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These earrings aren't new But I love them! I am proud to say that they are genuine cow hide leather! 😍😍 As you might imagine, they smell AMAZING Pick a pair up in my shop now! • • Click the link in my bio to check out my shop! • • rusticlanejewelry rusticbracelet rustic etsyshop etsy etsyshopowner etsyjewelry bracelet businessowner businesswoman buyhandmade country countryearrings jewelrymaking jewelrylovers jewelry jewelrydesigner musthave springjewelry selfemployed supportsmallbusiness smallbusiness shophandmade shopsmall leatherjewelry genuineleather leather

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Always room for a few more 😉

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Who knew that fringe could be your best friend! Whew, Chile! Tag to Shop - Kelsey Yellow Bow-Tie Broock - Traci Fringe - Boss Chic

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Our Women's History Month feature today is Elizabeth Temming Koop, known as Betty. Koop was cured of tuberculosis at the Trudeau Sanatorium, where she met and married Martin Koop in 1944. The couple worked together making hand-wrought jewelry and eventually opened the Temming Art Studio. After retiring from the jewelry business in 1971, Koop and her daughter Theresa owned and operated the Cinderella Shop in the Hotel Saranac until 1981. She moved from Saranac Lake in 1982 to live with her daughter in Malta. Temming Jewelry was a must-have accessory in Saranac Lake, including custom name-plate bracelets for local girls. To see more examples of items made by the Temming Art Studio, and learn more about Koop's life, visit our wiki (link in bio) historicsaranaclake saranaclaboratorymuseum saranaclake museum museums history womenshistory saranaclakehistory women jewelry temming temmingartstudio temmingjewelry bettytemmingkoop trudeausanatorium TB tuberculosis patients sanatoriums nyhistory nyshistory occupationaltherapy jewelrymaking jewelers womeninhistory

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I have decided to start offering packages of pre-rolled, finished paper beads for your crafting needs! They are especially perfect for making macrame jewelry with, as the holes are just the right size. These paper beads have been hand rolled from recycled paper and sealed with an eco friendly gloss for a beautiful shine! They are water resistant but not water proof. Please do not submerge beads in water! *I only have a limited amount of each as I do not like to create the same pieces twice! It makes them unique Sold in packages of 10 beads for $3 plus s&h Tube Beads and Specialty Beads are $1 each paperbeads paperbeadsjewelry paperbeadroller repurposedjewelry recycle handmadewithlove handmadeisbetter handmade handmadefromtheheart supporthandmade shophandmade shopsmall shoplocal peoriaillinois moongoddess boho hippie jewelrymaking destash jewerysupplies beads unique fun oneofakind

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Here’s another one, a succulent design. I struggled a little on the background color. I originally wanted a brown paper to give the illusion of soil, but it was too dull next to the green. So I went with the light blue 🤷‍♀️. I love succulents but I have low natural light in my house, so I don’t have much luck with them. I do have some air plants in my kitchen window that are quite happy though. My dream house would have a sunroom that I could fill with plants 🌱 💕 plantlove succulentlove succulentnecklace echeverialover echeverianecklace terrariumlove terrariumnecklace terrariumjewelry bespoke jewelryofig jewelrymaking

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She's a thick one! Handcrafted from sterling silver and Natural New Mexican green/blue/copper Cloud Mesa hornfel. Cloud Mesa Hornfel is a mineral stone. Some consider is a sister to turquoise. Thick and hard. Rich in color, set in all hand cut and hand filed thick saw tooth bezel setting. The top, bottom and hook of this pendant are tufa cast with file work. All fabricated together on thick sterling back. Pendant measure 1.75" x 1.25" and is hung on soft brown leather. It has a bench bead for adornment and a small slider bead on the leather. The hook allows you to hang it anywhere you like. Definitely one of a kind. Shoot me a message if you love this pretty lady or it will be listed later in my Etsy and on my website. Have a great day folks 😊 . sterlingsilverjewelry stone silver cast fabricated ooakjewelry southwesternjewelry westernnecklace westernjewely technique newthings jewelrymaking silversmithing thehandmade soulful originaljewelry somethingnew sterlingsilver selftaught metalsmithing jewelry pendants beads stepbystep rusticjewelry silverjewelry

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This beaded necklace features a gorgeous vintage butterfly that has been paired with coordinating vintage and modern beads and gold tone chain. Coming tonight to

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I have 8 more April K-OM Gem Wrap Macramé Treasure Boxes left! Is one of them yours? Yes, there's still time for you to join us! linkinbio👆 ✨ The K-OM is available as a monthly subscription or depending on availability, as a One-time only purchase. You also have a choice of an option for the K-OM with Live Monthly Online Class! ✨ Come join our K-OM Tribe and make Creativity your monthly practice! ✨ omtara omtarabead diykit subscriptionbox creativityheals creativegifts forceforgood inspiredadornment artisanjewelry jewelryartist leatherjewelry jewelrymaking lovetobead diyjewelry jewelrymaker handmadejewelry learntobead spiritsister soulpowered galtribe priestesspower shopsmallbusiness creativeminds carveouttimeforart kitofthemonth beadedjewelry shareyoursuperpower ilovethisproject innerpeacethroughcreativity

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🌚Ⓜ️uonionalusta ©lose-up🌚 playing around with a few ideas in my headdefinitely deep et©hing these stunners to start‼️ these 2 sli©es are ni©e and thin so pendants/inlays ©ould be the best bet 🤔 pocketdump meteor meteoritering grailknife knifenut knives knife knifecommunity knifeporn everydaycarry meteorite pocketknife edcknife pendant customknife ringmaker knifelife knifemaking knifepics knifestagram jewelry jewelrymaking blade pocketvomit ring mokuti timascus

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While tidying up my studio this morning, I found several half finished necklaces I put together a while back. I am going to get them all finished up, photographed and listed on the site today 😍😍😍 I finished the butterfly necklace before snapping this picture so I’ll show it off here in a sec 😍😍

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The Rail Stud- hammered or smooth, you choose. Tap the pic to shop. (Pictured: Sterling Silver. Also comes in, 14K Gold Filled and 14K Rose Gold)

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Crystal trio earrings

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The “Noor” Earrings are made with polymer clay and real gold flakes. Simplistic and created for everyday wear, you can rock them with even the simplest outfits! ❤️🤩

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Beautiful Chrysocolla from chimerastones that I wrapped in copper. Dm if interested.

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Crushing It 🌈 JumboLinks 🔗💎

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Listísimas para lucir nuestro “LAYER VENECIA” 😍✨✨✨😍 folki Disponible en línea 📲 (link en la bio) ☝🏾 O más info via DM 💌 Shopfolki

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More than meets the eye. One of our favorite new amulets. 😍

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New, handcrafted, cross with aquamarine color crystals pendant. Made by Alotta Moose Custom Jewelry. Additional items can be seen on the Facebook page "Alotta Moose Custom Jewelry". Please request to join the private group "Alotta Moose Pre-Sale" to see items that can be purchased prior to them being available for sale at public events. Alana $6.00 S&H in US $4.50 19-3 248 jewelry jewelrydesign jewelryaddict jewelrymaking alottamoose handcraftedjewelry handmadejewelry jewelrydesigner jewelryartist

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Sometimes you only need a tiny light to walk in the dark. Glow in the dark teardrop necklace. You just need to charge it with light to make it glow. ;) handmadejewelry resinnecklace resinjewelry resinart resinpendant etsy jewelrydesigner jewelryaddict jewelrymaking handmadejewellery etsyseller etsyshop makersgonnamake etsystore smallbusiness supportsmallbusiness etsylove glowindark glowinginthedark glowingnecklace etsyhunter handmadeloves handmadegift etsyartist etsysellers

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Kundan Necklaces in assorted beads with matching earrings Swipe to see the colours and choose your favourite one 😀 . Metal base: Copper and Silver mix, studded with semi precious beads And high quality kundan 👍🏻 Quality guaranteed or 100% money back guarantee. Follow pcjewels for all jewlery accessories To book your order , pricing and all other queries, DM us or whatsapp us at +1 647-546-4687 . 😱Free Shipping worldwide till the end of April , so hurry up freeshipping jewlery traditionaljewelry giveaway trendy designer jewelrymaking wholesalejewelry indianjewlery pcjewels poornimacreations

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Talismans are beleived to contain certain magical properties thought to draw good luck to the wearer. ✨✨ 👉 Shop our vintage charm necklace with ancient coin in the {link in bio}. HauteVictoire charmnecklace talisman

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Какую роль играют аксессуары в создании имиджа? Украшения - прихоть или необходимость? ⠀ 📌Но к вам сначала микро-просьба за полезность🙏🏻 Пожалуйста поставьте ДЕНЬ и ВРЕМЯ в комментариях, когда вы увидели этот пост! Инстаграмм меняет алгоритмы показов постоянно, хочу понять кто меня вообще видит😳 Заранее спасибо 😊 ⠀ Роль аксессуров в создании внешнего имиджа, индивидуального стиля невозможно переоценить. Именно по ним определяется ваш статус, образ жизни, финансовое благополучие🤷🏻‍♀️ В нашей стране встречают по одежке - черта менталитета😊 ⠀ Женский аксессуарный ряд очень разнообразен: головные уборы, сумочки, перчатки, туфли, бусы, цепочки, серьги, броши, пояса и многое другое. Задача усложняется тем, что женщине приходится постоянно играть много ролей – бизнес-леди, любимая женщина, хозяйка дома, мать, жена, дочь. У каждой из этих ролей есть свой стиль, одежда и аксессуары. ⠀ Благодаря аксессуарам можно подчеркнуть ту или иную часть тела, настроиться на определенный лад, поймать нужное настроение🤘🏻💃🏻🤓😁 ⠀ Если женщине предложить примерить десяток различных пар серёжек разных эпох и народов, то в каждой она будет чувствовать себя соответствующе данному образу. ⠀ ❗️Правильно работая с аксессуарным рядом вы получаете уникальную возможность практически не прилагая усилий решать следующие задачи: ⠀ ⚡️влиять на мнение окружающих людей о вашей личности ⚡️ненавязчиво подчеркивать свой статус и социальное положение ⚡️помогать себе быстро входить в ту или иную социальную роль ⚡️привлекать к себе внимание ⚡️обеспечивать себя нужным настроением ⚡️проявлять свою творческую натуру. ⠀ Аксессуары не обязательно должны быть дорогими. Подобранные со вкусом они станут для вас настоящими талисманами, помогающими добиваться своих целей. ⠀ На 📷 серьги с жемчугом «Светская львица» 💸1900₽ ⠀ 🛍 Для заказа пиши в Директ или по ссылке в шапке профиля

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precious lil flower dangly earrings $6