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SWIPE LEFT I'M CLOSE TO MY LEG PRESS GOAL FOR THE MONTH. BET ON YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU CAN WIN. May 24. My10000Challenge TRUST THE PROCESS CHOOSE HEALTH It's time to take your health back! Remember your health is your wealth. The exercises for May are: High Knees (335) each day (10000) Ab - Roller (115 each day) Cross-Body Kick PushUp (115 each day) Lunges (115 each day)=10000+ LIKE ⏹ COMMENT ⏹ SHARE NOEXCUSES FITNESSGOALS blackenterprise PROFESSIONALTRAINER atlantafalcons GETFIT titusunlimited puma FITNESS GoingBeyondLimitationshealthy ebonyfitfreaks menshealthau menshealth.usa puma jamalhbryant menshealthmag menshealthza menshealthuk PERSONALTRAINER FITNESSFORLIFE FitFam fitnessmotivation fitnessmodel FitQuote FitnessMotivation Transformation 30daychallenge fitnesschallenge YouCanDoIt FitnessGoals BOSSOFYOURHEALTH NoExcuses fitnessaddict gymlife healthiswealth Beachbody FitNation healthyliving HealthyLifeStyle NewYou lifestyle FITNESSMODEL BREAK THE BAD HABITS BY FOCUSING ON THE NEW HABITS. GBL

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Leg days are funsometimes

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An Unforgettable Throwback Memories that time does not erase. Posing on stage. For Online & Personal Training, Weight Loss Treatment, Nutrition Counseling, and Diet Plan Sessions CALL US +91 9810262586 • • • • personaltrainer fitfam transformation transformationcoach like4like likeforfollow likeforlikesback likeforlike followforfollow psnsupplement mrdelhi mrindia indianbodybuilder personaltraineronline fitnessguru transformationcoaching musclebuilding heavylifting workouttips gagansharmabodybuilding gagansharma workoutplan onlinetraining mrdelhi mrindia

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Deadlifts today. Worked up to 242.5 kg (535 lbs.) for a double. Should have been a triple but I didn’t have it in me today. No excuses. Rest, regroup, and smash it next time. mother_teresa_of_gains with the coaching/programming masterspowerlifting masterslifter powerlifting rawpowerlifting powerlifter strengthtraining weightlifting bodybuilding powerbuilding usapowerlifting usapl 93kg uspa deadlifts deadliftday deadliftsonly deadlifttillimdead deadlift depthbeforedishonor sbd guyswholift gym gymlife gymotivation fit fitfam fitness fitspo fitstagram

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On your road to recovery 🚗 ‘speed humps’ are a likely occurrence. To get unexpected pain flares⚡️ is completely normal and it is good to expect these so as they don’t come as such a shock and make you panic. If it feels like it’s 2 steps forward and one step back, fantastic You’re still making progress. Look at the overall trend not the daily fluctuations 📉in your condition. Even if your pain seems to be the same, but your ability to move and function is improving, then that’s still progress 😊credits to and physiojack_ 🙌🏼🙌🏼 pain painscience wholehealthphysio physio perthphysio physioperth westperthphysio physiowestperth perthpt physiotherapy fitperthlife perthisok perth physicaltherapy perthphysiotherapy exerciseismedicine justmove movementismedicine backpain motionislotion fitperth fitperthlife fitspo fitfam getmoving fitlife perthfitness perthfitfam

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The amount of sweat that pours out of me in a 20 min wod is amazing Am I the only person who HATES the feeling of being soaked in sweat but manages to sweat more than those around you and in the weirdest places?! whyaremyelbowssweating whyyesthatsmypuddle 😓 WELL at least the film of salty water allows for a glistening selfie findthepositive amiglowing nope justgrossandwet 💧 fitchick crossfit girlswholift fitfam fitspo weightloss fitnessjourney workout gym sweaty sweatyselfie selfie lunges singles bike

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🤓Follow fitness_ksp_man and achievefitnessboston for more. 1.FEET HIP WIDTH APART AND BARBELL OVER MID-FOOT: In order to establish a strong base of support, start with your feet under your hips with toes forward or slightly flared out. Step up to the bar so that it's close to your shins and over your mid-foot. 2.HINGE YOUR HIPS BACK: Initiate the deadlift by sitting back with your hips. This will help you to load your posterior chain (glutes and hamstrings) and get into a strong starting position. 3.GRAB THE BAR JUST OUTSIDE YOUR SHINS: The wider your hands, the greater the demand on your mid and upper back. Keeping your hands in closer will help make the pull feel easier than if they were out too wide. 4.ALIGN YOUR ARMPITS DIRECTLY OVER THE BAR: This will set you up for a more vertical and direct bar path, which makes the deadlift much more efficient. 5.PUSH INTO THE FLOOR AND STAND TALL: Instead of thinking about "lifting" the bar off the floor, think about "pushing" your feet into the ground. The harder you push down into the floor, the stronger your deadlift will be. Stand tall at the top and look straight ahead to practice good alignment. 6.INITIATE THE DESCENT WITH ANOTHER HIP HINGE Once you've gotten to the top of the deadlift, lower it back down by hinging your hips back, loading your posterior chain again, and getting right back into your original starting position. 🔴Tag your friend 🔴 topgym tips rishfitfam squats deadlift armday chestworkout fitness fit fitnessmotivation gym gymmotivation gymshark abs absworkout gains powerlifting weightlossjourney instafitness eatclean fitfam dietplan dietstartstomorrow fitnessmeals flexibledieting muscle sportperformance

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It takes some real focus to get in this pose. - Maintain balance, focus on your equilibrium. I’ve been keeping some killer focus with Teacrine. It has a similar effect as most people’s standard cup of joe, without the jitters, or crash typically associated with caffeine. - Teacrine (also sometimes labeled as Theacrine) is what is considered a nootropic, to boost cognitive function and focus, as opposed to a jittery caffeine high. - Also, this post was hard. Swipe to make fun of me. - -

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Hope everyone has themselves a great weekend! • I’ll be heading out of town tomorrow to visit some family and friends so it’ll be a nice break for the legs. Plus being that it’s a long weekend I’m debating on making Sunday a pretty easy day so I can pack on some serious mileage on Memorial Day🏃🏻🙌🏻. • May your weekend be filled with the things you love.❤️ • • running run runner runningmotivation workout instarunners fitness runners sport motivation lifestyle trailrunning hokaoneone sports training marathon instarunner runnerslife marathontraining trail garmin cardio runnersofinstagram hardlopen halfmarathon laufen fitnessmotivation fitfam instarun runningman

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tb to that time we didn't escape 💃

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I can & I will 🤙🏻

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Happy Friday! How are you starting your day? - *WORKOUT* pull ups - Max reps Knee drives - 10 each leg Hanging knee raise - 10 (X5 rounds - 1 min rest between)

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"Whether you think you can or think you cant, you're right😌" -Baby Boss🧘‍♀️ babyboss zen

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enjoying 1/4 of this heavenly pint after yet another gym sesh ❤️🍦 for my workout I did cristinacapron ‘s 20 minute STAIRMASTER HIIT workout and it killed 😤 ( anyone else feel bad for the gym workers who have to clean up the sweat on the machine you just used?😓🤢)and then I did a little 20 minute HIIT workout on the spin bike doing one up beat song and pedaling as fast as I can and then spinning to one slower song but staying on beat(sometimes I lean back to hold in my core for extra gainz 🤣) two things I wanted to tell ya: 1.) sometimes you gotta listen to your body and just do cardiotoday, I just needed to SWEAT💦 so that’s exactly what I did 2.) anyone else start pondering life and goals and dreams while at the gym?today I was reminded about how grateful I am to have strong legs and lungs, and a healthy heart. I often take these things for granted. I also started thinking about what my life goals are, and how I will get there. Having hope is only the first step, but hope alone will not change the future. I challenge you to write down goals you have, but ALSO write down feasible steps and tactics on how to reach those goalshealth-related, financial, emotional, career, relational etc. I say it all the time, but you only have this one life. The future needs you, the past doesn’t. Look ahead, not behind. Don’t just chase those dreamsbut grab that baton and keep on running! Once you reach those goals of yours, make more Stay teachable. Stay determined. Stay committed. Life is too short!🌟

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POLIDORI CHORIZO EMPANADAS WITH TOMATILLO CABBAGE SLAW. 🤤 Locally made Polidori chorizo is mixed with a touch of tomatoes and chilies and then tucked into our homemade paleo empanada dough made with organic almond and cassava flours and then toasted in the oven. Served with a side of tomatillo cabbage slaw Let us take the, “What should I do for dinner!?”🤔 task off your list so that you can get some time back in your day ➡️Check out our many other mouth watering dishes at

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Follow wa_fitnesstips for more 💪 What's the 80/20 DIET? Many people successfully lose weight with the 80/20 diet. It's not technically a full-scale weight loss plan, but the 80/20 diet works. If you hate following strict food guidelines, you don't want to count calories or carbohydrates, and you can't find the time to balance complicated macronutrients, then the rules of the 80/20 diet might be right for you. It allows you to enjoy your healthy life. It doesn't put a lot of stress on your body and health. HOW IT WORKS? To follow the 80/20 rule, you eat a "clean" diet 80 percent of the time and then allow yourself to enjoy a few indulgences 20 percent of the time. For many people, this means they eat well during the week and relax a bit on the weekend. The plan allows you to enjoy indulgences on regular basis without the kind of guilt people often feel when they “cheat” on a strict food plan. Hope this post will help you to choose the best diet plan for yourself 💪 gym fitness life diet 80/20 healthydiet workout body health motivation medical fit lifestyle exercise dietplan fattofit insta instagram fitfam therock stayfit

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All about that multitask: using vegan leather ankle weight and 8lb gold ubarre for the workout ✨8 full with core engaged and straight leg ✨8 pulses✨ 12 across the body for some extra core and cardio ✨ 12 curtesy lunge ✨ cameo by Lola B! liveequipt. homeworkout fitness fitfam fitmom

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Awesome leg day for the books. Haven’t had a good one of those in quite some time. Gym was empty too which was 🙌🏼✨ —Never forget how wildly capable you are 💕— fitness fit fitgirl positivevibes selflovejourney gains nurseswholift fitfam girlswholift gym fitspo workoutmotivation confidence health fitnessgirl inspo igers fitspiration fitnessjourney fitchick fitnessaddict fitnesscommunity fitnurse potsie potssyndrome spoonie fitnessmotivation lifestyle positivethinking fitlife

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Love our visits with Great Nonnie!

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Do you have your summer AktivFit essentials? (Tap to Shop)

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Pit Stop 🛫 📍Hong Kong