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The RSL City of Cockburn Sub-branch hosted the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day Service this morning. Lest we forget 🌹

2 hours ago

I know it's been 10 years since we last hang and laugh and talk but not a day goes by I don't think about you cousin my day one bro Miss you cus 😢 Happy Birthday Nico NeverForgotten BadBoys4Life RipNico

2 hours ago

Hard to believe it has been two years already. Miss you, Jason. If you think you are having, or are about to have, the worst day of your life, please call someone. You are loved. 1-800-273-8255 neverforgotten veteranscrisisline

3 hours ago

You were the selfie queen, I couldn’t be caught anywhere in front of the camera. You hated when I reused to be in pictures, man what I wouldn’t do to have that chance to take those selfies with you now. So for now, this is the only way I’ll be able to be in pictures with you again. Today I make 37 and for the first time in my life I didn’t get my birthday text from you before my eyes were ready to open 😂. What hurts most is even though you’re not here, you still made sure I got a birthday present 😭. Tears in my eyes, hugging your babies, bought peace to my heart that I didn’t realize wasn’t there this morning. I fucking miss you Georgina, I will never forget your birthday text from last year but you were wrong I’m not the strongest person you knew you were. You gave me the strength that I needed, to make the decisions I needed to make. myfirstwithoutyou nomoretexts nomorehugs forevermissed neverforgotten mybigsisterisbetterthenyours GEORGINA thestrongestpersoniknew 🧡🧡🧡

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Today my grandmother turned 96 years Her mind is still sharp, when she wants it to be 😂, she hears what she wants, says what she wants, and has PROMISED me a Publishling Clearing house check one day! 😂Happy Birthday😘 🎉 ***and the man sitting next to her in this picture is MY FAVORITE PERSON TO EVER BREATHE AIR 😍😍 R.I.H. Granddaddy Cole neverforgotten 💖

4 hours ago

Super stoked we were able to end up making it out to rock pile for the memorial run today. There was a pretty good turn out 20+ trucks and i got to see and shoot the shit with a bunch of friends I haven’t seen in way too long, and most importantly we were able to make it in time to have the moment of silence at 7:45. RIP our fallen 8 neverforgotten now let’s start planning a BIG trip for the 10 year memorial next year! I want to see everyone out there. Put in for the time off now lol.

4 hours ago

“Cause I took control of things, balling the solo way And if you pattern my trend, I'll make you my protege Slauson Ave. Soldier raised, niggas don't know them days Take you in back of the buildings, make you expose your rage Take you across the tracks, make you explode a face”🚫🧢💯🎵🎶🎧🎼 ripnipseyhussle neverforgotten hussle&motivation

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Posted withrepostmemorial3gun John Dunbar was born July 15th, 1981 and grew up in Austin, TX. He entered the service in May of 2005 and served with 1st Battalion, 325 Airborne Infantry Regiment, 2nd Bn 38th Cavalry Regiment (long range surveillance), United States Special Operations Command (USASOC) On March 30, 2018, MSG Jonathan J. Dunbar, was advising, assisting, and accompanying a partner force in Manbij, Syria. They were conducting a mission to kill or capture a known ISIS member, when they were struck by an improvised explosive device. Tragically John was killed during the explosion as a result of injuries. John Dunbar is survived by Parents Linda Blanchard, father Ted Dunbar; sister Crystal Dunbar; wife, Jolinda and two daughters, Jael, and Julianna, another daughter who was born May 2019, and a son, also named Jonathan, 16. "He was always playing the superhero. so whether he was playing cops and robbers, or cowboys and indians, or anything like that, he was always the superhero.” -Crystal Dunbar (sister) 🇺🇸We will honor all 10 of our Honorees in the coming days. As we update our website we will add the full bio of each of our Heroes that will be honored at this year's competition. Please read and learn about these Men, so they will never be forgotten and their stories will live on forever. rememberhonormemorialize neverforgotten rememberthefallen neverforget honor hero sacrifice memorial3gun 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Memorial 3-Gun Comp: September 13-15, 2019 Official Sponsors of the Memorial 3Gun Comp: coastxcoast gryphongroupsecuritysolutions greyghostprecision

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Though it isn’t uncommon to go to the pro national at buddscreekmx for the day this one was a little bit harder for me. Today we got the opportunity to spread my friends ashes on the motocross track and honor him in a way only a true motocross enthusiast would want to be, the roost off the back tire of professional riders we look up to. R.I.P Curtis! motocross dirtbikes mx neverforgotten

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Cherish the memoriesboth have left a lasting impression on the family and taught us lessons that we will never forget. I’ll miss you both but will never forget you. Both of you are in a better placeCoach Pops and Grandma, thank you for the love and memories neverforgotten

7 hours ago

July 9th made 14 years since my Uncle Maurice died. 14 years ago, I gained a surrogate uncle (his best friend) Isaiah Brown. Mr. Brown (affectionately known as Uncle Isaiah) vowed to stand in as me and my siblings' uncle, not to replace, to remain. Uncle Isaiah's fantastic cooking was mentioned in bonappetitmag 's article and I cannot help but to think that he (Uncle Maurice) is smiling in the great beyond. Thank you buddah chefbjdennis, hilarycadigan and laurashoots for allowing and helping me to show some love to the people who make my life so rich! YDJuiceSoSweet DOPENESS homecoming blessedup reasons neverforgotten neveralone

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Romans 14:8 For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s. Papa Boy's 5th Death Anniversary 🌸🌸🌸 alwaysinourhearts neverforgotten 8/18/2014

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An iconic artist, Peter Fonda, shot to stardom after co-writing and starring in the 1960s counterculture film “Easy Rider,” ultimately appearing in more than 45 movies over the course of his illustrious career. Fonda, the son of Academy Award-winning actor Henry Fonda and the younger brother of Jane Fonda, was born into Hollywood royalty, but carved his own path with his nonconformist tendencies. Although Peter never achieved the status of his father or his older sister, the impact of "Easy Rider," which just celebrated its 50th anniversary, was enough to cement his place in popular culture. You’ll be missed but you’ll be remembered every time we kickstart the motorcycle and there is heavy metal thunder. easyrider rip iconic harley chopper borntobewild neverforgotten sunglasses honor memory

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The dying star, it is so bright before God extinguishes the light. If I’d but realized, if I’d but known, little Meep was a supernova ready to implode; I would have held him tightly every waking hour, giving him all of my strength. But, I didn’t realize the shine he cast was borrowed, an angel taken from the heights. I couldn’t have imagined, he’d leave us with such absolute blight. The black hole of loss expanding, sucking up everything it comes across. Happiness can’t live here, it’s impossible to breathe. The gravity of hurt is crushing, if only I could be numb. But that blinding star has burnt my eyes, and I can no longer see. There’s no chance of feeling better, no chance of being whole. I am ripped apart to pieces, a humpty dumpty hurtling through time. But they say it’s darkest before the dawn. They claim within the cracks there is some kind of balm. The light of love is never lost, and seeps in through the rifts. And alas we can understand that Meep is still with us, if only in our hearts. He’s not a black hole of nothing, Instead a neutron Star. His body may have grown cold, but his soul still shines with might. Though he’s left an icy hole deep within my heart, and my arms emptier still; his memory I shall cherish, draped all around me to keep warm. Someday I will speak with gladness, of the time he graced our paths. But for now I converse with anguish, and cry out in despair. I want to look behind me, and see him standing there. But, angels are invisible; the rainbow path is hard to find. I know one day we again will be together. I know I have to be strong. So my friends, please join us in remembering our little tiny man. A bitty thing with such big presence, a star that flickered out. Help us to remember that life must go on. There are so many other stars who need a helping hand. So many old and fragile, so many tired and worn, they all just need a loving home. So to them we must give, other piece of our very core. Until the day shall come when all our bits meet up again. That day we finally cross the bridge, and we will become one once more. Meep RIP neverforgotten alossindescribable perfectangel littlechi youwereworthit brokenwithoutyou

9 hours ago

Two in a row ~ Space Oddity 2019 mix ~ 08/01/1947 Bowie fell to Earth , 10/01/2016 he returned back to Mars 💘 He lived his life out of this world 💞 Still thinking of you everyday Bowie 💓 ☞ DavidBowie ☜ ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬ ☞ Davidbowie , AladdinSane , Ziggy , ZiggyStardust , HalloweenJack , Bowie , Heroes , LetsDance , SpaceOddity LifeOnMars , Blackstar , TheManWhoSoldTheWorld , TheManWhoFellToEarth OneAndOnly , NeverForgotten , starman , BowieForever , HangOnToYourself , Bowie , StationToStation , Guitar , Music , Musician , Singer , Stardust , Piano , Violin , Brixton , London , TheThinWhiteDuke , MajorTom

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Ahh just finished editing this ~ Life On Mars? 2016 mix ~ Everytime I see that smile it makes me want to cry , he was so beautiful 💘 Why do you have to leave so early Bowie? Regardless , he still lives on in his music 💕 ☞ DavidBowie ☜ ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬ ☞ Davidbowie , AladdinSane , Ziggy , ZiggyStardust , HalloweenJack , Bowie , Heroes , LetsDance , SpaceOddity LifeOnMars , Blackstar , TheManWhoSoldTheWorld , TheManWhoFellToEarth OneAndOnly , NeverForgotten , starman , BowieForever , HangOnToYourself , Bowie , StationToStation , Guitar , Music , Musician , Singer , Stardust , Piano , Violin , Brixton , London , TheThinWhiteDuke , MajorTom

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Today has been a difficult one. It is the anniversary of my Dad’s passing. The photo below was taken when I was 18, he died when I was barely 28. Little did I know that I would only have him for one more decade back then. I consider myself lucky to have had him for 28 years. There are people, , who never know what it is to have a loving family or a parent who will stand by their side, no matter what. My dad was the kind of guy who would always be there. He lended a hand to everyone he knew and had a playful heart of gold. He was an ultra talented musician and because of him, I grew up in a house surrounded by music, instruments, piano, guitar, and took up flute at age 10, of which I still play. He nourished my own creativity and accompanied me on his guitar every chance he got. When I would come home from college, we’d sing Christmas Carols and he’d comment on how my voice was developing from my technical training as a voice major. I now have that very guitar of which I and my husband play from time to time. He would’ve loved that. I still feel his energy attached to it. As I’m getting older, I see his reflection in the mirror more and more. When I was a teenager, someone once told me I looked just like my dad and I remember being furious I was a GIRL after all! Now that I don’t have his physical being with me any longer, when I catch a glimpse of him in the mirror, I smile because I see him again. I miss him terribly but every time I open my mouth to sing a song or sit in front of the piano composing something of my own, I feel him with me. I lit a candle today, looked through some old pictures with Graysen and have been introspective, remembering all of the beautiful ways he showed his love. Before he passed, he told finally_graysen to take good care of me And, that’s just what he’s done. We miss you Dad❤️ neverforgotten missyoudad dadsinheaven mydad joelashomb musicaldads gonebutnotforgotten reflectionsinthemirror

9 hours ago

Rest Easy🌹🕊 Nothing but gratitude and love for the foundation you provided for the family Grandma❤️ 93 Years Strong holding it down and showing us the way! neverforgotten

10 hours ago

A recently released photo of Kyle 💕👼❤️✝️

10 hours ago

Tom, it was so good to visit with you today. We have some great memories of Sherry that we will hold forever in our hearts. You are so inspiring and have such a kind heart 💜 I wish you all the best in your recovery. I am always here for you, my friend 😘 Love you 💜 RIPSherry myheart missyou memories neverforgotten

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Repost from crossfit_panoply using RepostRegramApp - Tomorrow's "Hero WOD Sunday" will be offered in honor of our very own kissimmeepolicedept Officer Matt Baxter and Sgt. Sam Howard. This weekend marks TWO years since they were taken from us, in the line of duty, but we will NEVER forget. We choose to celebrate their lives, remember their legacy, and keep their memory alive. Whether you heard about it on the news or were called to the scene for support, it still feels like it happened yesterday. Please join us for this workout or take a moment to remember, continue to pray for their families and our first responder communities. This workout was beautifully designed two years ago by nico3813 letsgohelpsomebody neverforgotten foreverheroes herowod workoutoftheday communityunited backtheblue firstresponders brothersinblue crossfit crossfitpanoply saintcloudfl kissimmeefl harmonyfl lakenona centralflorida centralfloridacrossfit communitystrong

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Twenty-five. You would be 25 today. For some reason, this one is heavier than the last few years. It makes my heart ache not knowing what your future had in store. Missing you a little extra this year, Riv. Happy birthday. 💛

2 days ago

Во второй день после моего прибытия в Мадрид, был переменный дождь, но это не остановило меня гулять 9 часов по красивейшим улочкам столицы Испании. Я собиралась провести весь свой короткий визит осматривая город. На фотографии Ворота Алькала, монумент в переходном стиле от барокко к классицизму, открытый на площади независимости в Мадриде во второй половине 18 века. Этот кадр я сделала на третий день в Мадриде, за 7 часов до вылета на Ибицу. visitmadrid realwords realestateofmind goodfats historicalfacts osomadroño buenretiro hellospain hellospring adultsonlyplease keepcalm keepquite respecteachother travelislife travelgram neverforgotten downtownmadrid investing realestatemadrid architecturaldigest charmingcity spanishguitar spanishtradition fromspain frommadrid wildwildcountry touristseason