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The Sunday supplement ⠀ Macros, macros, macros It’s what we hear about most of the time and rightly so. ButDon’t forget about the macronutrients. Paramount when it comes to protecting, building and repairing the body on a cellular level. ⠀ Don’t be afraid to supplement as an extra boost alongside a healthy balanced diet We live in a more toxic environment and in a more stressed state than ever before. The extra vitamins, the minerals, the phytonutrients and the antioxidants will help support our bodies and boost its defences. ⠀ This is why choosing nutrient dense food (80% of the time) is really crucial and not just a case of, ‘if it fits my macros’ (iifym) . Gi ✌🏼💋 . health fitness fit gym motivation workout bodybuilding healthy lifestyle fitspo training energy fitnessmotivation diet muscle micronutrients exercise gymlife love cellularnutrition life supplements healthiswealth GiTrain mbgtribe

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Happy sunday cuties 💙 ich hoffe ihr hattet ein schönes Wochenende 🥰 meines war ruhig - ich musste mich noch auskurieren und hab die Fitnesspause durchgezogen 🔜 gehts aber wieder voll los 💪🏻 ihr könnt euch nicht vorstellen wie ich mich freue 😍 fitness fit bootybuilding fitnessaddict fitspo workout naturephotography igers fashionblogger fashionista photooftheday instahealth swag strong motivation instagood squats bootybuilding TFLers strongissexy me life motivation booty

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Going to bed early. Not going to a party. Not leaving my house. My childhood punishments has become my adult goals. 👴🏼

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👉Wist je dat je Sweet Sweat💦 ook kunt gebruiken om sneller je spieren💪 op te warmen? Dit is perfect als je bijvoorbeeld meteen helemaal los wil gaan op de drums🥁🎼 . Sweet Sweat bestel je ZONDER VERZENDKOSTEN bij of direct bij sweetsweatnederland (Link in bio) . SweetSweat Results Goals sweetsweatnederland waisttrimmer dieet afvallen zweet zweetband zweten cardio fitness warmup followme motivatie fitspo beachbody summerbody killerbody bodysculpting lichaamstransformatie fitness zomer workout workoutmotivation fitdutchies abs loopbands fitbodyguide

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На тренировках ,Вы должны «выжимать» из себя все силы, переступать через каждое свое «я больше не могу» и делать еще одно повторение, каждое занятие должно стать для Вас поединком с собственной ленью и слабохарактерностью, только так можно добиться успеха, поэтому необходимо обладать огромной силой воли!😉 Danina fitness gym motivation fit fitspo fitfam training healthy lifestyle fitnessmodel health fitnessaddict diet strong eatclean muscle cardio instagood getfit exercise train determination photooftheday gymlife nike transformation fitnessgirl mariupol бодибилдинг

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“If you look for the good in people, you will find it.” - Paddington Bear/Aunt Lucy Quote from one of Alfie’s favourite movies 💙 paddingtonbear quotes alfiemark alfie

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Bodybuilding touched my life when things were a little crazy. It gave me new dreams and a new purpose. The feeling of pushing yourself to extremes, learning about yourself; mind and body - is indescribable. When things get a little hazy, this is how I ground myself. I lift. Life is simply one big ball of whatever you make it. Make it fun and do whatever the hell makes you happy. 👌

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Healing Exercise Addiction 💚🙋🏽‍♀️ Its been a long time since I posted a photo like this but despite not picturing anything exercise is still an important and valued PART of my life but not ALL of my life like it once was My intent is now totally different from my past exercising habits and beliefs. I now move from a place of love for self and not hate. I move to remove stagnant energy in my body. To be strong. Healthy. Fit. Mobile. To connect to my body and breath. To get grounded. I love the way it makes me FEEL In the past it was purely for fat loss and aesthetics that I exercised. From a place of lack of and self hate. I now listen to my body and respect its energy and how it’s feeling. I no longer thrash my body. I love it like it loves me everyday. I connect to it and honour it I have found balance. Self love. Self respect. This was after some time of deep internal self-healing! 🙏 Traveling I am still moving my body regularly. Whether it’s a long walk hiking or site seeing, some random workout in nature, Yoga or my Movement Self Love (mix of yoga and body weight banded exercise and all the techniques and strategies I used to learn to myself inside & OUT. ) **available to purchase in my bio link.💓✌️ I also respect days of rest, and fully embracing all life has to offer without stressing about “having to exercise” When body image is no longer the issue your whole perspective on life and exercise shifts. Balance is created physically, mentally and emotionally! Remember balance is not something that you find it is something that you CREATE If you’re in Perth and you want a place to go to that values BALANCE check out _totalmovement 🙏❤️ (me pictured here in a class quietly dying but frothing it all the same!)

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Force à toi domtom1919 Première édition du nineteen fight. 10 combats de boxe anglaise de prévu 2 combats pro dont 1 locaux 5 amateurs locaux deux combats féminins et un combat handisport. C’est au 87 avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 paris. Gymnase Jean Jaurès Ouverture des portes 18h premier combat 19h30. Ring 10€ gradin 5€ Team kim_becker_streetcoaching Tough ain't enough coach personaltrainer boxing mma muaythai kickboxing judo jiujitsu sport training workout running trailrunning trekking gym crossfit fitness musculation bootcamp spartanrace fitspo yoga motivation determination nutrition dance photooftheday love adventure travel

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always punching darts 🌪

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Don’t sleep on it, change starts with you . I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get there, but I’m feeling better than ever post knee surgery . I attribute this to the hard work I put in and consistency 🔑 goals picoftheday instafit fitspo fitspiration aesthetic getfit stayfit fitlife fitfam fitness fitnessaddict motivation fitnessmotivation gym gymlife workout strong fatloss healthy healthylifestyle eatclean weightloss weightlossjourney muscle bodybuilding beastmode physique shredded transformation adidas adidasau adidasoriginals

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Training~ Honestly can not stress enough how important it is that us gals & you boys too! To train every single part of you’re body, I’ve spoken to so many girls who just train their lower body or boys who just train upper body , because they only wanna build muscle on those areas, so many girls say ‘but I don’t want a muscley back’ but honestly to build any muscle/loose fat , you need to be training every muscle group, over the past 5 months I’ve started to train my upper body and I’m loving it! It’s my favourite thing to train and I’ve also noticed a lot of progress since starting it!

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Woo it’s Friday 🥰🥰

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Double posting today because I’m so happy that my muscles are finally coming in! I shared these pictures on my story and I’m so thankful for the supportive DMs I got on my progress. I know it doesn’t look like much for some people but you guys don’t understand how much of a struggle its been my whole life to add muscle/weight so every little bit counts for me. I’ve never felt stronger, healthier, or happier and all it took was setting my mind towards something and actually going for it. Sometimes it’s discouraging when you see people with bulging muscles and you think you can never get there, at least that’s how I was until I decided that I didn’t have to look like other people I just wanted to be the best me I could be. I don’t know what my end result will look like aesthetically and to be honest I don’t care anymore. My goal is to be healthy, live my best life, and inspire someone else to do the same along the way 💛

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don’t let anyone rent space in your head unless they are a good tenant

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never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul 😶

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a break from everything is much needed every once in a while ✋🏽

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do not fear to lose what needs to be lost 🗯

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I understand nothing 🥴

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L I S Z T O M A N I A 🙄

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Sunday 😶

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I have a whole universe in my mind 💫

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Suuure 😈

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Fuck off