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Sorry for the lack of posts recently school had started up and I haven’t had that much time to post a lot like I did. Hopefully you understand and I will be making up for it. Go warriors! • • • • • • • • • • • • klaythompson klaythompson11 klaythompsonedit goldenstatewarriors warriors stephcurry nba kevindurant lebronjames akron klay nbafinals zionwilliamson jamorant rjbarrett finals school nfl superbowl tomholland popular explorepage explore love grind

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⚡️GO TIME⚡️ I need ALL of you to come out September 12th and help me move on to the FINALS in the Bridging The Music Colorado Solo Artist Awards! I go on at 7:30pm at hermanshideaway and I want to hit that stage smiling and rock out with all your beautiful faces! The competition is going to be fierce (peep that line-up👀) but I know with your help we can do this! Slide into those DMs for tickets 👉 bridgingthemusic bridgingthemusicsoloartistawards colorado denvermusic denvermusicscene livemusic soloartist 303 vote votefornash thingstodoindenver singersongwriter acousticmusic songwritersofinstagram musiciansofinstagram hometowngirl music competition finals rockout justasmalltowngirl tickets countrymusic follow ukulele bigthingscoming

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“It’s not about winning, it’s about participation” said no one ever 😂🥈 runnerup finals sintra

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I'm done with my first week of classes and I'm already behind lmao this is ~sad~

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I'm finished with another semester of nursing school and now Well, now I'm gonna do nothing. I specifically scheduled "Nothing time" (patent pending) 🚫 Errands 🚫 Appts 🚫 Visiting 🚫 Socializing Be a recluse ✔️ Sleep in ✔️ Watch Star Trek and X-files ✔️ Fortnite & Assassin's Creed w/the ✔️ 👉💖 Follow The_RNnProgress 💖👈 RNnProgress nursing instanursing nursingschoolproblems nursesrock nurselife💊💉 nurseproblems medicalstudent nursesunite nurseonduty futurenurse  nclex  nurseprobs teachers midterms rn medlife  nursesrule nursesbelike life nursingstudent nursehumor cna scrublife medschool medstudent love rnlife lpn Finals

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Now before I start talking about this, let me just say that it almost feels wrong making this comparison. Yes, the 76ers easily win when you look at the comparisons this way, but the Bucks are easily just as good of a team. They have a great chemistry, great coaching, and a good bench. So please don’t take this post as me saying that the Sixers are much better than the Bucks, cause that’s clearly not the case lol. But anyways, I think most of the comparisons are pretty easy to decide except for Tobias Harris and Khris Middleton. For me though, Tobias was definitely the choice. Both Tobias and Khris are primarily known for being scorers and shooters. This past season, Tobias averaged 2 more points per game and was easily more efficient than Khris. They each have their other strengths and weaknesses, such as Khris being a better playmaker and Tobias being a better rebounder, but I think Tobias has a slight edge at the moment. Anyways, let me know what you guys think of this comparison! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ball ballislife nbanews nbatrades lebron lebronjames breakingnews nbastats raptors 76ers lbj nbafinals finals celtics pelicans joelembiid bensimmons sixers philly knicks eagles flyeaglesfly

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IT ALL COMES DOWN TO TODAY Our seconds are in Quebec City today to win a cup 🏆 ➡️ 1:15pm kickoff against rugby.crq ➡️ If you can’t make it to the game, check out the live stream here: locksrugby finals rugbyquebec rugbyquebec

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Just let me live! 😩😅 🎥/IG garland27

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“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” - Hebrews 13:8 - Good morning! Happy Weekend! I was feeling sick yesterday but had a good night sleep that helped a lot👍Going shopping for some stuff my sister needs before moving back to college next week. Yesterday I didn’t do too much, did some homework, had tennis, and then went out for dinner and ice cream! Breakfast: banana oatmeal with pb🍌🥜 Lunch: spinach salad with black beans and veggies & unpictured dressing that I drowned it in🥗 Snack: kind bar and delicious cantaloupe🍈 Dinner: pork & grilled pineapple taco🍍, and grilled fish and pickled veggie taco🌮 Snack: strawberry sundae that was very messy🍓🍦 - anorexic anorexia anxiety food fit foodporn fitness fruit apple eggs boiledeggs breakfast exams finals depressed eatingdisorder eatingdisorderrecovery help sad burger turkeyburger avocado watermelon scrambledeggs penne pasta italianu watermelon beyondburger vegan veggiefest

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~HYPERCALCAEMIA~ * Calcium is needed for nerve conduction, muscle contraction and coagulation amongst other things. * Calcium is regulated by Vitamin D, which increases absorption of Ca2+ from the gut, Calcitonin, which reduces serum Ca2+, and Parathyroid Hormone, which increases serum Ca2+ and reduces serum PO4 * Improper regulation of calcium can have some seriously harmful effects, such as demineralised bone, mineral precipitation in soft tissue structures and cardiac problems to name a few. * * * vetstudent rvc bvetmed finals ems emslife vet vetmed vetrevision calcium revision

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In einem hart umkämpften Spiel konnten wir uns mit einem 3-2 Sieg (2x Rüttimann, Blattmann) den 7. Schlussrang der Saison 2019 sichern! bscmuri beachsoccer finals

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Throwback to when we saw Marc Gasol show phenomenal sportsmanship, he is a real winner 👏🏽 • Follow theraptorsinsider for more!🏀 THERAPTORSINSIDER

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Interviews with the judges completed yesterday and now heading for rehearsals to give our country a spectacular performance of Canadian beauty and grace 🇨🇦👑! You can watch the FINALS of the missuniversecanada LIVE TONIGHT at 8pm at Hope you enjoy and thank you again to my platinum sponsor abboud.optical and all my other sponsors, supporters, family and friends for supporting me in every way imaginable🙏🏻🌟❤️. I love you all! 📸 allumski . 👗 sponsored by nanacouture.mississauga 👠 sponsored by abboud.optical 💄 sponsored by abboud.optical 💇🏻‍♀️ sponsored by Robbie from Hair Motion . itsshowtime missuniversecanada missuniversecanada2019 soschildrensvillages finals coronation letsdothiscanada canada toronto ottawa pageantlife

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IFSCwch2019 Speed FINALS . 【世界選手権2019スピード決勝】 “ラッキーボーイ”が初優勝。女子はミロスラフが大会2連覇達成 . 17日夜、IFSCクライミング世界選手権2019八王子はスピード決勝を行い、女子はアレクサンドラ・ミロスラフ(ポーランド)が大会2連覇を達成。男子はルドヴィコ・フォッサリが初優勝した。 . ※詳報はプロフィール 👉 climbersjp 記載リンクの公式サイトから . photo by tsutomutakasu ifsclimbing climbing sportclimbing speedclimbing ClimbToTokyo worldchampionship Hachioji TimetoClimb スポーツクライミング スピード クライミング世界選手権

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Am ersten Finaltag wurden die Zuschauer in der schönen Spiezer Bucht verwöhnt mit hochspannenden Partien. Zum Auftakt besiegten die YB Old Stars die Legenden des FC Thun knapp mit 8:7. Weiter ging es dann mit den beiden Cup Finalpartien, bei denen sich GC Zürich bei den Frauen und BSC Lions Riviera bei den Männern durchsetzen konnten. Herzliche Gratulation! GC Zürich Damen vs. SC Rappiranhas Damen 2:1 BSC Lions Riviera vs. Winti Panthers 6:5 nach Penaltyschiessen (2:2 nach regulärer Zeit) 🤩 beachsoccer league season9 finals spiez

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🥺 “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” —Winnie the Pooh • • • These wonderful people are my family. Here’s to the next chapter. ❤️