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I can already feel this metal thing around my waist 😍 The day I kneel down on my knees in the ring and get given this, is the day when all of my dreams come true. I won't be the best Iwgp Heavyweight championbut I'll be one of the best wrestler's to have held the title. Keep it shiny for me Okada, once my time comes. Whoever's champ, their times done for. Watashi wa Njpw no mirai desu 💕❤ Njpw newjapan newjapanprowrestling iwgpheavyweightchampionship japan Japanese puroesu prowrestling wrestingbelts dreams come true chaseyourgoals manifest manifested manifesting manifestation believeinyourself idol rainmakerxokada hiroshi_tanahashi shinsukenakamura jaywhitenz

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15 Eylül'de gerçekleşecek Clash Of Champions şovuna duyurulan ilk maç: Bayley(ş) vs. Charlotte Flair| SmackDown Live Kadınlar Şampiyonluk Müsabakası

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*CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH ANNOUNCEMENT* FWA Women’s championship Match Nick Bury - Pro Wrestler vs (c) Xena open challenge answered by Nick Bury Nick has been wrestling all around Melbourne and is looking to come to Sydney and challenge Xena for the FWA Women’s championship. Can Nick beat Xena for the FWA Women’s championship and become the first man to ever hold the FWA Women’s championship? Or will Xena retain her championship once again? Venue: Dural Country Club Date: Saturday August 24 Doors open: 6:30 pm Showtime: 7pm Tickets available here: http:bit.ly/2YdlOiF fwa wwe nxt nxtuk aew njpw impactwrestling indywrestling prowrestling aussiewrestling wrestling womenswrestling champion future futurewrestlingaustralia battle destiny 3 nick xena dural sydney australia melbourne

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🚨BREAKING!🚨 Charlotte looks to become a 10 time Women’s Champion as she challenges Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Clash of Champions! • Thoughts? • Who have you got and why? • wwe raw sdlive smackdown nxt nxtuk nxttakeover nxtuktakeovercardiff 205live royalrumble survivorseries summerslam wrestlemania impactwrestling njpw roh allelitewrestling aew allout clashofchampions memes wrestling kingofthering news wrestlingnews nwa prowrestling bayley charlotteflair

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Welcome to Armchair Wrestling a new podcast that will cover all things wrestling and how we believe things should either be booked or how things should progress. Stay tuned for the first episode to be released shortly! WWE NXT Wrestling Podcast AEW 205Live NJPW

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Really enjoyable episode! 8.5/10! Best episode of SmackDown in a while, so I’m glad it’s gotten better than it was last month! Also I was super impressed they made the decision for Buddy Murphy to beat Daniel Bryan. Comment your rating below! - prowrestling sportsentertainment wwenetwork wweuniverse wrestlemania wwe wweraw sdlive wrestlemania35 WM35 AEW AllEliteWrestling 205live njpw impactwrestling ringofhonor newjapanprowrestling nxttakeovertoronto WWEUK nxttakeovercardiff nxttakeover summerslam wwesummerslam

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Yes, The Wolf Zaddies ( baddudetito & checabrera) are challenging for the FIST COMBAT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP this Thursday (8/22) at SUMMERSLUM. And, yes, this is same TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP that they lost *without* getting pinned a few months back at Jolt N Joe's La Mesa. Can The Wolf Zaddies reclaim the titles against The Dirty Birds ( kayfabedogsie & dirtydirtydoug & anthonyidol)? See you on 8/22 joltnjoessd when we will find out sandiego prowrestling california sandiego_ca fistcombat prowrestler wwe roh njpw aew nxt impact wrestling gaslamp gaslampdistrict downtown zaddies dirtybirds tagteam thursday

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Pumped for this weekend. First things firstNJPW on Saturday in San Francisco. Looking forward to meeting willospreay and hoping to seeing megatjp, jonathangresham, caristico_official and dragonlee95oficial again! (Depending on Round 1 winners 🤞🤞) Looking forward to the awesomeness Then Sunday we got the EBPW & SPW Student Showcase. I always look forward to this and EBPW never disappoints and always puts on a awesome show. Come support the present and future of wrestling! NJPW EBPW SPW NewJapanProWrestling SuperJCup EastBayProWrestling Wrestling Wrestle Indies njpw1972 eastbaypro

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Positivity Tuesday! THE BOYS Coming off perhaps the most emotionally taxing few weeks of my professional music career - culminating with me basically accidentally roofie-ing myself last Wednesday, I NEEDED Friday night at Stomp Out Cancer. I don't miss being dropped on my head on a regular basis, but I miss The Boys. I miss the stories. I miss talking about the "old days" when we broke into the business as a bunch of barely legal white meat babyfaces. I'm in the best shape of my life, and love being in a position to PayItForward for the next generation of professional wrestlers. Wrestling has always been my passion. It taught me how to be an entertainer - Often just in some spandex. I want to say thank you to BCS, Potter, Boomer, Hamrick, Chase, Sam, JTM, The Gimmick Guys, Zoltan, Dominic DeNucci, Hank, Bigg, K, Paul, and the rest of the "old school" crew. It makes me so proud to see how much wrestlers like Lee Moriarty and Megan Meyers have come since I had the pleasure of working with them a bit when they were just starting. The business is in good hands, and that makes me happy! lifedoesnotsuck thelastoftheoldschool pittsburgh wrestling wwe roh njpw indy indywrestling tuesday

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Charlotte in the title picture???? Ah shit, here we go again itsmebayley please embarrass this woman at clash of champions in her hometown please and thank you🙏🏾🥰 Anyway all jokes aside, smackdown was pretty good tonight minus the bullshit ending. Murphy beating daniel was obviously highlight of the night. But overall a fun show. Let the countdown to clash of champions begin Smackdown tonight gets a 8.8/10 * * * * * wwe njpw impactwrestling roh raw smackdownlive aew evolve nxt tripleh johncena randyorton undertaker theauthority 2019 fighting gym mma mixedmartialarts professionalwrestling jiujitsu beckylynch sashabanks alexabliss asuka sethrollins ajstyles finnbalor

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Brands come & go. We have stood the test of time. Let's Wrestle Apparel. Where fashion meets wrestling.

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昨日 飯伏幸太選手のトークイベント&握手会に行って来ました😁 初めて間近で見る飯伏選手。 で…デカい! カッコいい! 笑顔がカワイイ! G1の事、スゴいと思う選手の事、次に対戦したい選手の事などを話してくれたあと、集まったファンからの質問に答えてくれました。 あとGETできなかったけどサイン入り大会ポスター争奪ジャンケン大会もあり、とても楽しかったです😊 そして握手会… たくさん集まってるし時間的にサッとかな?と思ってたら、全くそんなことはなくて、1人ひとり とても丁寧に対応してくれていました。 待ってる間に何を伝えようと考えて、自分でも緊張して声が上擦ってるのが分かるくらいだったけど、 優勝おめでとうございます…という言葉と、1年前に体調を崩して仕事を辞めた時にプロレスを観て元気を貰った事を伝えました。 「頑張ってくださいね」と握手したまま力を込めてくれた大きな手……一生忘れません! 飯伏選手 ありがとうございました! 飯伏選手太 新日本プロレス njpw

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TLC Match This SATURDAY IN MUNFORD, AL‼️‼️‼️ YOU don't want to miss it😤

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🚨Oooohh🚨Welcome in IG! Check out my review for tonight’s episode of wwe smackdownlive now up on YouTube what did you think about that finish? What are your thoughts on nxt moving to the usanetwork ? What are your thoughts about spiderman not being part of the mcu anymore 🕷?

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Synergy's 2nd Birthday STREAMING LIVE on fitetv - Friday 9/20 at 8 pm EST! · Featuring rhynoterrygerin vs thereal_brandonkirk and much more - our FITE debut Details and link info coming soon! · year2 ticket link in bio or at https:www.eventbrite.com/e/synergy-90s-birthday-party-starring-rhyno-tickets-66542635815

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〘 I was once like you are now, and I know that it's not easy, To be calm when you've found something going on ~ But take your time, think a lot, Why, think of everything you've got For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not ~ How can I try to explain, when I do he turns away again ~ It's always been the same, same old story 〙 jonmoxley moxley moxicity njpw aew wwe fka deanambrose deathrider unscripted mox jongood jonathangood song quote dailypic edit iger colors kiddo fatherandson cute tbt