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We are excited and proud to announce that SKATE CLAIR is returning during the April School Holidays on Wednesday 17th April from 12pm - 3pm at St Clair Skate Park in celebration of National Youth Week! 😁🛹 We will have free food, activities, local youth services, entertainment and of course the annual skate, bike, scooter and street comp with lots of prizes to be won! You can register on the day for each competition :) If any people are interested in singing, dancing, band performance or showcasing any talent they have please get in contact with us. 😄👍 - - - - - - skate stclair fun youth sydney awareness givingback thankful grateful kindness love empathy compassion community communityminded generosity charity nostrings f4f kindnesswithnostrings support family acceptance wearefamily home judgementfreezone thelittlewhitehouse mamalana mama

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Sometimes He places us in situations which bring us to emptiness so we can see more clearly that He is all we really need. (Link to blog in bio.) Comment to join the conversation! ReKindleMI rkmi writersofinstagram authorsofinstagram author devotional ministry rekindle womeninministry bookstagram untied trust availablenow newrelease nostrings staytuned uncertainty snapshot chapterfour emptiness heisallineed discussion move emptyhanded obedience letstalkaboutit snapshots charlenegeisler sheranna sherannadawn

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Optimus is off to Ohio after a long day in southern Indiana. GPS Lining robots don't sleep so that you can. nostrings baseballlife⚾️ gpslining

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Do I have anyone on here who would like to know how they can earn an extra £150-£400+ by the end of March 💸💕 NoStrings AllFree

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If you are a person with a disability in the Penrith area needing support with social skills or healthy relationships/safe sex please check out the workshops we are planning in Term 2 at the See Foundation offices in Batt Street. Hit us up for more information! - - - - - - ability abilitynotdisability able2 helping sydney awareness givingback thankful grateful kindness love empathy compassion community communityminded generosity charity nostrings f4f kindnesswithnostrings support family acceptance wearefamily home judgementfreezone thelittlewhitehouse mamalana mama

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To celebrate our network hitting 10k followers we want to give a 2 day free trial on our Premium Package to anyone! Yes ANYONE! 🎉 This promotion will last for the next 48 hours only so dm us NOW!

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Three hours to go! Share, share and share some more. You could win two products, completely free with no strings attached. Like the post, share the post, like / follow the page and comment ZelosWarrior - - dontdelayapplytoday dontwastetime applynow apply comment💘💘 comments🎵💗 sharethepage sharethepost likelike followthepage page likepage likemypage winnerpickedatrandom announcedtoday enternow enternowtowin nostringsattached nostrings giveawayfree giveawayuk giving givingback

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LONG READ BELOW 🔝 awakened_soul_1111 • • • Don't confuse attachment with love. You can love & not be attached to the person or their love in return. This is unconditional love. Loving someone for everything they are whilst not expecting this love to be reciprocated in return. This is purelove . This is real love. When you don't attach a mutual outcome to love, you are loving without expectation. Love without expectations, results in no emotional pain. It's saying " It's saying, I love you yes, but I'm not attaching myself to you. I love you and I am not dependent on your love because I love myself enough to already give myself love and care. I am enough for myself & I am not in need of anything from you because I choose to love you, NOT because you LOVE ME BACK, but because I SIMPLY DO. If you love me back, GREAT But don't attach expectations to that love you have for me, for I will disappoint you. Love me without a reason. Love don't need a reason." My DM twinflame taught me unconditional love. I always had this idea in my head that people would love as deep as I did. I was attached to this deep love I was giving everyone in my life. Bending over backwards to help my friends, family, ex-partners. I would do anything to please them instead of pleasing myself, thinking I'd get this treatment in return, only to be disappointed in MY OWN expectations. I was hurt, because I couldn't give this unrelenting overflowing love to myself, but I was blindingly giving it to others thinking "well, but they have no choice to give me their love, right?" Nope, wrong. You give love & do things for other's because you actually want to. You learn to say NO when you FEEL the need to. Don't love in expectation, that love is like a rotten apple, not really ediable & will probably make you sick. Love simply because - Wanderer unconditionallove belove noexpectations reallove truelove purelove higherself couselling betruetoyourself beauthentic thewaytolove love feelings breakaway buddah buddhist buddhistteaching healing nopain nonattachment noattachments nocords nostrings justlove twinflamelove

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I just opened my newly designed business cards and they are GORGEOUS! I chose a beachy theme to reflect my new locale and fresh outlook. Want to see one up close? 😃 I’ll send you a sample of our 1 anti-aging skin care regimen if you’ll do a little something for me Rules of engagement: 1. Follow my account. 2. Like this post. 3. Comment with your 1 skin concern. 4. Tag a friend who might like to participate for a sample of their own. 5. Share this post to your story. 6. Share this post with two friends. 7. DM me with your mailing address and email address *Email is for sharing product info and links to diagnostic tools. No spam! I’m not that high techyet. 😏 Do all of the steps and I’ll get your sample mailed out the same day Not interested in products? Do you know anyone else with skin? 🤔 Share this post with them. If they become a Preferred Customer I’ll send YOU $20! nostrings nofoolin nojoke . * I don’t have time or energy to badger people so you rest easy *business cards by starshinedesignco purchased on etsy rodanandfields womeninbusiness whosyourskincaregal pickme loveyourskin giveitaglow newness redefinebeauty healthyskin levelup singlemombusinessowner momofteens momofyoungadults sharingiscaring

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Seoul is a city of beautiful bookshops, full of beautiful books I can’t understand. But behold this stunner, about the the magnificent Mooncup. I’m a few days late, but to all & any of my sisters out there considering the switch, International Women’s Day is a good a time as any. Mooncup ecofriendly periods nostrings IWD

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❗️❗️PRESS PLAY ❗️❗️✅NEW MUSIC RELEASING WORLD WIDE NO STRINGS BY LEGENDARY MARQUEST & luigithesinger : NoStrings - submitted to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Anghami, KKBox, MediaNet, Instagram/Facebook, and Shazam FOLLOW MODEL her_wittha_tatts 💦

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Тех, кто опаздывает на репетиции, ждёт жестокая тренировка😂 В этот раз и я опоздал🤦🏻‍♂️ А вы как боретесь с опозданиями??😁 blksgr 🎷 platonovtema 🎸 nikolay_kunavin 🥁

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You Can Never Deem & Judge A Book Or An Album Cover Off Of 1 Look. Suga Is The Immense Debut Album From R&B Singer/Crooner Kyle Dion Who's Become My New Favorite Singer After Emanny & Adrian Marcel. This Album Is The Most Nostalgic/Modern R&B Eye've Heard In A Few Years, Very Soulful With Reminiscent Moments That Take You Down Memory Lane. Very High Replay Value Trust KyleDion Suga RealRAndB PritineRAndB Soulful Nostalgia Crooning Poetry PoetryInMotion SpendIt CherryBlossom GlassHouse NotAllTheWay Brown 69Camaro NoStrings Eclectic Eccentric AllOnRepeat Music Poetry