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presents: 👰🏻 Alexandra ☀️ Natural Light - 📸 Todays Tip: Doing projects where colour accuracy is crucial? Get an xritephoto ColorChecker! 😉 (Swipe 👉🏼) - For this shot, I used it for the varying grey squares on one side of the grid. These let me warm up or cool down the images in post (accurately), giving me a good starting point to begin playing with hues and image toning and of course, after all that colour work I go and B/W the photo! 😂 - Creating a ‘Camera Profile’ from those coloured grids is the key to proper colour accuracy though Take a photo of the ColorChecker with the lighting conditions you’re shooting in, then load it into the included software to create a colour profile specific to that camera and lighting! This profile will now be selectable in your image editor. 👌🏼 - This ensures that every colour recorded in the RAW file is displayed as it was, rather than how the camera interprets it! 🎨 Great because this varies a lot between brands/models/sensors. - If you’re shooting for commercial clients or a brand, this is a must! ‘Coke red’ is different to ‘Manfrotto red’ etc I’ll leave it there for now, as it gets very in-depth! 👍🏼 - Go take some photos you lovely people! 📸

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From the moment they locked eyes on each other, it was a non stop celebration of love, rich in culture and high in energy. What an absolute treat to have been able to witness and document it all. ❤️ Mikaela’s hair and makeup by estellepretorius_muah

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Warning: This is a technical photographer jargon post. 😂😎🤩 We just wrapped up a fun and successful studio/ location shooting day! Shot action images on location while our client posed and rode in 3 different Harley Davidson bikes. We then finished our shoot in the garage studio with intense boxing and kickboxing action shots! All these were executed, shot, edited and shown to our client in one day! One day guys So miraculous. Why didn’t I try this before??? So love our new process because it’s changing my life for the better. No more long days editing images clients won’t use. We select, shoot and ONLY edit what they want. RIGHT after the shoot The trick is to shoot like it’s film,and cull everything in camera. I did a light post edit and quick color correction. But I still shot in RAW. As a result, there was Minimal post production. Our Client selected his final agency shots the same day. And tomorrow his agency gets the final images! And that’s a wrap! P.S. It does help that our team pre- visualized all the shots the day before. Also helps that my Nikon camera and lenses were the bomb A huge bonus for having a client who is a consummate professional! photographers photographerslife actorslife actingagency actorsheadshots shootlikefilm nikonshooter nikongirl shootforart shoottosell

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That 90's Afro Ninja Movie. Starring _teecup Turn On Post Notifications For Me Follow nyarai.x For More Visuals

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"Be proud to wear you" Shout out to the homie lisapope1word tbt Recently, this amazing makeup artist and I were both working on a project to help high school girls get items from prom. It was really dope to see/capture how much Lisa helped these ladies gain more confidence by showing them some helpful beauty tips 😀 📸: katgoduco ( nikonshooter nikon) gogoduco katgoducophoto katgoducophotography photographer photojournalism sayyestothepromdress makeupartist lisapope focus mentorship helpinghand goodpeople eventphotographer

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Hey y’all, Smile😃! You’ve been mooned. 🤪🤪 Full Worm Moon. As the temperature begins to warm and the ground begins to thaw, earthworm casts appear, heralding the return of the robins. The more northern tribes knew this Moon as the Full Crow Moon, when the cawing of crows signaled the end of winter; or the Full Crust Moon, because the snow cover becomes crusted from thawing by day and freezing at night. The Full Sap Moon, marking the time of tapping maple trees, is another variation. To the settlers, it was also known as the Lenten Moon, and was considered to be the last full Moon of winter.

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Black Magic | model Jane | photo by janistoomla

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You do look beautiful true! But let me make you complete! Model debbie_tichi| photo by janistoomla | 2019

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Have you ever felt after a photo shoot that you missed some great shots? Like they were right under your nose Like there was something even more captivating and unique you could have accomplished. I must admit, I do have this feeling every single time. Before a shoot I do my planning and thinking of all possible scenarios and still end up with this feeling?! So why it always ends the same way? I have come to realise as learning photographers, we all need a Muse - like Saskia for Rembrandt or Jeanne for Modigliani. We need someone we can trust, admire and train our eye as a photographer. Yes, it's not the smartest way from the business perspective, but after all - creative stimulation is right there! I reckon there would be a huge impact on our skills and performance as photographers. A Muse can bring our work to a whole new level we could be able to see the missing part and paint it right there Painting with light is what we do and there is nothing more challenging than freezing the moment when the light is right. A big cheer to our Muses! Muse tashakaranja | photo by janistoomla

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I have been fortunate to travel and to meet wonderful people. Mostly thanks to my passion for photography. Many things have changed since my love for photography began and I have changed as well. Life through the lens is so much better as it is rewarding. We focus on a person but end up finding a soul. Model tashakaranja | photo by janistoomla | 2019