videoshoot makingof art photoart filmphotographic

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This is what the Blood Brother Chronicles is about. So much of Jim Crow and The Civil Rights Movement is not known. As the creator of this project, I by no means want to 'water-down' or diminish the horrid suffering native and black people have suffered under such systems, hatefull treatment still done today, I want to share this burden. So many helped us during our fight to be seen as humans, many of which were people that often looked like those that were hurting and killing us. These people deserve to have their stories to be heard, we as people of color deserve to know that some even gave their lives. That we we're loved that much. The Blood Brother Chronicles means to be BRUTALLY HONEST about America's cruelty as well as her love and beauty. These stories deserve to be told. The burden of hate and racism is now ready to be shared. 🇺🇲 sharetheburdenofhate 🇺🇲 bloodbrotherchronicles theriverbooks director producer actors cameraoperator filmphotography filmmaker cinematographer filmmakers videoproduction videography setlife behindthescenes filmproduction videographer filmmakerslife independentfilm cinematography cameraman cameratricks videoshoot makingof art photoart filmphotographic

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My ambition and passion are my biggest dates? No dull moment has been recorded in my life since I began my career I speak in confidence. cinematographer filmmaker visualkings

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“Ahto. Unistuste jaht/ Ahto. Chasing The Dream” by Jaanis Valk/Erik Norkroos July 2, 13:00 Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, Telliskivi 60a ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Ahto Valter had a constant craving for adventure. From 1930 to 1937, the Estonian sailor crossed the Atlantic Ocean five times in a small sailboat, becoming an instant celebrity as he broke speed records and made headlines news. Still, he thirsted for more. In 1938, Valter climbed aboard a schooner with his wife, one-and-a-half year old son, and a crew of 17 to chase his dream of sailing around the world. Weaving together rare footage, Valter’s diaries, and excerpts from an interview with his son, the film documents how Valter overcame mutiny, storms, accidents at sea, reefs, and the outbreak of World War II, returning to port 18 months later to find a changed, war-torn world, in which he could no longer go back home. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

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"Revolution did not necessarily involve sanguinary strife. It was not a cult of bomb and pistol. " - Saheed bhagat singh✌️ . Follow us on instagram for some new update and collection mohitsainioffical cinematography cinemagraph cinemagraphs photographyeveryday filmmaker filmmaking cinemagrapher cinematic photoart photography filmstill art film editor movies photographylovers snypechat cinema instagood filmmakinglife motionimage instashot color all_shots ig_captures composition focus capture moment

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Huge thanks to Paris Signs for putting up some awesome decals on the new office! Can’t wait to share our new space with everyone!

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What’s life like in a commune near the Andes?⠀ ⠀ In TARDE PARA MORIR JOVEN a group of upper to middle class artists & idealists leave the city to live off the grid in an effort to get away from Chile’s politics.⠀ ⠀ Playing 6/28-7/4 in SF:

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Cinematic short film: A Day in the forgotten sea🎥🎞️🌊👈 This my very first video that uploaded to You tube. 🎥👌 Six Years is a short film, I already had in mind a few months back, but finally found the time to make it. filmmaking filmmaker filming filmed effects projects wards epic epic_captures production lenses beachfilm making life Canon trip shortfilm film onday photograph photo feiyutech trailer longametragem videoediting filmediting achievement visualeffects by robertodanielmartins