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Beautiful day in the city

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Tucked away between White Park Bay and Ballintoy Harbour is the incredible Elephant Rock. Legend has it that the rock formation is the remains of an ancient elephant fleeing a volcanic eruption but i'm inclined to believe it’s the forces of nature at play. Either way, it’s one of the most mesmerising sites on the Causeway Coast. icu_ireland loves_ireland inspireland sunset ireland_gram visitireland northernireland insta_ni icu_ireland nireland exploreireland youririshadventure rawireland irelandinspires tourismireland WalkNi Ireland_Gram YourIrishAdventure irelanddaily Instadaily pocket_ireland irish_daily landscapephotography leefilters earthescope thefullirish_ bestirelandpics insta_ireland morethanireland raw_ireland littlepiecesofireland trekkingNI

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A peek into the world

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Eating Disorders West are looking forward to sharing this event with Rosewood Health and Wellbeing Omagh :) All welcome. A professional workshop with a personal touch through real life experiences intertwined. We have a number of workshops available but right now we are asking what would you like to hear about in this workshop so we can tailor to your needs? anorexianervosarecovery anorexianervosa bulimianervosa bulimiarecovery otherspecifiedfeedingandeatingdisorder osfedrecovery osfed eatingdisorders eatingdisordersurvivor eatingdisorderhelp eatingdisordersupport mentalhealthawareness promentalhealth eatingdisorderawareness eatingdisorderrecovery mengeteatingdisorderstoo beateatingdisorders awareness eatingdisordersni eatingdisordersniwest youcanrecover youarenotalone whsct mentalhealth northernireland bodyimage anxiety

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Safe a life

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you know its lit when pac get turnt with BC. Vintage Riders Mc XB1 🇺🇸🇦🇺🇮🇹🇨🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ⚫️Vintage Riders Mc⚪️ vintage_ridersmc vintage_warlords vintage_motorworks LOS SANTOS 🇺🇸 tecx22 🇨🇦 malice_vmc 🇨🇦 vintagemr.j 🇺🇸 cambrox22 🇺🇸 Dilf_vmc 🇺🇸 Sniperelite 🇺🇸 og_patina 🇺🇸 scrimda 🇺🇸 kit_vmc 🇺🇸 baltimore_vmc 🇨🇦 jt_vmc 🇺🇸 22mcphatbelly ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ BLAINE COUNTY 🇺🇸 dro_vmc 🇺🇸 insanity00vmc 🇺🇸 pinkysatwar_vmc 🇺🇸 ki11wi11_ 🇺🇸 Xtorturednachox 🇺🇸 wasted_chat 🇺🇸 ty_vmc 🇺🇸 Infamous_villianz ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 deathrowx22 🇦🇺 Mrsuperman522 🇦🇺 Rains22mc 🇦🇺 asylum87_ 🇦🇺 trickydj_vmc 🇦🇺 brutalz_vmc 🇦🇺 offical_qrimzeh ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ NOMADS 🇺🇸 makaveli_vmc 🇺🇸 botz_vmc 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 tekkaz_vmc 🇺🇸 twoinchjoker_22mc 🇺🇸 h00ligan_vmc 🇫🇮 viking_vmc 🇺🇸 mr_dank_vmc ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ DIRTY SOUTH 🇺🇸 cross_22mc 🇺🇸 king_johnny_good 🇺🇸 dead_22mc 🇺🇸 mr_exsclusive ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ gta5 bikers gtabikers 22mc vintage vintageriders gta xboxone gaming gtafiveonline cool gta5online popular gtaphotography rockstar BlaineCounty northernireland irishamerican xbox360 gtaedits rockstarcreator gtacommunity grandtheftautov follow4follow mccomunity gamingposts gamingphotography consolegaming gamerlife onlinegaming

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What a day at diggforsuccess event All the speakers provided so much valuable information and a day out of the office gets the creative juices flowing again Thanks to Caroline for organising She is a beautiful down to earth person that absolutely appreciates every small thing that comes her way, is a leader and role model for so many women in business and does this all while raising a family The winner she chose for the SM Marketing Website Giveaway 🌟 was Sheila at mollyrosa_ (Such a lovely lady) and we are delighted that she is a small business that needs help online Thanks to all the speakers mccaul.lisa wearedigital24 glazedigital thedivinephoto digital_by_emma danielledonohoeblog and a special mention to this amazing girl onlyjustlucy (aged 20) who now is the brand manager for Solv (part of worldwide company concentrixuk with 250,000 employees!) . She was a straight talker in a room full of experienced business people 👏👏👏 womeninbusiness northernirelandbusiness northernireland mompreneur womensupportingwomen femaleentrepreneur womenentrepreneurs businesswomen womeninbiz supportsmallbusiness entrepreneur womenempowerment businesswoman entrepreneurs femaleentrepreneurs businessowner beyourownboss entrepreneurlife motivated

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Esta soy yo 😊 se me achica un ojo cuando me río y cuando me tomo selfies casi siempre aparece mi mano Cuando era niña no me dejaban escalar, ni jugar a cosas más arriesgadas o alejarme mucho para investigar y si me ensuciaba me cambiaban de ropa inmediatamente y está bien. Fui hija única por varios años, primera nieta, primera sobrina, etc. Lo importante, es que ahora, a mis 35 años, sigo siendo igual de curiosa y teniendo el mismo impulso de sumergirme en la naturaleza, de investigar y descubrir nuevos lugres que cuando era niña, pero hoy sólo soy yo quién decide sobre mis acciones y la plenitud que siento al escucharme y al hacer lo que mi corazón dice es impagable ❤ Gracias mamá y papá por cuidarme tanto! Me encanta mi vida y me encanta quien soy ahora. Agradezco por todo Incluso por lo no tan bueno que me ha tocado vivir, porque todo ha confabulado para construir la mujer que me gustar ser hoy a mi ritmo Con mis reglas 💜 northernireland ireland irlanda felicidad mochilera vidaalairelibre outdoor travellife travelgirl traveller viajarsola travellingalone backpacker nature gratitud

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We got our stairs made out of old timber for some texture to contrast the bare white walls 🙂 They’re probably a bit rough for most people, but we really like them…what do you think? 🤔 P.S. They need a good brush down as they’re thick with dust at the minute! 🙈

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Final hand in for my MFA, and my final hand in for uni ever. While there is still preparation to go for the End of the Year Show (7th June folks 😉), that is basically me done. I have been released into the wild and there is no more hiding from the real world now 😂😭 2 years of this and 5 years in total at uni, it's going to be weird not having deadlines and having a uni lifestyle anymoreI can fix my sleeping pattern, will it even recoverno more being a night owl??? I'm going to be a new person 😂 As much as I liked creating work based around anxiety and The Shining, it will be really nice to be able to move onto other stuffI might even try something light and upbeat for once 😂 For now, it's onwards to the next chapter in life wherever and whatever that is, only God knows and wherever that is my inks are coming with me 😁💕 It's goodbye uni life and art college for now tho👋🎨 Now into the wilderness I go🤷‍♀️🚶‍♀️ imadeit survived MFAdesign illustration design ulsteruniversity belfast finalhandin graduate artcollege postgraduate imfree exhibition degreeshow ni northernireland illustrator artistsoninstagram illustratorsoninstagram endofanera thankyouandgoodbye

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Wrinkled Fieldcap Thanks to Lisa eduliswildfood 👍 for the 🆔 of these Agrocybe Rivulosa as they had me stumped. See my previous post for multiple pics to help identification this is currently unknown for edibility and I'm not gonna be the guinea pig person 😏 Interesting as it's a very "new" mushroom this is from the excellent First Nature website "Unknown until 2003 and added to the British list in 2004, this fieldcap has since become fairly common in southern England, where its spread has been entirely due to the practice of mulching flowerbeds using wood chippings. (If it is ever given a common name, that might well have to be the 'Woodchip Fieldcap'). Many other fieldcaps are found on woodchip mulch, but the wrinkled cap of this mushroom is a great aid to its identification. An increasingly frequent find in southern England and in Ireland but also recorded occasionally in Wales and Scotland, where it is most often seen on heaps or on deep layers of woodchip, the Wrinkled Fieldcap occurs also in parts of mainland Europe, notably in Holland where it was first recorded." mushrooms mushroomhunter mushroomidentification mushroomsociety fungihunter mushroomsofinstagram fungi hongos allthemushroomhashtags mushroomforaging foraging bushcraft awalkinthewoods ifyougodowntothewoodstoday belfast northernireland

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Our Editor and Post Producer stephsmojo / Stephanie McCutcheon featured on itvnews tonight. Again she discussed the positive effect gameofthrones has had throughout northernireland. Steph is an inspiration to us all and we are so, so proud of her for speaking up, sharing her experiences and absolutely blessed to have her on team nightlights Belfast.19 yellowmoonpost hbo postproduction editor femaleeditor whenigrowup inspiration culturenorthernireland discoverni filmmaking shortfilmmaking womeninfilmandtv wftv_uk womenandfilm careers careergoals filmindustry filmindustryfocus niscreen photography cinematography creativemediaskills editing postproducer kickstarter crowdfunding belfast femalefilmmakers ladyboss legacy GoT8 itvnews community

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Today was the culmination of over four years of research to discover where my great-great-grandfather Samuel Porter was from in Ireland. Today, I visited the farm located in the townland of Coolcreaghy where he was born in 1845, just a few miles south of Castlederg in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland. The current owner graciously opened up the old home, let us look at the farm buildings, taught us about cutting and collecting peat logs in the summer for a heat source in the winter, showed us how thick the home’s original walls were, and let us pet his newest calf. The Porter family lived on this farm from at least 1845 through 1929. It’s a day I will never forget. I like to think my ancestors looked down from heaven and smiled today. It may have even been them who held off the rain showers until after we’d left. ❤️ findingmyroots countytyrone castlederg northernireland ancestry genealogy

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…and we have lights 😃 The kitchen still has a long way to go, but a little more progress was made today as Scott from epitomeliving was in to get all our lighting up and running and start programming in the lighting scenes! 💡 One of the issues with open plan living it that you usually have quite a few different lighting circuits eg. Spotlights in the ceiling, feature wall lights, pendants over the dining table/island etc. So if you want to be able to turn them on/off or dim them for different scenarios, then you have to have a bank of dimmer switches along your wall, which you then adjust individually. One of the great things about the smart home system is that you can set up lighting scenes for your rooms, for cooking, dining, watching TV etc. and then just flick through them using one touch switch. 😎 I know, I know, it’s maybe a little gimmicky…but having now seen it in action, it’s actually incredibly practical! 🤓

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ugh sorry y’all i’ve been lacking lately ~ 🤠

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my watch has ended ⚔️🐺 GOTFinale

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Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can't begin to explore your possibilities - Carrick-A-Rede Rope bridge, Northeen Ireland - mai 2018 - like and follow me to see more upcoming pictures travel travelphotography northernireland uk greatbritain discover discoverireland belfast mystery instatravel trip bridge globetrotter photography photooftheday nofilter blue colorful beautiful stunning nature naturephotography island sea cliff inspiration opportunity possibilities igers