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Displaying my upper back development! 💪🏼

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LEG DAY got me like 💀⁣ ⁣ High volume day & pushing weight I was doing for 6-8 reps a few months ago for 12–15 now feels damn good! 😎👏🏼⁣ ⁣ Growth comes out of our comfort zones Plain and simple. ⁣ ⁣ SAVE this! 👇🏼⁣ ⁣ 1️⃣ Leg Extensions: 4 x 15 reps⁣ 2️⃣ Leg Press: 4 x 12 reps⁣ 3️⃣ Lying Leg Curls: 3 x 15 reps⁣ 4️⃣ Hack Squat: 4 x 10-12 reps⁣ 5️⃣ Barbell RDLs: 3 x 12 reps⁣ Superset: Single Leg Thrusts x 12 reps each⁣ 6️⃣ Seated Calf Raise: 3 x 20 reps⁣ ⁣ Less than 48 hours left to enroll in Body By Brooklyn! Click the link in my bio to join for just $2 💗⁣ ⁣ bodybybrooklyn closingsoon legday

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Been having some great leg days the past couple of weeks 👌🏻 . I've been dealing with some sort of hamstring injury for months but I've been doing everything I can to work around it and it's finally made some progress. This was my first week of squatting/deadlifting with almost no pain! I've been doing so much foam rolling, stretching and warming up before working out lower body and it's made all the difference Now I'm ready to push it. Looking to hit a new PR on deadlift next week 👀👀 . bodybuilding bodybuildingmotivation bodybuildinglifestyle fitness fitnessmotivation fitlife gymlife workout workoutmotivation legs legday

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Sometimes you go into a workout feeling sluggish, weak, and fluffy. And everything feels heavy and ugly. That day was yesterday for me. You just have to listen to your body and do what’s right, and put your ego and pride aside. I was hoping for some redemption tonight between me and that barbell, but when work runs later than expected, you roll with the punches and take an impromptu rest day 😭 - crossfit crossfittrone theroseofnewengland rosecityathletics quaddamn fairyquadmother inquadswetrust bodybybowmar bowmardoesabodygood wildgamegains wildgamewildgainz legday bowmarnutrition bodybuilding functionallyfit functionalfitness payhim dontbeasofttarget paytheman hwpo comptrain chasingexcellence nobull nobullproject wzatc2019 wza

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QUADS & HAMSTRING RUN ⁣ Swipe 👉 ⁣ Leg Extension 5x25⁣ Leg Press 3x15⁣ Hack Squat 3x15⁣ Walking Lunges 2x40⁣ Lying Leg Curl 3x15⁣ Seated Leg Curl 3x12⁣ ⁣ Make sure to do as many warm up sets as you need to safely get to your working weight. There is no such thing as to many warm ups ⁣ ⁣ Warm up included 10min cycling and 10 mins of mobility and rolling ⁣ ⁣ Now it's your turn tag me in your leg workouts so I can cheer you on and get motivated BOOM

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🏋️‍♂️ Day 2 after 2 weeks off sick annnnd its Leg day 🏋️‍♂️ gymmotivation gymlife legday thickthighssavelives junkinthetrunk gay instagay gayinked beardedhomo beardedgay beardedandqueer ⚔BΣΛЯDΣD VILLΛIПS⚔ ⚔🇳🇿NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA🇳🇿⚔ ⚔SUPPORTER⚔ Scouted by bearded_kiwi_pom & arcollett74 beardedvillains beardedvillainsNZ beardedvillainsworldwide respect loyalty honour family charity brotherhood bvaotearoa stayloyal staybearded stayvillain nzvillainsalute👊🎩💪✊🏴🌥🍻🇳🇿 beardedvilliansaotearoa The Fundamentals as stated by von_knox President & Founder of beardedvillains •The Beard •Brotherhood •Family •Respect •Loyalty •Charity Love, respect and loyalty! 🌟🌟KAUPAPA🌟🌟 - 'To Unite Bearded Men of all cultures, races, creed and sexuality in a Brotherhood devoted to Loyalty, Honour and Respect toward all people. Dedicated to the betterment of all mankind through the fraternity of Charity and Kindness.' ⚔️ STΔΨ STЯΩΠG STΔΨ HUMβLΣ STΔΨ ∇ILLΔIΠ⚔️

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🦶🏻 ANKLE MOBILITY ESSENTIALS! 🦶🏻 ⁣ Ankle Mobility is essential for efficient movement, prevention of knee injuries and sports performance.⁣ ⁣ The ankles tend to get stiff from sitting most of the day and lack of exposure to full ankle/foot range of motion (ROM). Today we are focusing primarily on ankle dorsiflexion⁣ ⁣ 1️⃣Start with foam rolling the calves to work on soft tissue mobility restriction and promoting blood flow.⁣ ⁣ 2️⃣Now let's stretch the calves using a wall (2x30-45 seconds)⁣ ⁣ 3️⃣Banded Ankle DF (2x20 reps)⁣ ⁣ 4️⃣ Standing Active DF (swipe for video)⁣ ⁣ 5️⃣Single leg balance to work on ankle stability ⁣ ⁣ Stay tuned for an ankle mobility video dropping tomorrow!⁣ ⁣ TAG a friend with troublesome ankles! ⁣ ⁣ acl anklerehab anklepain rehab prehab gymtips ankles ankle mobilitytips yoga fitness mobilitywod flexibility physicaltherapy yogi bodybuilding weekendyoga deadlift squat hypertrophy legday workout yogaformen physio irishfitfam anklemobility myodetox  mobility yogafit  iifym

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Life has its ups and downs, we call them squats! Leg dayA day i used to despise and i’m embarrassed to say I skipped it frequently, just because I r didn’t enjoy it, but I changed up my leg day workout to exercises I actually enjoy, and now it is one of my favorite muscle groups to train. If you’re not enjoying your work out then you really aren’t benefiting from it. Do yourself a favor and stick to workouts you enjoy, but don’t be afraid to try new things!☺️ gymjunkie girlswholift bekindtoyourbody legday leggiesaretoast bringicecream

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And here’s my leg day workout that gave my quads and glutes such a great pump • • I wanted to do some simple leg isolated exercises on machines today, instead of my normal heavy loaded free bar squats and deadlifts because I’ve noticed that I’m putting too much pressure on my back. I am now focusing on strengthening my core and maintaining my leg strength by doing exercises as such, shown in these videos. • • • • • legday workout quads glutes pump legworkout girlswholift strong strongfirst strongwomen gym gymlife gymaddict fit fitness fitlife

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Today’s workout: Warm up 4x10 squats w/ 8 EL DB Bulgarian split squats between each set 4x10 leg press 4x10 back extensions focusing on glutes 4x15 leg curls On the turf: 2 sets of side shuffle half field sprint and do the same back 2 sets on back peddle half field and sprint forward 2 sets of full field and back sprints Between each sprint- 10 med ball squats to overhead press, 20 med ball Russian twists slams💪🏻

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Did my practical exam at school today and it actually felt pretty good. Rewarded myself by going to the gym and completely destroying my legs for about an hour and a half 😂👏🏼 Have been kinda busy with school and work this past week so I've had to put the gym on hold. I don't think I'm going to be that consistent these next few weeks either, but we'll see what happens 😋👐🏼

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ISSSA LEGGG DAY 💦 Did a leg workout consisting of a bunch of lunge variations & my legs were shakinnngggg 🥵 Don’t underestimate lunge variations, they work your glutes, hamstrings, quads & thighs all at once & leave you with a goood burn 🔥 ✨ SM reverse lunge into single leg stand ✨ SM squats ✨ Barbell reverse curtsy lunge ✨ Weighted walking lunges ✨ DB hamstring curls

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Haven’t filmed anything for a while so here’s me dying under 182.5kg. Defo good to film everything to see where you’re going wrong. This rack is awful for my height, such an effort to get the bar out. Took a lot of energy to do! Can see my knees buckle big time 👀. • • strength strengthtraining lift lifting power powerlifting powerbuiling squat squats legs legday pausedsquat fit fitness fitfam fitspo gym gymrat gymlife ukpowerlifting gbpowerlifting sbd ipf 83kg 83kgboiz health healthy healthylifestyle weightlifting

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You have to love the process! Takes time to get there but when it is getting there smile and embrace the hard work your putting in

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Reunited with my resistance band for an intense pilates session this AM. 21DFX

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Time to work on the peach 🍑 also known as the booty. Why because it’s legday🍑 and as my crossfit coach bonningwilliamh would probably say everyday is legday. I used to be able to do more than 115 for 3 I probably could have done more but I started to feel wonky under the weight. But in my defense I haven’t been able either squat much or at all outside of the last few months and it’s coming back slowly and that’s okay. Form is important and this is why I’m good with progressing slowly and methodically. If your form is shit you can’t more the weight that you’re capable of properly. Which is something my coach taught meeven if he made us restart a wod halfway thru it. Music: imaginedragons - Ready, Aim, Fire figurecompetitor iam1stphorm undergroundathletes secondnatureathletics legday friendsdontletfriendsskiplegday growthatpeach quadgoals

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Full leggie workout 🤙🏼🖤 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Squats 5 sets👇🏼 95x15 135x10 185x7 205x5 135x10 Sumo deadlifts 3 sets x10 Bulgarian split squat 3 sets 8 on each leg Calve supper set, standing and seated 3x10 Outer Thigh Machine dropset at 90x20 70x20 ( not shown) RDL deadlift 3x10-12

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It’s been a week since I’ve been to the gym and to be honest, it was a week I probably needed it the most. Working out does wonders for my anxiety and stress and last week was full of both. Anyway, it felt so good to get in there today. Except when the guy got on the elliptical next to me with his coffee and all I could smell was coffee, which is normally fine, but for some reason it really bothered me. Not at the gym, dude! 🤦🏻‍♀️ legday gymetiquette backontrack mentalhealth antianxiety exercise wholehealth nocoffeeatthegym

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Todays workout. Time started 11:00pm - Time finished 12:20am • Leg Day, in an airport hotel gym Exercise 1 - Leg extension, warm up x30 reps, full squeeze and full extension on the movement. Then 3 sets x12 reps, considerably heavier than the warm up, eventually lifting the stack for 12, each set has a drop set to failure. Exercise 2 - Time under tension leg extensions, 3 sets x10 reps, hold the rep at the top for 4 seconds, then lower for 4 seconds then finish the rep with a quarter rep, don’t cheat, count to 4 slowly and complete a FULL range of motion. Exercise 3 - Seated Hamstring curl, same as before, warm up x30 reps and then 3 sets x12 increasing the weight with a drop set on each set, don’t cheat the rep! Otherwise you’re cheating yourself. Exercise 4 - Seated Hamstring Gauntlet set x200 reps. For example; if the stack goes up to 100kg, start on 30kg and complete 20 reps, then drop to 25kg for 20 reps, then 20kg, 15kg and 10kg all for 20 reps, this = 100 reps, count to 30 and repeat, except start from 10kg/15kg/20kg/25kg/30kg all for 20 reps = 100 reps. Exercise 5 - Walking lunges x16 reps for 4 sets, set 1 bodyweight, and then take dumbbells and each set increase the weight of the dumbbells, don’t let your knee hit the floor, keep it approximately 1 - 2cm from the floor to keep tension on your Quads, Hamstrings and Glutes. Exercise 6 - Finish with 150kcal burn on the bike/treadmill/stepper/cross trainer, you will feel your legs burn out quickly but work through it. Finally, find some good lighting and get a SICK photo 💪🏽🔥 gym gymlad gymlife gymlove aintnothingbutapeanut proudbutneversatisfied thoughtsbecomethings alphalete summershredding legday selfie photo picture potd motivate inspire latenight positivevibes positivity workhard hardwork

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HAPPY HUMP DAY🐪 Here is a Hamstring/Glute focused leg day for you guys! Wide stance barbell squats 5x8 (not recorded) SUPERSET -Sumo RDLs 3x15 -Single leg RDL 3x10 each leg SUPERSET -Cable pull thru’s 4x15 -Seated abductor 4x20 Burnout -Reverse hyperextension 3xMAX reps ❤️ & Save for your next leg day

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Training legs in lftvet silkies amplify the gains 🤓 Totally backed by science 😐👨🏼‍🔬 Don’t forget to train those legs! Always enjoy seeing the 24hourfitnessnorthgate fam when I can drop in for a lift. legday hammies

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✳️ ANKLE MOBILITY -Do you struggle to get into a deep squat, deep clean, snatch, pistol squat, or lunge? Well, there is a strong chance that you are lacking ankle mobility, specifically ankle dorsiflexion (think taking your foot off of the gas pedal) If you are lacking ankle dorsiflexion it makes sense to work on ankle dorsiflexion specifically. The interesting thing about the human body is that it doesn’t always follow the rules. One of these cases is: working on ankle plantar flexion (think pushing on the gas pedal) can lead to increased ankle dorsiflexion. This is due to opening up the front of the ankle A great movement for this is the one above. Your goal is to keep your abs engaged, while you kick the tops of your feet into the mat, while straightening your knee. This can be performed double or single legged. This is a great core stability move as well Try this one out and let us know what you think This is one of over 500+ flexibility, mobility, and stability exercises and variations included in our program 💎 We can help you increase your flexibility and mobility, decrease pain, and perform at a level you’ve always wanted to. New 15-minute video routine everyday! Login from any device and follow along. Go to www.movementvault.com or click link in bio right now. Free 7-Day Trial movementvault

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I mean look at that face! How could I have not had a good workout today!?

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15 inches of snow and it’s supposed to snow again on Thursday

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👉 There are many ways to make excuse, but there's only one way to make results 💪🔥 training workhard Für diejenigen, die verwundert sind. Nein, ich stehe nicht "falsch herum" 🤣 Nutze hier allerdings "nur" das kurze Stück. Nach einen "Mini - Sprint", erfolgt der Rückweg im Hopserlauf, Mini-Sprint - Rückwärtslaufen, Mini-Sprint - Skippings, Mini-Sprint - Seitwärtslaufen und dann das Ganze wieder von vorne 5x bitte🏃 tbt fitnessmotivation fitnessgirl activewear workouttime fitnessforlife hiit fitness losangeles cardio crossfit colorado fitfam miami fitspo georgia nyc boston muscles workout calisthenics fit running legday athlete training