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Toil of our forefathers This is an acrylic painting on a canvas size 72inches x 57inches. This painting portrays the famous big six of the United Gold Coast Convention who fought for Ghana’s independence on 6th March 1957. (formerly known as the Gold Coast). Ghana’s independence struggle was led by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and it wasn’t until 1st July 1960 that Ghana became a republic, making her free from british colonial rule and with Dr Kwame Nkrumah as it’s first Prime Minister. “Toil of our forefathers” brings our minds back to the enormous role and contribution made by members of the Big Six in the independence struggle of Ghana while also elucidating some six lessons present and future generations can learn from, to contribute to the penultimate success of Ghana’s development. The big six wrote petitions to the British government for the freedom of the Ghanaian people and also led protests for freedom and justice. In their sacrificial quest for the freedoms Ghana enjoys today, they faced arrests and detainment. Their gruesome experiences are depicted with red dripping paint symbolic of the blood they shed during their toil. An impasto method has been applied in the process of carrying out this painting, specifically, at the bottom of the canvas which consist of the colours (black,yellow and green). The colour black of the impasto represents the people in the country; the colour yellow of the impasto represents the rich minerals of the country and the green colour of the impasto represents the vegetation (forest cover) of the country. This is a painting by William E. Kennedy also known as artsy_kenny. durhamhistory artcomesfirst artcomesfirst artsy artsy artforum artforum artnewsafrica artnewsafrica okayafrica okayafrica okayafrica okayafrica artnewsafrica afrodyssee afrodyssee history history history_africa history_africa ghanaianmuseum ghanaianmuseum officialgmmb artfund okyeamekwame okyeamekwame nkrumahlives qomposition nanaakuaaddo nakufoaddo nakufoaddo ghanatwitter ghanatwitter thebigsix artistsoninstagram instagram instagramartsit acrylicpainting acryliconcanvas artsykenny myart art artcomesfir

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แอ๊ๆ งานเทรดฮะโผม art myart arttrade

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Beautiful Art by- mima_kitka Hilaris 60x80 acrylic painting

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Sunday on the left branch of the river

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Housewarming gift for a dear friend. Home is where the gin is. 🥂

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Бумага, карандага

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Kassia, witch of the paramo

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16"x40" mixed media canvas piece entitled "Worm Hole " The bridge into abundance $3,700

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sketches pt.1/2