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1 month ago

God, bullied are the worst from the Original Hand Drawn Story “The Hairstyle”! Yes, I am making it into the gacha life version of it and will CONTINUE that from there The names are gender vents of the actual names of the characters, meaning either form boy to girl or from girl to boy, but I like to call it from dick to dickless. The following character’s Gender Bent names are the following: Sal = Sally Larry = Lana Todd =Tina Ashley/Ash = Ashton/Ash Travis = Tiffany gachalife gachalifesallyface sallyface sallyfacegenderbent sallyfacegachalife sallyfacegachaedit sallyfacegenderswap genderswaps genderbent genderbentsallyface comics salfisher salfisher larryjohnson ashleycampbell toddmorrison travisphelps

3 months ago

Sorry for not posting for a long time genderswaps

1 year ago

*got told to be like Eiji* *actually got drawn like Natsuki* Only because I'm the tallest? :'3 💕 retartedFamily Genderbends Genderswaps Me as a boy (c)to my beloved sister 💕

4 years ago

I'm normally not really big on gender-swaps but this cosplay kinda kicks booty. You go girls 👌 - Rebecca☆

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5 years ago

Since people like the genderswaps I post here is one special for yooo_itseric anyone else comment your fav childhood thing and I'll make sure to post more of it

5 years ago

This just makes me really upset. Because if someone is going to read a fanfic about a ship, they probably want it to be pretty much the same. No genderswaps or anything like that. No offense to the ones who write/read them. They haut make me cray cray, but I just don't read them. 😋 johnlock merthur sterek destiel sabriel scisaac brolin

6 years ago

Bex with her beer, Kyle with his mocktail. genderswaps

7 years ago

Marceline and Marshall Lee👊😝

7 years ago

Yes, in my world Prince Gumball and Fionna are boyfriend and girlfriendThey're such a cute couple! Plus, is one of my favorite characters😍😏😓😄