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2 days ago

This is a drawing i did when i was trying ro understand ipad then i re-traced in a botanical way few days ago this is my botanical erotism hope you enjoy Music Amon Tobin morgarmeni morgdrawing morg time-lapse

2 days ago

Like a flower whispering to the moon - Available flash- 7-8 june I’m Available in Firenze again Dm for booking and info -life is beautiful-

3 days ago

⚡️🎥⚡️ 🔊 SWIPE 🔊 jhopell is bringing us a SUMMER BOP with her single Thunder Clap dropping on 6/10 We’ll be shooting the music video tomorrow and as part of that we’ll be hosting a BBQ at the New Wave Studio in New Castle. Free food, live music (maybe a cypher) and a chance to network with other local creatives in a relaxing environment. Even come in and check out the studio! 🌊 Hit me for more info on where to go tomorrow, it’s the start of an electric summer ⚡️

5 days ago

Beslenme şekliniz iğreeenççç. 🤮

6 days ago

It's not a phase.Its my life It's not a hobby.Its MY PASSION It's not for everyone. It's for ME Brotherhood r3 morg ride with David

6 days ago

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6 days ago

Freetime morg

1 week ago

morg click 🌷🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱

1 week ago

morg No matter who is loved or hated, because the important thing is that God loves you. اتق الله حيثما كنت

1 week ago

Ayrılıkta Yumruklanan Duvarların Suçu Neydi ?? 💉🍻 ————————————— Daha Fazlası İçin kusursuzkaybettik ————————————— Keşfetten Gelenler Takip 👈 seviptekavuşamayanlar ayrıkalmak sevgisizlik yalnızlık sessizsessiz aglar gibiyim vayaman ahmetkaya dertlerderyası ölüm yarımkalanaşk çukur çukurdizi sevda karasevda dertlişarkılar olumsuzhayat ayrılık morg acil hastane keşfet sizleriçin yunus.yldz1 hazar.hzml1