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First time I’ve done the NFL combine 225 bench test since college football and it went pretty decent. This was completely fasted with no food in me after 10 sets of 15 on bench and a few heavy sets. Weighing in about 195 here. These are FULL reps so to those who do 40-50 half reps ANYONE can do that. Was decently happy with hitting 35 reps here couldn’t lock out the 36th and granted my endurance isn’t good at all. But fresh, with food in me, and warmed up properly I may could hit over 40 reps. I’ll still take it as a W for the most part though. Decided to post for musclepharm s WorkoutChallengeWednesday mpnation fbaftermath cardio workout gym gymmotivation motivation inspiration fitspiration instafit fitness fitnessmotivation fitspo fit fitnessmodel fitnesslife gymlife 225bench npc physique powerlifting bodypositive bodybuilding musclepharm gains nflcombine

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✅Para los que buscan ganar masa 💪🏻. - Recuerda que si tu eres de las personas que tienen dificultad para ganar tamaño (muscular) debes tomar en cuenta una dieta con excedente calórico y rutinas de fuerza e hipertrofia ☝🏻. gym gymlife gains bodybuilding love instapic training workout fit fitness insta instagood instalike instafit instafitness instafollow followme follow likes strong mexico diet motivation instamoments shredded power aestetic fitmodel motivationgym nutrition

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Hulaa semuanya?? Sudah sarapan belum?? . Hal terpenting selain apa yang kita makan saat sarapan adalah waktu kita sarapan Waktu sarapan yang baik adalah 30 menit setelah bangun tidur dan maksimal jam 9 pagi So, makan tepat waktu juga mempengaruhi programmu loh sisstt . Program beranibuanglemak selama 25 hari, 5x makan sehari. Pendaftaran season April masih dibuka. Dapatkan slotmu yaa I lost 8kg Coach Dilla Suganda 📱081295018566 . coachdillasuganda Beranibuanglemak BahagiaTeam TemanBahagia pengenkurus tipslangsing makanandiet caradiet dietsehat dietcoach programdietsehat dietenak dietkenyang bigsize oversize gymlife fitmom bodygoals dietmayo dietketo dietkekinian iphone iphonexsmax workout gayahidupsehat Losewightonline EatClean menudiet sarapansehat sehatideal

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Active rests I add these in on my cardio focused days just for an extra burn. Today was tri & chest so here are two of my active rests I added on to my super sets today! I also started my workout with interval sprints. Honestly today was the struggle my body is super fatigued from my workouts this week lol I also had an older gentleman trying to coach me in the middle of my interval sprints 🤦🏼‍♀️😶 he was sweet but his advice 😖 lol so I am here saying I have tough days in the gym too ha but I survived 😅

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Ilene keeps taking on new challenges with this push-up progression. These BOSU push-ups are a great challenge on the core forcing you to activate more muscle to fight the instability in the transverse (rotational) plane of motion. ••• ••• ••• fit fitness fitfam strongwomen fitlife fitover50 instafit gym gymlife cardio work workingout workout exercise train training trainer lift lifting girlswholift strength strong dedication health healthy healthylife healthylifestyle personaltrainer pittsburgh weightloss

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If you have rounded shoulder or want to prevent rounded shoulders do this exercise after your back work and before push/bench days! 2-3 Sets 15-20 Reps Go light and feel your rear delt don’t let the traps and upper back muscles take control! ✅

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It’s not about talent. It’s about grit, determination, focus, man hours and discipline. Hard work pays off. -Mat Fraser —— Visit our website to read more about our programs and schedule a time we can sit down to talk about working hard toward your goals. Link in bio.

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Don't doubt yourself, believe in yourself! Start your weight loss journey with the 2 Week Diet! ***link in bio***

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Channeling my inner Hulk Hogan with the tricep pose. I'm slacking on the content so I gotta catch back upBROTHER!

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Hacer crossfit requiere de decisión, no hay espacio para la duda, menos para detenerte en la mitad de un wod Solo así lograrás lo que te has propuesto. ¿Y tú que tan lejos estás dispuesto a llegar? AsiaTeam  AsiaTeamBox crossfit  fitness  gym  workout  fit  bodybuilding motivation  training  fitnessmotivation  muscle strong  gymlife  cardio  instafit  fitnessmodel lifestyle  weightlifting  sport  powerlifting  health exercise  strength  personaltrainer workoutmotivation  healthy workoutoftheday

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Keeping your mind as fit as your body should be equally important for any high quality trainer/coach. Especially for those looking to differentiate themselves and stand out with specializations. Can you figure out what population I’m aligning myself to be able to work with in the near future?💫💫💫 - ⬇️ NASM CPT🏆 (NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SPORTS MED) ⬇️ USATF LEVEL 1 COACH🥏 (USA TRACK & FIELD) ⬇️ USAPL CLUB COACH🏋🏻‍♂️ (USA POWERLIFTING)

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Tomorrow Friday it will be two weeks off from the gym Two more and it’s a full Month. 😂👍 I was knockdown by getting myself dehydrated, but what you didn’t know is that I been fueling my body with alkaline foods 😈😈😈😈😈 Oh You wait I’m coming back stronger. 🍆😈 Thank God/Jesus My Heart ❤️ is Good & Healthy and My All Body! Felt like I was dying from a heart attack that Friday and Saturday Morning! God/Jesus Only Makes Me Stronger.

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SavageBffs GIVEAWAY! Win this outfit (Raspberry Sports Bra & Sweetheart Booties) for you and a friend! ・・・ How to play: 1. Follow savage_barbell. 2. Like this post. 3. Tag a friend or friends that you think would look cute in this outfit in the comments below. 4. Each friend must be tagged separately, or the tag will not count. ・・・ If all the above are not met, your entry will not count! 2 SavageBffs winners chosen from comments monthly. 1 ANNOUNCED ON THE 7TH & 1 ON THE 21ST in our story (so better watch them stories).

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🤓👽*❤Find Your Balance ❤*👽🤓 Trent Frymire Owner F.T.B. Fitness Through Balance LLC (817)939-1290 trent.frymire

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Happy Thursday, and a very happy hammies and glutes day at zeee gym! Yes that is a post workout rice crispy treat in my hand, don’t judge me 😁 bootypumpwasreaallll legday happythursday

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Tbt August 2018 🔪 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Consistency over time makes all the difference 😊. It doesn’t happen over night but if you stick with what works it WILL happen! I have a new fitness group starting next month. Message me and I’ll add if you’re ready to get in shape for summer 🌴☀️🍉