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5 minutes ago

As the weather was amazing again, we travelled down to Margate this afternoon. If you’re thinking about going, check out the Turner Gallery, the beach, and the Old Town where this photo was taken. Personally, I prefer Broadstairs, which is 7 minutes away by train, but Margate is still pretty good for a day out. Check my stories for more photos from today’s outing.

6 minutes ago

If you had to pick one favourite skincare brand to use for the rest of your life, what would it be? Please comment below with the name of the brand and the reasons why you love it!

9 minutes ago

These warm evening are the one ❤

11 minutes ago

Happy Hearts geodecookies for a “Love wins”🏳️‍🌈themed party. Thank you for choosing me to be part of your very special day rockthatcandy

11 minutes ago

Someone started the bank holiday weekend early

16 minutes ago

Hi guys, so I have thousands of photos that have come from this Bush at a job the other day. Have seen it a few times absolutely swarming with all types off bees could anybody id the busy for me please it's fairly common 🐝🌱 been a hard today at sgs but all worth it 🧤🏡 have a great weekend everyone, anyone going to the garden show at detling? 👀😏 sgs 🎨1st , charitt fund raising, painting auction underway. Starting bid £10, buy it now £40 can find the canvas via the feed or Instagram story 🌲cuxton & cobham locals please consider becoming a member I'd the ccwp! It costs next to nothing and is beyond deserved - message for more info! 🐝please show some love and drop our Facebook page a like, give it a share and leave a comment - feed the movement! 🌳drop us a message to be added to our free timber and compost list for local resuse! 🙋🏼‍♂️We have space to take on new garden design and development projects currently aswell as basic garden maintenance get in touch! 📸Always tag us in savethebees_uk or send in any pictures of your garden, bees or the environment we really do love to see it, learn from it, and share the passion some of us carry for our gardens and their inhabitants Sustainable♻️Garden🌱Solutions savethebees_uk savethebees Community Projects (2) wildlife Timber Giveaways (5) recycle Garden Projects (32) garden Shows & Events (1) learning Hotel Count (14) community Writing peices & podcasts from me 📖🎧 enablenewminds education blog bee bees life earth green eco habitats animals happy flowers craft natural living sun summer kent photo seasons survival home gardening

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Huge thank you to Tom coming out and saving the day! My horsebox will be going to Borde Hill 5 stars from me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Check out their page and what they do Very helpful and knowledgeable. horse horses horsesofinstagram pony ponies poniesofinstagram mechanics horsebox lorry van trailers eventing eventinglife showjumping dressage kent fixit theycan helpful positivevibes 5star horsetrailer horselorry horsetransport transport rental repair repairs servicing lorryrepairs

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If you’re not learning are you really living? I swear everyday my brain aches because I am having to learn/hone/wing something! The winging tends to happen mostly in my role as Mum, man toddlers throw curve balls all.the.time. Today’s learning is WordPress. I have been updating client websites since the get go of my freelance life, and did some web work in life before. It does get easier but there is always a new trick to learn. I am now building my own website, learning via YouTube, Google, Ask The Audience and good old trial and error. It feels good to get brain ache it’s true, however, I’d love to have all the answers too! experienced organiser homeorganiser PA planner heretohelp order simplicity organised lifechanging askmehow london kent sussex surrey home business lifestyle freelance supportingyou makingithappen editwithcharlee learning learn hone wordpress blog contentcreation media

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HELLO! Big hello to all my new followers! Welcome to Dallas Candles! I’m Leanne I run dallascandles any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to drop me a message 😘 inbox is always open! (Any nudes will be blocked) 😂

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Visited Ightham Mote for the first time and loved the homeliness of it