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[English] 🇬🇧 ▪️»Men of Soccer | Aesthetics of Athletics« is a football and art project. Men of Soccer’s mission is to highlight the aesthetics of soccer, but above all the football player’s aesthetics through images, videos and snapshots. Men of Soccer | Aesthetics of Athletics More aesthetic pictures of football players can be found here: menofsoccer.official Imprint menofsoccer mos soccer art arts aesthetics sports footballer footballplayer soccerplayer attractive fitness fit player game legs thighs calves ball soldiers team lockerroom gym club muscles england usa bodybuilding fitness training

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💙💙💙| . I never post personal picture of my SonEspecially as it’s my Fitness Page, But I mean look how georgus he is, Model Pose😩😍(vein remark not sorry😂) but as it’s Mother Day next Sunday just thought I’d make a little post😊 . For me being a Mum has been the biggest adventure of my life, its had many ups and downs, but I’m so proud of my boy and where we’ve come together. To think your 18months next month and then soon to 2 this year🙈 time is flying by so quick, I really wish you could slow down😅 . Im just happy to see you growing every day so happy and smiley 😘 that would make any mum happy! But it also makes me proud knowing I’m doing a good job💪🏻💙 . And maybe one day when your older your gym with your mum 😉😂💪🏻 I doubt it but who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ fitness myfitnessstory gymlife myson mumlife proudmum myworld loveyou minime smiles fit lift health love fitnessfollowers happy mothersdaysoon instadaily picoftheday fun sacrifice igotthis gymbuddies nevergiveup followme like likeforlike followforfollow mwah 2019

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👯UP FOR THE CHALLENGE👯 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Challenge yourself this week. Make a big goal for this week whether it is make to gym 5 times this week or lift a certain number on your compounds. Eat healthy all week. Challenge yourself! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Go into this week strong and ready! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Share this with a friend and put down what your challenge is this week! Let’s do this TEAM ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ goals fitness performbetter goodvibes gym motivation loveyourself fit workout fitfam exercise fitlifestyle healthyliving myfit befit behealthy prehab noexcuses happylife leulivin

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Fans Are Pissed After A Famous Vegan YouTuber Was Allegedly Caught Eating Fish In Another Person's Vlog Yovana " Rawvana" Mendoza's vegan fans are livid and are spamming her social media pages with fish images and emojis.

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: " Hello world ! " 🇫🇷Que pensez vous de ce nouveau hoodie xtremotivation ? J'attend en commentaire vos réactions positives ou négatives ? Bientôt disponible en pré-commande sur le site . TeamXtreMotivation 📸 maxfox Model: zangofitdoze For xtremotivation - Ps: Merci à mon ami MAX FOX pour ce cliché et pour tous ces petits conseils . qlf _ sportswear menswear bodybuilder life physique bodybuilding boy shoot gym tattoo ink ifbb npc shreed goals mood mode fit fitness fitfrenchies motiv

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Red velvet to brighten up your timeline 🥰❣️❤️ DM for a batch of these ❣️ redvelvet

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Seja bem vindo a família CPK. Onde você encontrará pessoas e um ambiente quente fará evoluir. Irá, suar, se divertir e evoluir muito Venha para CrossFit CPK. crossfitcpk

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Hello 🌼 Souvent en me baladant dans les magasins je m’intéresse à la bouffe (ouais toujours là bouffe) et l’autre jour je suis tombé là dessus. En fait c’est des pâtes de pois tout simplement, mais les 47g de protéines m’ont fait bondir. J’ai pris pour tester, et niveau goût, même si c’est pas non plus une pizza 4 fromages, bah ça passe plutôt bien ! 🍕😂 Vous connaissiez ?? Est-ce que vous avez vos aliments fétiches pour faire le plein de protéine ? 💪🏼 fit fitness fitgirl fitnessgirls fitmotivation fitnessmotivation fitgoal fitnessgoals fittraining musculation bodygoals training abs fitfrenchies fitfam abdos booty squat healthy healthyfood motivation likeforlikes likeforfollows muscu fitlovers instasport teamaurefit teamfitluceh teammuscufrance teamdinosaure

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Excuse my ugly face expression 😭😭😭 I was dying and practiced my pull-ups after my leg workout. In the second clip I wanted to practice swings with pull-ups to get my chest at bar length but it was a no go for me 😩

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Be thankful for what you have. Be fearless for what you want ♡ Featured: Light Grey Biker Shorts and X Back Bra Top.

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My first PR in a min 🥳 - 210x 6 (I cut the last two reps to spare your eyes and mine but you can see the face I made right before the last 2 🥵). I took a break from lifting super heavy and just played around with some intermediate weights and clearly that was for the best cause my last hex. deadlift PR was 185 and my back was not happy😭this is not a pretty PR BUT it is a better one, progress not perfection! PS - my tattoo is safe, my arms aren’t sweaty, it didn’t rub up on anything, it’s just chillin 😎

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O que comer antes de treinar? Depende de quem você é, qual sua rotina, seus hábitos alimentares e seu objetivo. Em exercícios curtos e com intensidade alta necessitamos basicamente de glicose, em exercícios aeróbicos necessitamos de glicose, gordura e algumas vezes de aminoácidos. Ou seja, depende! Rs! Mas partindo do princípio que precisamos de energia para realização de exercícios, vou compartilhar com vocês algumas opções que gosto e uso. Chips de batata doce com pastinha de abacate Suco de beterraba (falarei mais sobre isso) Banana com aveia e castanhas 🌰 Ou só banana 😀 Panqueca de aveia Açaí natural (sem xarope) batido com banana. Pedacinhos de coco com pasta de amendoim. Ou pode ser um almoço, pode ser em jejum por isso procure um profissional para montar o seu plano alimentar de acordo com quem você é! prétreino nutricaoesportiva nutricaofuncional treino alimento comidadeverdade esporte saude bemestar fitness fit

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Ce week-end ont étaient sur Aix-en-Provence pour un évènement qui regroupait plus de 500 entrepreneurs dans le domaine du bien-être 🤩 Samedi ont étaient sur Cannes et dimanche sur Aix avec la team fit on sea club et ce n'est que le début ! 🔥 On recherche des des personnes qui souhaitent entreprendre dans le milieu et pour ça on t'aide à réussir 🤗💪 On aide un maximun de personnes pour être au top et tout ça en équipe et dans la bonne humeur 🤗📲

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Hold me down, just don’t hold me back. 🍸 📸 : staticimaging

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✨ MONDAY MOTIVATION ✨ “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” I love this quote. It reminds me that no matter how big or outrageous my dreams are, they’re all within reach. Believe in yourself today, invest in yourself today. Eat all the nutrients, drink allllll the water, kill your workout, and take another step towards your goals. You are beautiful, you are strong, you are enough, and you can do it. Don’t you ever forget that ❤️ My stomach has been feeling a lot better lately (yayayay) which means I’ve been feeling a little more like my old self (yayayay) When something takes a toll on your body, it takes a toll on your mind too. This is something that I’ve been battling with daily. Celebrate the wins and power through the lows. Just. Keep. Going Have a great week y’all ☺️ fitness workout health fit motivation bodybuilding mondaymotivation fitspo alphalete lifestyle healthy training buffbunnycollection gymlife inspiration fitlife sweat fitnessaddict fitnessmotivation proudbutneversatisfied gym fitlifestyle dedication gymrat tinatoneup girlswholift work strong inspo instafit

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È solo un grande amore.

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Sunday smile day

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A very accurate representation of my day today. If you are not ready for a injury blurt you may want to keep scrolling. This morning I had a Physio appointment where my decision about the European Championships would be made. I will cut to the chase, I am not doing it and I have to say there were a lot of tears. Unfortunately my ankle has got worse again as well so yeahI am finding it really hard to accept at the moment as the thought of doing it was helping me get through injury. Honestly I feel pathetic; people are in much worse situations which are actually life changing. Life is not fair! “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” Hoping not to cry again when I tell my triathlon coach this evening😬😂 If I don’t laugh I will cry. Sorry for being a baby, emotions are high today; from crying to hysterically laughing with my best friends. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - blog blogger runner run teenathlete longdistance xc livetorun fit healthy vegan veggie sport endorphins recipe breakfast crosstraining swimming cycling tri injured injuredrunner injuredrunnerclub chronic tendonitis race winter training newyear comeback

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JUMP INTO SPRING LIKE Winter is over first day of spring °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Available for photoshoot DM for conditions and info 📧 ☎️:13479333407

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Maneuvers of life | Manobras da vida • The Roberto Mário Santini Park occupies the platform of the submarine emissary and advances 400m inland with 42,766 m². It is a privileged space of observation of the sea and the border | O Parque Roberto Mário Santini ocupa a plataforma do emissário submarino e avança 400m para o interior com 42.766 m². É um espaço privilegiado de observação do mar e da fronteira• saopaulo santos brasil sport train urban skate life fit nature landscape beach fitboy fun igers tbt day fitspo instasports beautifulday instagood healthy training boys goodvibes skatepark photography skateboard lifestyle lifestylephotography