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love dinosaur

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Pensei muito sobre o que lhe oferecer neste dia tão especial e marcante para nosso relacionamento. Pensei, pensei, e decidi lhe oferecer o melhor de mim: a promessa de um amor incondicional. Feliz 6 anos de namoro Moze♡ e que Deus nos abençoe com muitos e muitos anos juntos! AMO VOCÊ Mutuco moze 6anosdenamoro love Felipe & Sttephannie DeusAbencoe AMOR.

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Cette vue = meilleure soirée Regarder Montréal comme ça n’a même pas de mot. moment montreal vue love

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롯데타워 롯데타워31층푸드에비뉴 공짜 추석연휴보내기 31층에서야경에라면_맥주각 창경궁 식물원 아들래미는노관심 혜화동 산돌 LOVE 한글사랑 추석연휴 서울에서 보내기 롯데타워31층 푸드에비뉴 저녁에오면 짱을듯 라면먹으러 또 오기로 했음 창경궁 식물원 엄청멋있는데 아들래미는 쌩~~이다 산돌 LOVE 한글 짱 멋있다 사진 찍어도 멋있네~~ 연휴 알차게?보냈다요~~

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Yes. Let’s be best friends. ALL OF US. Finally made it back to nyc. Thanks NJ Repost seeinhearts ・・・ I met one of the most beautiful human beings to walk this earth today- Jennifer Pastiloff. Jen is a national treasure- go buy her book right now- you won’t regret it! The BS stories we tell ourselves and the level of Mind Fkery we allow hold us back. I’m all about living my best life. I’ve never witnessed someone who truly listens as she does. I witnessed people being seen, truly seen. She gave me such a sincere hug when I introduced myself before the workshop. On Being Human was one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to. She filled an entire room with kindred souls. I will be forever grateful to have experienced the Life Changing Magic of Jen Pastiloff. I didn’t want it to end. jenpastiloff will you be my best friend? I’m making it a goal to experience On Being Human in Tuscany next year. If you follow Jen on IG, you know all about nobullshitmotherhood and dontbeanasshole and you know that she is a sincere, supportive light in this world. Her quote (it’s in the slides) “When I get to end of my life and I ask one final ‘What have I done?’ Let my answer be ‘I have done love.” Jen- you don’t just DO love, you ARE love. Oh- and I found a heart on my way back to the car. 💕 yoga onbeinghuman onbeinghumanbook imseeinhearts love hearts ihavedonelove bekind loveoneanother

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This is Shadow, we adopted him from my dad a couple months ago, and his name states his personality, he follows me around the house and yard everywhere I go, he’s right by my side. As you can see, when it’s not me, he’s taking care of the “lil me”. My mini-me hasn’t been feeling well this weekend and this is this is love and loyalty. This is true devotion. This melts my heart. truth love wedontdeservethem doglife family liftloveeatsleeprepeat

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We were abundantly blessed this morning by our very own Pastor timmy_timtim he came in and wrecked the house 🔥🔥 ⚠️⚠️⚠️ CAUTION ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Topic: Interrupted - Acts 9:1-9 Please excuse the Divine Interruption. You are annointed to be interrupted so you can be a usable vessel in His Kingdom. We have to TrustHim because His promises are true and He's always on your side. I stand PROUDLY INTERRUPTED! justcome Caution ⚠️ UnawareInterruption nucnr HeLovesUs Love process Sunday Motivation ⚠️ DivinelyInterrupted⚠️

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Find out who is the BOSS MOMMA AND POPPA of this CELEBRITY soul family Find out WHO THEIR TRUE TWIN FLAMES ARE! Ever look at celebrities and want to know WHO their TRUE match is? FIND OUT HERE! Ever wonder what their TRUE SOUL FAMILY is??? FIND. OUT. HERE! ENTIRE SOUL FAMILY AND THEIR TWIN FLAMES REVEALED IN THIS SHOCKING VIDEO WITH EXCLUSIVE CONTENT channeled from the Master Twin Flame spiritual teachers Jeff and Shaleia! twinflamesuniverse jeffandshaleia twinflameascensionschool twinflame twinflames twinflameunion twinflamereunion twinflamejourney twinflamehealing twinflameseparation twinflamelove romance love truelove lovestory datinglife divinefeminine divinemasculine robinwilliams michaeljackson jimcarrey marilynmonroe pewdiepie franksinatra jefreestar ladygaga jackblack emmastone celebs celebrity

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Enjoying the life ❤

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I just can’t help it. Every time I see a garden I just wanna touch. For my greenthumb friends is it the same for you? Lol

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Have you ever heard of 1000 Foot Falls??? 💦 Is only the highest waterfall in CentralAmerica , the Thousand Foot Falls in western Belize sends water plummeting nearly 1,600 feet into a deep gorge below. We promise this ride will give you some butterflies in your stomach! As is just absolutely delightful 🌿🌳💦

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러브캐처2 백번 보세요 백번 ㅠㅠ 설레서 죽음 👻

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Swipe for a surprise 🐶

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Sin demasiado 🤤

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/ 𝔹𝕖𝕒𝕦𝕔𝕠𝕦𝕡 𝕕𝕖 𝕓𝕠𝕟𝕙𝕖𝕦𝕣 🐥

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Requin 🦈.