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Our Friends at collegeavecafe are celebrating their one Year anniversary! Stop by and grab your coffee or tea before heading to the library to study or going to your next final. collegeavecafe coffee tea finals

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I hate finals week, it has me so busy studying for my classes I feel like I have no time for anything else 😭😭 Photocreds: shotbymarks

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finals amiright?? 📚

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Do you have a in college?? Finals are approaching & we want to make it easy on you to send your a finals care package! Give us a call or come in and choose the items you would like sent, and we can put it in a shipping box and mail it for you college finals carepackage hearthsidecountrystore

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**ADVISING ALERT** Take time for yourself! We know how busy the end of the semester can get, but remember YOU are most important. Give yourself a break when you need it by taking a walk, heading to the gym, reading a book, or watching an episode of your favorite show! Also, our website is full our resources if you find that you could use some help! uwoshkosh finals selfcare

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Everyone’s favorite time of the year finals

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Finals are around the corner, and for me that means I'm usually too exhausted to cook (and sometimes too tired to eat!) And now that it's starting to become warmer, I've really been into making a huge salad. It's super simple, filling, and healthy! I use whatever veggies I have on had (tomato, olives, cucumber, and red onion are some of my faves) and then I add a veggie burger patty or two on top. The one I've been using is Aldi's quinoa crunch. And then I top it off with hemp seeds, pickle kraut (my absolute FAVE food right now) and the tiniest bit of Chipotle ranch dressing (or whatever other dressing I have on hand)so delicious, puppies wanted some! 🥗🍅🥒🥬📚😴 What's your go to meal when you're stressed and/or busy? gradstudentlife gradstudent librarian finals stress healthyeating salad loadedsalad quickandeasy yum gradstudentproblems beggars aldi salad mealprep foodinspo selfcare motivation makesureyoueatgoddamnit

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One Last Dance 🔥 Thank You D-Wade 👑 Hayvan Gibi Özledik Sizleri ⚡

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My trying to get this cat’s attention but she’s not having any of it 😂 she reminded me so much of my cat, Sammy, that passed away a couple years ago. So precious ☺️❤️ thanks arturo.barrios.505 for taking me to the cat cafe to de-stress before finals :) - - - - - - - - cat catcafe ig finals destress catlover

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Finals week Looks like there's been a lot of crying in the ACS student study room at UNF

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ٰ ‫يـارب إن دراستي تأخذ حيز من تفكيري، فأنر دربي واشرح صدري ويسّر أمري، اللهم وفقني في كل خطوة أخطيها اتجاه مُستقبلي ووفقني في دراستي وارزقني الدرجات التي تُرضي قلبي، يارب لا تُضيع لي تعبًا ولا جهدًا💕‬ ٰ Finals 📚

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First day back in class? The perfect time to scout out a few potential study spots 📚 Tag our wise friend, if you know him! • tulane success finals

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My current read as recommended to me by sashaalsberg and I’m loving it! I’m only about 20 pages in because I’m studying for finals and been a little sick/not sleeping but I’m trying to take more breaks to read it in between and de-stress What are you currently reading? 🌈📚 AND if you have any studying tips you use and love, LET ME KNOW! 🙌🏻❤️ laurasteven theexactoppositeofokay currentlyreading reading finals studying

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10/10 study spot, would recommend. 👌🏻📚

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as our chapter at uottawa ends any west coast suggestions? 🚘📍 finals

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Todays closing day for the semester! Closing out party 5-8PM Well be open for the summer the second week of May tho, stay tuned! summer finals bikecave pittsburgh

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One more stop ✋ Finals 🇺🇦

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⠀🔁 Repost from chessqatar 🔁 ⠀ تتويج الفايزين في ختام منافسات البرنامج الاولمبي المدرسي للشطرنج ، بحضور السيد/ محمد المضاحكة - رئيس الاتحاد القطري للشطرنج و السيدة/ فوزية الكواري - مديرة مدرسة جوعان بن جاسم الابتدائية للبنين و السيد / صلاح سالم - الخبير الفني بالاتحاد القطري للرياضة المدرسية ⠀ Award ceremony in the SOP chess competition attended by Mohammed Al Mudahka, President of Qatar Chess Federation (QCF), Fauzia Al Kuwari, Manager of Jawaan Bin Jassim Model Independent School, Dr Salah Salim, Technical Expert at Qatar Schools Sports Association (QSSA) ⠀ schoolsolympicprogram teamqatar schoolsports qatarsports finals awardceremony

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Γίναμε οικογένεια επειδή το όνομα στο μπροστά μέρος της στολής είναι 'μεγαλύτερο' από αυτό της πλάτης. Ευχαριστούμε τον κόσμο της Πόλης μας που συνεχίζει να είναι δίπλα μας και γεμίζει το γήπεδο καφέ φορά και περισσότερο. Δύναμή μας η Φωνή σου! Συνεχίζουμε. gackilkis kilkis handball greece hellas makedonia hndbl northdivision seconddivision homegame homematch faiakas kerkiras faiakaskerkiras final finals finoallafine

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777-200ER back home from JFK finals

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my strange addiction

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Mathematical madness After tow exhausting hours doing math, I finally decided I have had enough Btw have anybody noticed that every math book is blue, or is it just me? Are they trying to make us feel calmer? Because I certainly do not! Maybe I’m just going crazy before my finals Also I’m drinking wonderful strawberry ice tea, thanks to procrastinationlikeapro who was lovely enough to tell me her recipe! 💕And let me tell you it was perfect! So go definitely check her account out and show her some love! Also, also todays messy notes feature some cat doodles by my friend. Trying to keep up with the catweek 😂

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So, as you might've guessed, I'm a little self conscious of my lack of *upper* body strength. Two weeks ago, I was failing every 5 reps with the 60 pounds you see here. It's not much, but I'm proud to have gotten through my OHP sets without failing today. Here's to working towards turning those 🐓 arms into 🐂 Additionally this makes a great distraction from finals ha ha pls send help I have Complex Lit soon 🔥 🔥 🔥 🚒 getfit fitlife fitness getstrong overheadpress ohp stronglifts5x5 stronglifts fitnessmotivation gym chestworkout chest squatbooty lawschool finals studydistraction lawstudent

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had a good day yesterday slept in and had a delicious parfait then my mom took me out for a late lunch and I tried a new (cream-based!) soup of corn chowder which GUYS TRY IT ITS AMAZING! plus chicken poppyseed salad😍then for dinner I had blackened tilapia, garlic shells, grilled zucchini, and milk👍👏🏽and for a snack I had angel food/chocolate pudding cake! yum and it was 3 inches thick😂🍰on my way to the state competition for this academic challenge team I’m on :)) 6+ hours of driving today yikesss - - anorexic anorexia anxiety food fit foodporn fitness fruit apple eggs boiledeggs breakfast exams finals depressed eatingdisorder eatingdisorderrecovery help sad burger turkeyburger avocado watermelon scrambledeggs penne pasta italianu watermelon