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This is why I track everything I eat, even if it’s half a orange I track it I feel like I can hold myself more accountable when I write/log/ track my food. I’ve been struggling with my nutrition since I first started several years ago. Today if felt like all I did was eat and work and eat and workout and eat and clean and eat maybe that’s because I did. I’m sure excited to see myself beat my nasty nutrition habits this year once and for all summer2019imcomingforyou nomoreexcuses2019 nomoreexcuses irefusetostop icaniwill nutritioniskey 80/20rule closetherings myjourneytofit healthyisthenewskinny fitnotskinny liftingismyfavortie absaremadeinthekitchen fitfam watchmeshrink teamksd homeworkouts doingthisforme findingmyhappy creatingmyself day1or1day mindsetiseverything

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Client Spotlight 1 of 3: Had another corrective deeptissue session with npcbikinicompetitor bellaz102 . It’s been a minute, and this session was really needed We focused hard on her Erectors, Lats, QLs, Glutes, Hamstrings, Gastrochs and Plantar Fascia. After droppingthehammer on her muscles, we finished off the stubborn spots with some cupping, the Muscle Gun and IASTM. Stacey knows how important my work is to keep her muscles loose and pain free. Are you ready to see how I can help you? theebestdamnmassagetherapist massagetherapy massageworks sportsmassage deeptissuemassage sportsmassagetherapist deeptissuetherapist loosemuscles flexiblemuscles increasedmobility myofascialrelease igdaily igfitness igfit igfitfam igfitspo npcbikinicompetitor cupping IASTM seriousmuscleworkforseriousathletes trustmeitsworthit fitfam fitspo fitness activereleasetechnique droppingthehammerontension posturecorrection

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Friday mornings with these girls is my favorite! Sweating away my worries with these beautiful ladies in just makes me feel so alive, refreshed, confident, myself, grateful, and so freaking happy. You babes + High Fitness is the only way to head into the weekend on such an incredible High! I just love you all And, like always, these girls right here rocked the highsongoftheweek today! If you missed it, don’t you worry! This song will be blasting Monday morning! Have the best weekend friends! 😘 inspiration highfitness strongmom fit fitness fitspo womenshealth igfit igfitness fitlife instagood stronger fitlifestyle life healthylifestyle fitnesslife healthylifestyle inspo enough fitfood healthy workhard sweat biggerbetterhigher fitfam sogood workout lovelife ilovehighfitness themountainsideway

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I’m telling ya, if you just keep chugging along, day by day, minute by minute, one day your going to see yourself from another perspective and see the change. This video was that for me. Things are in motion. So when you feel like your not progressing, keep fucking going. You’re on the verge of break through. Feeling like giving up? Message me and I’ll send you a nice “keep on fucking going and don’t be a fucking quitter” video. shaneheugly evogennutrition iamconfident prettypowerful flex legday muscle womensphysique girlswithmuscle bodybuilding bodybuildingmotivation npc ifbb evogenelite physique fit fitness fitfam fitspo fitchick blessed goals

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These are some exercises and stretches for the rotator cuff. I have been doing these and I recommend warming up with some jump-roping or light jogging then doing these for any days you are training upper-body. The last one is really good before you start benching. If you get injured your looking to a lot of time that you will have to take off. If you do these a few times a week, you will save yourself gym sessions strengthening stretching stretches mobility mobilitytraining flexibility flexibilitytraining fitness fitnessvideos fitfam fitnessmodel fitnesstips athlete athleticaesthetics calisthenicsathlete bodybuilder bodybuilding powerbuilding powerbuilder powerlifter powerlifting shoulders shoulderworkout shoulderhealth rotatorcuff health warmup weighttraining weightlifting weightlifter

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Because on my worst day, he would never let me stop pushing. I promised myself to be one and done with this one and I truly am. And my promise to you, CJ? Finish it. No matter what, finish it. And I sure as hell did.

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NEW PRODUCT 2019: Follow us for daily fitness and weight loss motivation!Check out our new program the 1 Week Diet * More Link In Bio. *

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All colors are restocked! Both Seamless Crops & Seamless Mesh Leggings 😍🙌🏽🔥 . Use code: RGBABE for 💸 off ✨✨

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F*ck what other people think! Whether your overweight or super skinny as long as you are happy and doing what you love, you are succeeding. Ask yourself one thing tonight. Are you happy? If so yayyyy! If not eliminate the negativity and do you❤️💪 flexfriday behappy doyou

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I’ve been feeling uninspired physically lately so I had one goal in mind when I went to the gym tonight: have fun. So I threw on my lucky shirt (fun fact: I scored a try in this shirt. It was wounded in the process) and tried a bunch of things I had never done before. 10/10 would recommend. Turkish get ups? Mastered. Next experiment? Pistol squats.

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||CHAIR DEADLIFTS|| . Purposes: -Fix poor sumo deadlift positioning -improven mobility -strengthen low back and hips -Work your grip -Improve lat engagement in the deadlift -and more Implementation: The video I showed you is 1 rep from start to finish, and thus chair deadlifts can be used in any rep scheme from 1 rep sets all the way to 20-50 rep sets. Just remember to do them correctly Technique (as demonstrated): -Sit on a chair that leaves your hips at the same height as your starting position of the sumo deadlift -position yourself in front of the bar identically to your main deadlift stance (sumo or conventional) -grab the bar (with your hands) -pull back until your torso is entirely upright and the bar is off the ground (should be a slightly below knee level) -pause at the top -place the bar back down slowly -pull back on the bar once again and pause before slowly lowering it to the ground once again -pull back on the bar once again, pausing at the top -forcefully push your hips through, bringing the bar to a full lockout as you would in a deadlift -lower the bar to the ground as you would in the eccentric of a deadlift -you have completed 1 rep of a chair deadlift. Congratulations 🎉 Hashtags: gym gymlife workout top.tags conjugate toptags gymtime conjugatestrong powerlifting gymmotivation train fitfam progress muscle training photooftheday health gymaddict instahealth westside body fit strong motivation westsidebarbell determination instadaily musclegain cleaneating exercise

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I’ve fallen in love with the cables when it comes to glutes and hamstrings. I could do a whole workout on cables if I wanted to. Just really hitting hamstrings and glutes this rainy Friday evening. Orders from coach. Killed a birthday workout for you. bodybuilding lifestyle gym fitness grind noexcuses health cleaneating gymlife muscle gains fitfam inspiration motivation beast fitnessaddict fitnessmodel rolemodel girlswithmuscle girlsthatlife flex npcbikini _TeamBelieve_ mealsbytrace buffbunnycollection

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Just finished training shoulders 𝙎𝘼𝙑𝘼𝙂𝙀 style 😎 . Hope you guys made it to the gym Enjoy your weekend!

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If you just kinda sorta try, you kinda sorta get results 👍 make the decision that you won’t give up on yourself no matter what - and then you’re on the right path to success! 👌 thebodyspecialist perthpersonaltrainer

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Choose your Hard. Learn to take a Handful of Vitamins by choice, or a Fistful of Medication by necessity. Learn to Meal Prep, or keep swinging by the Drive Through out of comfort. Wake up early to go to the Gym, or keep complaining you have no time to Workout. Set alarms for your Meals and Vitamins, or keep complaining that “nothing works” for your weigh loss goals. Learn to be a Coachable and Teachable Student, or forever wallow in the grief of unachieved desires. All our paths have some difficulty; no paths are ever free from strife. If they are, I promise it’s just an illusion. I hope that today, you choose the path that serves you and your goals well. I chose the wrong 'hard' for a long time! Then I chose a different 'hard'. But now, I don't think what I do is hard at allit is my lifestyleand I love it Choose your hard Advostrong makingchampions webuildchampions advocare spark committofit fitness workout gym faithandfitness fitnessmotivation coachlife anythingispossible fittribe fitgirl healthylifestyle gymjunkie girlswholift gymlife fitfam BodyLove beastofeast Dedicationovermotivation strengthtraining gymsession fitnessfreak fbggirls livelean2019 slimandtrim

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Give me one shot one shot of adrenaline

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Another day playing in the mud Building a composite risers.

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Where the mind goes, the body will follow👊🦍

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Perfection is boring. If a face doesn't have mistakes, it's nothing.

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Love Frederick, MD

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It’s Sunday, the day to relax your mind, body & soul. 🧘‍♀️ 🌿 Credit yogineo yoga