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you will achieve great things. you will be okay.

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أنا أحبك بلا أسئلة ، حبك ليس شيئًا يحتاج لإثباتات ولا أسباب ،لا أناقش حبك مع أحد، لم أختار أن أحبك ، حبك جاء هكذا كالكوارث الطبيعية التي لا يمكن التنبؤ بها ولا مقاومتها ولا نسيانها ،لا مباديء في حبي لك ، كل الأشياء التي اعتنقها في لحظة واحدة ، أنا على استعداد للتخلي عنها لأجلك."

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The only failure in life are d Shots🏀 we don’t take d risk in taking, doing or trying 😉 d rest is just pure BS excuse Life is way 2short & way 2beautiful & lots 2explore & b thankful about 2waste it w/anything tht has got nothing 2do w/our happiness😊! U can b anything in this life just don’t b ungrateful & selfish Always treat people d way u want 2b treated & always value and b thankful 4every single blessing u have, coz others are struggling & wishing 2have even just a little bit of some of d things we have & have been given opportunity & blessed 2have & in which sometimes we ignore & don’t see it is already right infront of us, thinking will always have it Remember d saying “ U don’t know what u have till u lose it “ well Lady’s Gents this is a real Fact not just a quote A simple smile, thanks & pls. should always b a habit we should have by heart 4this are simple thing that sometimes w/out us knowing has a big impact 2those around us who are struggling And b4 u start judging other’s people life look at urs first & make sure urs is perfect 😉D way u judge and treat others reflect more of u than others me love life travel happy music fashion art fitness nature boss girl sport basketball family friends picoftheday photooftheday instagood smile goals nyc paris london italy dubai japan russia igers

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À cœur vaillant, rien d’impossible! 🍊