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happy 420

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Suaux - Charente • 11/2019 • ********************************** ⠀ Vivre avec l'imperfection des choses pour apprécier l'enfer des Autres. ⠀ ********************************** ⠀ nature photofilmy analogfilmlab analog analogphotography sharefilm film exploretocreate argentique filmfeed argentiquephoto analogchannel ifyouleave humeurphoto analog ishootfilm 6x6 myfeatureshoot believeinfilm filmcommunity filmfeed theanalogclub filmwave colorphotography filmfinder kodakfilm filmisnotdead

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세트장 같았던 예쁜 거리

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Evet ürün yerleştirme içeriyor😌

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chirping birds

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sweet dreams sweet cheeks 35mm

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español So, the Spanish version of "The Pharaoh’s Dream" was presented last February in panamacity, under the title "El Sueño del Faraón". At the beautiful main hall of the Hebrew club, base for the Shevet Ahim Panamananian Hebrew Community, I had the opportunity to share my experiences ghostwriting for Mr. Isaac Btesh during a heartfelt speech, in which I expressed what this book became for me: an extremely educational and formative journey, both as a writer as well as a researcher of Judaism from all its angles, that also left in me a profound sense of gratitude and friendship with Mr. Btesh. Achieve. Don't just think of achieving. Produce results. Portrait by ciprianyvalentina. Caracas, April. 2019. ghostwriter celebrity celebrities celeb famous celebritystyle actress hollywood book celebritynews star celebritynews EntertainmentNews celebrity celebrityblogger igersmiami miaexplore lifestyle_miami kodak kodakfilm kodak_photo

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Interrupted Selies 📸x4 Not a Boomerang

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“I’ve gotten to the point where I recognize that I have value in the room and value as a performer.” Liz is a blogger and musician and she shares what it’s like to take everything that’s inside and put it out there for public consumption: scary, exhilarating, raw, scary (again) Her story is now on the blog at obrastories.com! obra_theartofwork redheadedramblingmama theechohillband interview herstory worklife workingwoman workstory socialproject documentaryphotography womenphotograph canonae1 filmphotography bnwphotography bnw kodakfilm tmax400 noir throughthelens womenwhoshootfilm words_of_women documentingwomen storycorps womenirl workinginamerica

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composed of up to sixty percent water——but full of heart lately

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Não enxerguem numa cidade unicamente casas, mas vida humana e história. Que um museu não lhes mostre quadros, e sim escolas de arte e vida, concepções de destino e da natureza, orientações sucessivas ou variadas da técnica, do pensamento inspirador, dos sentimentos. 📖 A vida intelectual, Sertillanges art bookstagram book citação livros potd vintage vintagestyle 35mm tumblr photography photooftheday photo picture retro poetry love instagood museum landscape vacances god architecture sculpture painting pic history museunacionaldebelasartes lotd kodakfilm

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I love desert landscapes. I love like leaks and film burns. I love climbing. And crazy natural textures. These two selects from a recent road trip by photographer nash.rood pulls it all together. And yeah, I dig it | What do you love? | Also pls insert some sort of 420 joke in comments I couldn’t think of anything clever enough ty ty | Shot on canonae1 with kodacolor200 film

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There's always something about Cathedral, either the magestic structure, the comfort quite, the lights when the sun goes thru the windows. I'm truly sad about the Notre Dame in Paris being burned few days before Easter. Even though, I never been there, still. Good news is its being rebuild as you read this. I wish each and every one of you who celebrate the occasion hoping you, loved ones and families have a wonderful time of Easter! Let's chase those Easter Bunnies and find the eggs HAPPY EASTER, DARLINGS! PS: Thank you, for the Easter present, luv. It meant more than something you buy out from the store. I'm beyond happy! 😘 Nikon F50 kodak_shootfilm Colorplus 200 Lab soupnfilm This frame is one of the result of my first 5 rolls. 35mmback retroikafilme analog analogfeatures indo35mm soupnfilm camerafilm analog staybrokeshootfilm igers igers_jkt buyfilmnotmegapixels outdoor 35mmstreetphotography meionfilm meishootfilm kodakfilm historical legacy kodakcolorplus200

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caleb.femi’s SLOG EP is out now!

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“Sin city 2: A dame to kill for”💋⠀ ⠀ Вижу, какая низкая у всех сегодня активность, но мне очень хочется показать это фото и я покажу)⠀ Потрясающая dartarasova 35mm filmphotography

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