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18 minutes ago

Just uploaded a cover of Girl Crush 😗✌🏻 go check it out 😉 Link in description to my channel 😂

14 hours ago

Tornado and Boondocks - two things that we are super familiar with here I didn’t video a lot because I wanted to enjoy the show (sing, dance, shout) rather than watch it through my phone. So I just took little snippets. alabama august2019 latergram littlebigtown orangebeach

15 hours ago

I love this guy for a million trillion reasons but a huge one is for helping me learn to love country music 🤠 We had so much fun this weekend swooning over midland’s whole look, sound, clothes, MUSTACHE (no really, we’re obsessed markaroo) & littlebigtown’s pretty harmonies. Thanks for the hookup doritimms. TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED YALL YEEHAW

16 hours ago

theTimMcgraw, LittleBigTown and MORE of your favs are performing at hometownrising music festival this September 14-15. Swipe right to see the amazing lineup and incredible experiences offered. Passes are still available, get them before they are gone. Link in bio for more information HometownRising HometownRisingPartner Countryradio countrymusicnews countryartist countrysong nashville nashvillenews nashnews thenashnews countrymusic lukebryan keithurban littlebigtown louisville lousivilleky kentucky louisvillekentucky timmcgraw brettyoung jakeowen laurenalaina dannywimmerpresents dannywimmer

18 hours ago

In the South, we glisten. Intensely. Y’all, it was so unbelievably hot. We were sticky with the humidity. Thank God for water, air conditioning, and cool showers to help you feel human again. 🤪 But the show was AMAZEBALLS. Super high energy And if we felt like we were dying, LBT had it worse, performing under the lights. I’ll post a few short clips in a bit. If you get the chance to see LBT live, go 🙌🏻 💯 alabama august2019 selfie itsmyface bestietime littlebigtown orangebeach latergram nofilter

18 hours ago

I’m not going to profess to be the biggest country music fan out there but I am a lover of beautiful lyrics. There are just some country songs that cut to the core and little big town have songs that make you appreciate the talent of song writing. Not to mention, it was actually a blast! Had the best sidekick a sister could dream of with me too who provided the amazing tickets! Love you sis! ♥️♥️♥️ littlebigtown iguessidolikecountrymusic sissylove

1 day ago

Being up close to LittleBigTown was the BEST thing ever 😍😍💟

1 day ago

Had a blast watching midland and littlebigtown at the wharf Worth the 10 hour drive, even though the humidity made it feel like 120 degrees and hair now looks like mufasa, it was an amazing experience and a great time with my hubby midland littlebigtown alabama

1 day ago

Hey TeamAudra me and my friend jadeorade_h did a cover of hellonheels ! By the pistolannies . Would love if you could check it out and give it a Share The full cover is on my YOUTUBE channel 😘 . Make sure y’all go check out my girl Jade! She is one hell of a singer! ❤️❤️❤️🎶🎵🎶 YouTube channel (Audra mclaughlin) • • • • • • • • • pistolannies mirandalambert country countrysoul instacover ashleymonroe angaleenapresley gotmynamechangedback bestyearsofmylife blakeshelton littlebigtown kaceymusgraves wildcard

1 day ago

if I ever say I’m tired of seeing littlebigtown, I’m lying

1 day ago

Just looking through photos from last night’s concert. Great show w/Little Big Town. I’ve seen them several times now, but since both ladies went to school in Birmingham, I think this show was the most special one. countrymusic livemusic tuscaloosa datenight littlebigtown