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Self confession timemy normal deep sleep is closer to two hours. I have been working on a deadline this past week for a new digital product and deviates from my normal routine of avocado and EVO and then Nutritionally Green’s ZMA for magnesium and potassium for relaxation. Haven’t implemented either this past week and wellthe results show. Very little deep sleep and as a result not as rested and heavier by three pounds. sleep sleepmore nutritionallygreen balance educateyourself truth truthaboutbodyfat resultsdontlie stoptheinsanity sustainable trainracewin neverduplicated original authentic provenprocess provensystem nocatch leaner protein carbs fats lean dietsdontwork weightloss strengthtraining nutritionallygreen energyfuel ouraring paleoranch garmin

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In my mind, deadlifts are the king of building muscle and strength. ⠀ -⠀ Unfortunately not every can do them (at least right now) if they have back pain or just straight up don't have the equipment for them. ⠀ -⠀ Glute bridges, stability ball leg curls, and band or cable pull through's are all solid ways to train the hips with limited equipment and rebuild that hinge pattern if you have some back pain. ⠀ -⠀ Drop a 🤘 in the comments if you're training today!⠀ -⠀ dadbod fitdad dadsformation busydad busyparents onlinecoachin fitness fatloss fitnessmotivation weightloss stronger leaner backpain

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Testing my pulling power Using a crane scale I can get an accurate idea of how much force I'm able to apply to truck or a train for a pull event I know my starting level is 277.5kg and with work on start position, back, bicep, glute and quad strength, I can make this much higher *edit, thanks to marko_maximus, I see it jump to 286.5kg for a millisecond strongman strongwoman commandotemple training strengthtraining strongmancoach strongmancoaching strengthcoach coaching Borntobemighty SteelandStones London londonstrongman personaltrainer personaltraining fitter stronger leaner faster healthier bestronger strength strong StrongerAt40

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Model name : Professional Tattoo Flash Magazine Vol.3, Outline Girl Symbols Flower Wing Cross, A4. Price : 390 rs . Descrption : 1. Features: GenreART , Body Art & Tattooing Format Paperback Ships in2-3 Business Days Page 80 2. Specifications: condition: New 3. Size: A4 4. Book:Tattoo Flash Vol. 3 Magazine 5. Language: English 6. Product Dimension: 11" * 8" profesionaltattoo flashmagazine tattoosourcebook tattooleaner student leaner tattoobooks tattoobookdesgins tattootraining learningtattooing tattooingcourses tattootrainingcourses bodytattoolearningcenter bodytattoocourseinmumbai wholesaletattoomachines tattoomachinesupplies tattoomachineparts customtattoomachines wholesaletattooneedles mumbaitattoosupply mumbai cst mumbaitattoosupply 9029993269 . Address : 3rd Floor , 23/22 Kavrana Bldg, (Bharat Photo House), 545, Kalbadevi Street., Opp. Metro Cinema, Above Diana Sports, Dhobi Talao, Mumbai - 400 002, Maharashtra, India.

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Nadeem Hamid Batliwala 5 hrs · Product name : Professional Tattoo Flash Vol.6 Magazine Magical Symbol Lion Skull Goddess Angel, A4 . Price : 390 rs . Description : 1. The Professional tattoo flash Magazine Vol .9 is a great mini tattoo reference from a tattoo artist. 2. 80 pages and here are approx 300 striking photographic images of tattoos. 3. The magazine has 40 pages color tattoo works + 40 pages tattoo corresponding outline and its Page Size approx. 11" * 8"with Package includes 1x . 4. 8".This giant volume includes the very best of the new work made possible by modern improvements in tattoo art. 5. Specifications: condition: New 6. Size: A4 7. Book:Tattoo Flash Vol. 3 Magazine 8. Language: English 9. Product Dimension:11" * 8" tattoopedia tattoosourcebook tattooleaner student leaner tattoobooks tattoobookdesgins tattootraining learningtattooing tattooingcourses tattootrainingcourses bodytattoolearningcenter bodytattoocourseinmumbai wholesaletattoomachines tattoomachinesupplies tattoomachineparts customtattoomachines wholesaletattooneedles mumbaitattoosupply mumbai cst mumbaitattoosupply 9029993269 . Mumbai Tattoo Supply Brings You The Best Quality Products. Please Contact Zaheer 9699735303, Nadeem 9029993269, & WhatsApp no 9867964753 . Address : 3rd Floor , 23/22 Kavrana Bldg, (Bharat Photo House), 545, Kalbadevi Street., Opp. Metro Cinema, Above Diana Sports, Dhobi Talao, Mumbai - 400 002, Maharashtra, India.

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piratecodeathleticsllc transformationtuesday personaltraining client testimonial _ I decided to celebrate my 50th birthday with a fabulous vacation to rome . I was excited as I made plans for my son and I to explore the city but soon began to realize that I didn’t have the stamina to really enjoy the experience Who wants to go on vacation only to be too exhausted to do anything? I decided toventure into clubfitness.us and started to train with piratecodeathletics I was delighted that he respect my goals and helped me become “fabulous and thick .” The trip was amazing and I was able to walk the streets keeping up with my son without any problem. This inspired me to keep working and have more adventures but my body had other plans. Everything screeched to a halt when I was diagnosed with heart failure . I just knew that would be the end of my dreams but Kevin sat down with me and together we mapped out a way to meet my goals despite the new limitations . recovery has gone quickly and I’m now stronger and leaner than I have been in a very long time. I’m looking forward to the next adventure! - proud progress successmindset

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💙🧩 MEET OUR TEAM 🧩💙 Meet our Leisure Attendant Dom! Dom has worked in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham for 4 years. He moved to Pace where he has found a love for the gym and health club industry, and has been a part of the Pace team for two years now. His favourite part about working at Pace is meeting new people and getting to know our members. He’s a football fanatic who supports Sunderland; his favourite part of health and fitness is playing and coaching football. ⚽️ Become Stronger, Leaner and Faster with this Football Gym Workout, click the link: https:www.menshealth.com/uk/workouts/g26284263/football-gym-workout/ pacehealthclub fitness health football meetourteam teamwork paceteam pacedurhamteam durhamfitness durham healthclub footballfitness footballgymworkout menshealth stronger leaner faster sunderland coaching radissonbludurham radissonblu gymlife

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Ain’t nothin’ but a goal digger!💯 wetakeonlife

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What a weekend that was!

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Day 24 15 minutes 3 exercises GO

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Focus on the progress throughout the process ⭐️

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Healthy is the new Skinny 💃 ~ Feeling great in your own skin is the new cool 😎 ~ Regaining that lost confidence is what's awesome 🤗 ~ We are here to help you achieve YOUR healthy body and healthy mind. Everybody's version is different and unique It's not a one size fits all ☑️ ~ Get in touch today and let's start this journey together ❤️ ~ slenderyou weightloss slimming slimdown weightlossjourney healthyeating healthylifestyle healthymind bodygoals confidence leaner healthier naturally easydoableweightloss

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Many opportunities being created all you have to do is say YES💃💃💃 take that step towards a better healthier lifestyle🏋️‍♂️🏃‍♀️ UBA 90day Wellness Challenge Information Evening 24 April 2019 7pm realtransformations realpeople realfood Guaranteed the best 90days of your life💃 uba90daywellnesschallenge herewego transformation changinglives fitness realfood mind body soul uba90daywellchallenge 90days best90daysofyourlife instafit weightloss leaner stronger fitter

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Traveling means you get to eat ALL the good food you don't have in your tiny home town. Anyone else get more excited for the food than the trip? 😂

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Gosto de fazer alongamento e faz um tempo que adicionei algumas técnicas de yoga nos meu exercícios diário. Sou apenas uma aprendiz dessas praticas que todos os dias tento melhorar. Como nunca me contento com o básico, sempre adiciono um pouco de desafio. A vida pode ser assim! Um desafio genuíno diário. Basta estar aberto para aprender algo novo todos os dias. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I like to do stretching and it has been a time that I added some yoga techniques in my daily exercises. I am just a leaner of these practices that every day I try to improve. As I am never satisfied with the basics, I always puting a little bit of challenge. Life can be like this! A daily genuine challenge. We just need to be open to learn something new every day. yoga challenge women dowhatyoulovetodo learning leaner

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BLOOD, SWEAT & CHEERS!👊🏾 — Ain’t nothin’ but a goal digger🤩 wetakeonlife

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I started today with intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is not for every one. In my case I be in training for the next 30 days. And everytime I work with a trainer this method help me incredibly with energy and performance. I get leaner in a healthy way. I am doing 16-8 now so I don't eat for 16 hours then I eat in a 8 hours window 4 times a week. this is the way I get results. Woman can get better results doing intermittent fasting few times a week instead of everyday to prevent hormone imbalance, depending on age and health history(not everyone experiences this) I eat lean meats a lot of vegetables 2 fruits a day and 1 starchy carbohydrates like brown rice or quinoa (1/2 cup) the rest of my carbohydrates are from the vegetables and fruit. Other people like to do carb cycling or keto. Intermittent fasting is NOT a diet! If you are new in the intermittent fasting or thinking about it will be a great idea to talk to your doctor or Nutritionist about it. get the best information and results. This is my snack for the day a delicious smoothie. 2 tablespoons protein powder 1 cup almond milk 1/4 avocado 1/2 banana 1Cup baby spinach or baby kale Enjoy it! intermitentfasting leaner results proteinshake training vegan healthylifestyle getitdone fasting smoothie

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Still walking Die chicken 🐣legs🍗🐔🐤🐰 😱😱

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Fantastic sessions at TTT today ,with a huge turn out of 25 people in at the 630pm session alone . : With so many temptations to sack off the gym today due to the weather ,booze,holidays and the smell of a bbq to name a few it really is testimony to why our training programme works ACCOUNTABILITY. : Accountability is what so many people lack and it really makes the difference with your progress, everyone at TTT is accountable to the training programme ,the group they train in ,the coaches and they know that due to the progressive nature of the programme it's crucial that they attend or they may fall behind . : Do you have accountability in your own training 🤔🤔 : TTT transformation team training strength conditioning leaner fitter stronger lift sprint perform health fitness athletic progress accountability achieve succeed hamilton lanarkshire glasgow

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Day 23 - evening run and I must admit I find it more challenging to exercise in the evening over first thing in the morning. I could have used this as an excuse however all excuses are good for is stealing your results!

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TRUTH 💃⚡️💃

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🌸Starting the week right at the top💪🏼 it was LEG DAY and I personally love to get that out of my way on Mondays, It leaves me motivated and also because I have the rest of the week to recover after the pain 👵🏼🍑🤣 . I Got this in today: 🌟Resistance band 5min 🌟Abductor machine 82kg 🌟Adductor machine 103kg 🌟Hamstring curl 32kg 🌟Death lift high stance 40kg 🌟Bulgarian Split Squats 10kg (with the 🌟smith)🥵🥵🥵 🌟Good Mornings 15kg 🌟Crusty lunges 15 kg 🌟Hack Squats 30kg . Also aiming to get as far as rep 8 meaning I’m pushing harder with the weight😎 . Happy Monday to all you and for people in IRE 📍 cheer up this is a short week aaaaaand☀️☀️☀️☀️ irishfitfam irishfitness fitnesspassion fit gains bootybuilder bootygains gymlover stronger leaner determination

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Death by deadlifts Today I trained with marko_maximus at the excellent muscleworksorpington Lots of deadlifts today with this, my final set at 200kg for 14 reps in about 30 seconds My clients who are on comp prep or just finished will be happy to know that it's my turn to do AMRAP sets in training now as I get ready for Suffolk's strongest man on June 1st strongman strongwoman commandotemple training strengthtraining strongmancoach strongmancoaching strengthcoach coaching Borntobemighty SteelandStones London londonstrongman personaltrainer personaltraining fitter stronger leaner faster healthier bestronger strength strong StrongerAt40

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Big shout out to my client curtis.long14 who has busted his ass since day one and has seen many benefits of his hard work pay off. To name a few he’s down well over 30lbs and his body fat has dropped significantly without losing any strength or energy whatsoever. Proud of this guy and excited to be a part of this fitness lifestyle 🔥💪🔥 personaltraining maelstromperformancefitness teamMPF hardwork fitness workout lifting musclebuilding fatburning sore sweaty goals results gains consistency determination bettereveryday bettereveryweek stronger faster leaner physique definition summerbody vascular muscular

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I’ve said it numerous times that my wife and are what motivate me to get healthy. It’s not just that I want to be around to see them grow up though. It’s more than that. I want to live life doing things next to them and not just watching from afar. weightlossjourney weightlosstransformation weightlossmotivation weightlossinspiration fitnessjourney fitnesstransformation fitnessinspiration fitnessmotivation fitness gettinghealthy gymlife healthyliving journeytohealth journeytoweightloss gains gymmotivation lifting gettingfit gettingstronger gettingleaner stronger leaner healthier mondaymotivation motivationmonday navarre

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ຢູ່ໃນໂລກນີ້ ບໍ່ມີຫຍັງແກ້ໄຂບໍ່ໄດ້ ບັນຫາທຸກຢ່າງສາມາດແກ້ໄຂໄດ້ ແລະ ມີທາງອອກໝົດ ຂຶ້ນກັບວ່າເຈົ້າຈະເບິ່ງເຫັນ ແລະ ແກ້ເປັນບໍ່ມັນມາຈາກປະສົບປະການ ການຮຽນຮູ້ ຄວາມວ່ອງໄວ ຄວາມຊຳນານໃນວຽກງານທີ່ເຮັດ Cr. ຄຳສອນຂອງຫົວໜ້າ There’re different solution for every problems, All of them can be able to solve and finger out the ways. It depends on your vision, Decision, Experiences, Cr. Boss’s lesson bosslessons lifeexperiences workinglife leaner

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Villara is always seeking ways to make work leaner and safer. Furnaces used to have to be lifted above by one technician and then pulled up by another on the platform during installation. This was unsafe and put a lot of undue strain on worker’s bodies. Today, we have started to use a Pragnia Loch Hoist (featured here) to bring the units up. Early signs indicate that the reduced physical output it requires will lead to fewer injuries for Villara delivery team members. safetyfirst ingenuity upgrade HVAC construction hoist worksmarter mindfulmonday monday

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So it could be my scale, because it wouldn’t let me measure results like it normally does in terms of BMI, muscle mass and the other metrics you see listed because it’s 4 years old and dying but If this is correct, I don’t think I’ve been this heavy since freshman year or so in high school. I was down to 174 in June of last year and remained that way until September 20, 2019. While on that day I gained two more amazing sons, I started on an unrealized 7 month journey to gaining 30 freaking pounds of fat. There’s no sugar coating it and NO MOM ITS NOT MUSCLE! Hahaha. I realized the past couple of months that I have a really bad habit of neglecting areas of my life while I improve and adjust to change in other areas of my life rather than adjusting my sights to stay on target with everything. While I am beyond proud of the hard work my wife, 3 sons and myself put in to adjusting to all of the changes and challenges that the addition of two more beating hearts to a family brings, I am disappointed in myself for not truly busting my ass everyday as I should have in terms of my health and well being physically, mentally and spiritually. Being my best self, allows me to lead my family in being their best self and in turn will encourage others which In turn, with time, I believe can and will change the world for the better. So, I made the decision last night to drag my ass out of bed in the early morning now that Reign and Steele are, for the most part, sleeping through the night and followed through with it at 5:15 am this morning, unknowing what my scale would tell me after training. While I am surprised and disappointed, I am not discouraged. Because of the hard work I put in before, I know that victory is possible with hard work discipline. So here I am again, ready for battle. While I am slightly slower, fatter and weaker than I was, I am focused and determined to become faster, leaner and stronger all physically, mentally and spiritually than I ever was before. accountability MondayMotivation Realization Determined Focused StartingPoint HomeGym TwinDad FatherofSons clanginandbangin EarlyMorningTraining Goals GoGetIt Stronger Faster Leaner

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From tomorrow you will need to survive numerous conference calls, business meetings, meet a dozen clients and finish up piles of work that needs to get done this week 😑📳 ~ Keep your meals simple and convenient 🤗 Grab the Slender Shake Meal Replacer, Shake It up and Enjoy a complete nutritious meal on the go! 🍫 ~ Available from your nearest clicks_sa store. ~ slenderyou weightloss slimming slimdown weightlossjourney healthyeating healthylifestyle vegan completefood nutrition leaner healthier naturally easydoableweightloss

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When they say "You Look amazing! What have you been doing, I need some of that!" ~ There's no better feeling! ❤️💃 ~ That's what the 21 Day Kickstart challenge is all about ~ Regain Confidence ☑️ Cleanse the body ☑️ Feel Great ☑️ Drop Weight☑️ Kickstart your way to a Leaner | Healthier You. 🤗 ~ slenderyou weightloss slimming slimdown weightlossjourney healthyeating healthylifestyle 21daykickstart confidence bounceback bodygoals leaner healthier naturally easydoableweightloss