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A flatter tummy, and perfect skin complexion, achieved the natural way! LINK IN BIO!😱🌿 Alphatox ingredients are specifically chosen to meet health goals and the teas are have been proven to work😍 Experience the top rated teatox for 3 years in a row now! 🌱 All Natural & Organic 🙌 Lose Weight, Detox, & More . ➡️ Link in bio eatclean health fitfam fitlife detox tea slimming motivation gym healthylifestyle fitspo inspo instafitness nopainnogain healthyliving weighttraining stayinspired abs yoga fitfluential getfit slimmingworld weightlossjourney fitnessfirst healthy trainhard

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⚠️EXPANSION NEWS⚠️ Our 2 affiliate FLORIDA DISCOUNT NUTRITION stores are coming along nicely. These pictures are of our MILLS SUPERSTORE located at 8420 Mills Dr, Miami, FL 33183. We expect it to be open in April. We look forward to bringing our EXCELLENT PRICING, GREAT SELECTION, & OUTSTANDING FIVE-STAR SERVICE to Florida. A special THANK YOU to all of our CUSTOMERS, SUPPLIERS, and EMPLOYEES who have made this expansion possible. Keep an eye out for a our DOUBLE GRAND OPENING in April! THANK YOU - HAWAII DISCOUNT NUTRITION STAFF . HAWAII DISCOUNT NUTRITION CONVENIENTLY LOCATED ON: 1600 Kapiolani Blvd. Ste. 121 Honolulu, HI 96814 . HIGHEST rated, MOST reviewed, LARGEST Selection Nutrition Store in Hawaii vegasdiscountnutrition vdn honolulu hawaii vegas supportlocal locallyowned discount nutrition supplements vitamins protein workout fitness gym fitlife gymflow health healthy wellness motivation orangetheory planetfitness f45training 24hourfitness ufcgym VDNgiveaway giveawayERA

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daniellegetsfit91 🔥 Dropping🔥 the 💣 here this THROWBACK Thursday to a clothes comparison! I have not done one of these in a long time! This is 👌🏼THEEEE 👌🏼 shirt y’all- the shirt I saw myself in on that trip and thought HOLY F*CK. 💥💥 I didn't post any pictures from that day because I was mortified by what I saw- and knew I need to change my life around PS- shirt is a men’s 2X weightloss weightlossjourney motivation fitness extremeweightloss fit gym weightlossmotivation fatgirlfedupsdietbet fattofit progress transformation weightlosstransformation exercise healthy routine obesetobeast fitnessmodel tbt gymlife girlswholift fitnessinspiration fitnessgoals weightlossgoals fatloss weightlossstory weightlossmotivation throwbackthursday throwbackthursday

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Ok so I’m finishing up the last of my broccoli 🥦🥦 I love broccoli by the way! I fried some wings with no flour or breading and I tossed them in Thai chili sauce. I don’t know how “keto” these wings are but I’m about to smash these! ketogenic keto ketodiet lowcarb ketosis ketogenicdiet ketolife weightloss ketolifestyle ketofam ketoweightloss lowcarbhighfat weightlossjourney lowcarbdiet ketotransformation ketofood ketoaf ketorecipes ketocommunity fitness intermittentfasting healthy healthyfood ketones diet ketogeniclifestyle health ketofriendly

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You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you will lose your edge. Apologize for mistakes. Apologize for unintentionally hurting someone — but don’t apologize for being who you are health gains gymlife fit motivation fashion eatclean exercise fitnessaddict lifestyle fitnessmotivation abs fitfam fitspo gym diet muscle healthylifestyle strong fitnessmodel healthy workout bodybuilding fitness photography instafit photooftheday fitnessjourney love training

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Another day another new line. 2.5 weeks out icn_sa

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🌱 BREATHE 🌱⁣ ⁣ Feel comfortable and confident on our women's active wear collection. 🧘🏻‍♀️⁣ ⁣⁣ Find the ultimate in organic fitness wear here at📍 highlineorganix • LINK IN BIO ☝🏼

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Lunch with mom yesterday thecoldpressery . Avo Toast 🥑🍞 and Portabello Pesto Toast 🍄🍞 with Kale Juice 🥬🍏

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So there’s this boy, he kinda stole my heart, he calls me mommy 😍😭💙

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Day 1 Dinner. Before and after Inspired by iamsahararose Southwestern Bowl. Super inspired by the way she talks about food and her Ayurvedic journey. Excited to see what I take from her journey and incorporate into mine! ! 📸 black beans, quinoa, red pepper, spinach, avocado and lime juice. Not pictured, tomatoes.

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Cual es tu motivación? Cuando vamos a empezar hacer algo siempre lo hacemos por una razón, pero, ¿nos detenemos a pensar en esa razón? 🤔 A qué me refiero con esto; pues te dejo mi ejemplo: Analicé, ¿por qué quería llevar un estilo de vida saludable? ¿Por qué quiero comer más sano? ¿Para qué iba hacer esto? Mi razón? sencillo, quería bajar de peso sin hacer dieta y verme bien. Mirarme al espejo y decirme "wow que buena estoy" 😏 Ahora tú, piensa, cuál sería tu motivación. Recuerda que debe ser suficientemente relevante para ti, ya que de lo contrario, será muy difícil que puedas cambiar tus hábitos. "Que tus ganas de cambiar sean mayores que tus ganas de permanecer igual" 👊🏻

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My absolute favorite home made balsamic vinaigrette. 3/4 cup balsamic vinegar 1/4 cup olive oil 1tbl mustard of your choice 1tbl sweetener of your choice 1tsp ground black pepper 1tsp onion powder 1tsb garlic powder Salt to taste. Add more oil for a thicker dressing. salad saladdressing balsamic healthy guiltfree guiltfreeeating eatinggood eatingright healthymeals thegoodstuff healthyfood goodfood maderight wholefood diet mealchoices goodchoices whatieat weightloss reduceyourfat mydiet myfood youcanmakeit youcandoit makeyourown healthyrecipe reciperight bestfood foodforlife changeyourdiet

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Best Pizza Pie I have ever had in Florida. It was made out of a mobile wood pizza oven from an outdoor food cart. Sadly they are out of business. I can only imagine how bad management must have been to not succeed with this kind of pizza. pizza

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. 🔊🇺🇸 slide ➡️ description in comment ⬇️ 🇫🇷. Qui peut faire appel à un coach ? 📲 La réponse est simple Tout le monde !🌎. Que vous soyez débutant, confirmé ou même coach, vous pouvez faire appel à un coach. ~ ▪Car le débutant apprendra les bases, les techniques et les gestes à faire en diminuant le risque de blessures et donc une possible perte de temps. ⏳ ~ ▪Le confirmé continuera à s'améliorer et à sortir de sa zone de confort dans laquelle il aurait pu s'installer. 🏋️‍♂️ ~ ▪Et enfin, les coach. Oui, eux aussi peuvent avoir un coach car on souhaite toujours en savoir et à en apprendre plus afin d'être plus compétent et pouvoir aider chaque personne qui feront appel à nous. 💡📚 Et donc quels sont les avantages de faire appel à  un coach ? ▪Premièrement pour ses connaissances 🤓 En effet un bon coach doit apprendre continuellement. Il doit s'informer sur chaque possibilités qui pourront le mener à réaliser les objectifs de chacun de ses clients. ~ ▪Ensuite, le coach est aussi une source de motivation ! 💪Il doit pouvoir vous motiver à vous dépasser ! Il vous poussera hors de votre zone de confort afin d'évoluer, de progresser et de vous montrer que vous êtes capable de plus que vous ne pensez. ~ ▪Avoir un coach c'est aussi le moyen d'atteindre plus vite vos objectifs. Car en effet, notre sport est parsemé de pièges et votre coach sera là pour vous les faire éviter. 📋📊✔ ~ ✏ Programme musculation ? Nutrition ? Je crée ton programme 💯% personnalisé ! 📩 Envoie moi un message et commence ta transformation ! 💪 ~ coach coaching passion bodybuilding nutrition lifestyle lifestyleblogger fitness fitnessmotivation fitspo fitnesslife fit fitfam tips musculation instafit followme healthy healthylifestyle health follow weightloss  muscle diet workout gym picoftheday bodygoals training personaltrainer

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DELICIOUSNESS RIGHT HERE 🤤 Played around with my macros today and made these delicious protein pancakes instead of my usual xo crunch and OMG they were delicious. Oats, protein powder and banana with a little almond milk🙏 blend everything together then cook in a little coconut oil spray. I used my peanut butter from M2 and still had enough carbs left for fruit toppings by using a little less oats 👌😁

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Forgot how much i love this combo for breakfast🤤🤤 Rice cakes with smashed avo and curried eggs🙌 yum I mixed half a small avovado with pepper and chili flakes then spread on the rice cakes. Hard boiled 2 eggs, then smashed with a fork and added 1 tsp organic dijon mustard and a sprinkle of curry powder Delicious 💜💜💜 Happy Saturday Beautiful People x

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IT DOESN'T LAST . Do you even really remember the feeling you got from that piece of pizza or bag of candy you ate? If you forgot, just look down at your stomach, it might refresh your memory. Food is one of those things that when it's over, it's fucking over. All the enjoyment you got from it is gone, like you literally have nothing positive to show for it, but you keep all the negatives that come with that moment. When you eat poorly, assuming you want to be physically fit, you have to pay that back in the form of discipline and time. You don't just get to eat whatever you want and look how you want The best way I've learned to control this is to remind myself that it just doesn't last. When it's over, it's over but all the shit that comes with it stays. It's like fat debt. You spend all this "money" by eating whatever you want, but like real life debt, you have to pay it back. You don't just get to spend whatever you want in life and not pay it back. When you look in the mirror, or down, you see all the "money" you owe, just remember all those "purchases" are long gone but you still gotta pay it back. Like it's so much worse than actually buying things, because you actually get to keep things. You have unnecessary things you have around the house that you can, at the very least, sell later when you realize you didn't need it, but diet doesn't work like that. Food is like going out to the bars every weekend, you're looking for this temporary enjoyment that only spends your time and money in exchange for like 3 hours of fun, and then you go out the next weekend and do the same thing because the feeling doesn't last Start thinking about if the things you do actually last. Are you moving forward, or backward? Are you looking and feeling better and better, or worse and worse each week. We only get one life as far as we all know, start acting like it -*

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Tomorrow’s going to different for you! Stop snoozing bitches!

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How about we all stop wasting our entire or even portions of our day? I do that shit as well. Let’s drop the dumb shit and upgrade to a new version of ourselves 🙌🏻 Quote from Ambrose Bierce *-