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girlbosses ⭐️my offer is still open 😊 I’d love to help a mamapreneurentrepreneurladystartup or businessowner with 2 weeks of free socialmediamanagement and coaching where I’ll getyoustarted with a marketingstrategy and share some of my tipsandtricks with you 🌐 this is just my way of saying thankyou to all who have supported me and believed in me 🌐 I’m a huge advocate of payingitforward ➡️➡️ ladybosses drop me a comment and you could be hearing from me very soon 😊🌐 nostrings ❗️

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Some important advice for those entering into polyamorous relationships: communication is important! It’s vital that no conversation is off-limits and boundaries are negotiated. ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ polyamorous polyamory relationships nonmonogamy openrelationship openmarriage polylife throuple polytriad sexpositive instawomen instagirls swingersnetwork nostrings swingers youngswingers nostringsattached swinger openrelationship swingerslifestyle swingersparty openrelationships swingersclub swingersclubs cliqueasia jointheclique

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We thought we could avoid it. We thought we were safe. We forgot the heart has a mind of its own. It didn't listen.

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Flash Back To Wednesday Nights Service And Our Amazing Volunteer Vicky’s Birthday What A Great Night! Thank You For All That You Do Vicky

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No Strings by Mila Hart Books (AKA Stephie Walls & Kristie Leigh Author) Release date: June 5th 2019 Genre: Erotic Romance Add No Strings to your TBR ➤ PREORDER  US ➤ UK ➤ CA ➤ AU ➤ 🔥★🔥★🔥★🔥 BLURB: 𝓑𝓻𝓪𝔂𝓵𝓮𝓲𝓰𝓱 I had decided a long time ago that the guy who put a ring on my finger would be one that checked every box on my list. ✓ Looks ✓ Money ✓ Social Standing Some sexy fireman was not going to change anything. Drunk or not, I knew to keep my feelings locked up tight with men who didn’t meet that standard. 𝓒𝓪𝓻𝓽𝓮𝓻 Taking a prim princess home for the night was a safe bet. She’d wake up to her mistake, realizing I didn’t live in a mansion or sleep on twelve-hundred thread-count sheets. It never failed, she—whoever it was that night—bolted before I’d even had a chance to stretch. Wham bam, thank you, ma’am. No strings attached. …Until Brayleigh. milahart authormilahart bookstagrammer bookstagram booknerd bookworm bookwhore bookstoread nostrings comingsoon erotica eroticromance books booksoninstagram

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Turkey hunting for me is about calling up birds period the end. But one of my favorite tactics especially when I'm trying to outdo 6 hens roosted with him is to slip in early and tight so tight you hear every ruffling feather as he stretches to wake up for the day, and that gentle plop on the forest floor as it hits 15 yards from you. You become a wreck, not being able to twitch to scratch your nose, or adjust your face mask, or swat a mosquito feasting on your temple. Your body becomes so sore you know a simple slide of your cheeks could make it all better but you cant. It feels like hours. But when he finally pitches, landing and immediately breaking into strut within chip shot range you know the pain was worth it springturkey spring2019 publiclandowner keepitpublic publicland nwtf tenthlegion chasing49 turkeyhunting hooks limbhanger nostrings ezoutdoors toteride gobbler hunting

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Black is all colours, totally absorbed. It creates protective barriers, as it absorbs all the energy coming towards you, and it enshrouds the personality. no fine nuances. It communicates sophistication and uncompromising excellence and it works particularly well with white. Nolimits Colors Color Design Graphicfacts Graphicdesigning colortheory art paint painting Dream Entrepreneurship entrepreneur Corporate Startup DreamBig Graphic Nostrings Nostring Colorhaveitsownthory Feelings Feelthecolour Black absence light nolight negative seriousness

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The yellow wavelength is relatively long and essentially stimulating. In this case the stimulus is emotional, therefore yellow is the strongest colour, Too much of it, or the wrong tone in relation to the other tones in a colour scheme, can cause self-esteem to plummet, giving rise to fear and anxiety. Nolimits Colors Color Design World Clues Graphicfacts Graphicdesigning colortheory art paint painting Dream Entrepreneurship entrepreneur Corporate Startup DreamBig Graphic Nostrings Nostring Colorhaveitsownthory Feelings Feelthecolour strongestcolor anxiety wait deep point pain

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April Showers 🌧️ brought May Flowers 💐 Well actually more 🌦️ but who's counting. Along with a host of other things. Have you been Curious🤔, but not sure you are ready to make that investment. Well now's your chance Local Friends, hit me up so you can try some of this awesomeness for 3 days No strings attached and you get to check out all the benefits I've been telling you about. 📝 Or ☎️ Me so you can check out what I've been talking about healthychoices healthyliving liveoola nostrings curious workfromhome workfromanywhere travel traveler traveltheworld benefit investinyourself aprilshowers mayflowers

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I spend usually about an hour each day here on FB scrolling through your posts. Sometimes I reach out and sometimes I stop and pray for you. I do this because I am here, and you are there, and because this beautiful platform has allowed me the privilege of being an active participant in your lives as you share. I hear and see you post and I love that you are here with me too. I also realize that not everyone knows what to say, what to share, or even how to go about having a relationship with other people, this way or in person, but that reading posts, like this one, can fuel hope and foster a sense of togetherness. I know that many say nothing at all, but look for this exact kind of post so that they can feel a connection. I hope this reaches you. You are not alone. Life is hard. We don’t feel the same, think the same, or make the same choices. We don’t like the same things, people, music, or bookssometimes we do though don’t weand we can connecteven if only for a meme. I want you to know something from my heartI love you. I don’t care if we agree or disagree. Your opinion on things really won’t impact my opinion on things but I sure do love to learn about your point of view. Sometimes, the way you see things, say things, or share things, opens me to whole new way to see and THAT is why I do this. God has a brilliant brush, and He paints this place beautifully. To appreciate this present moment for what it is has become my simple pleasure. My grounding exercise, my connection to source. I offer only meI am not like you. But I sure do appreciate our differences. May your day be filled with new ideas. New relationships. Be adventures. May you tap into source and learn to trust God. Even in the darknessHe IS here. Be well. Be lifted. 🙏🙌 beliftedbewell notalone strongertogether stretchandgrow now presentmoment balance root ground Goddesignedthis oneplexus relationshipgoals lovefromadistance nostrings trust