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11 hours ago

Firstly, this not my art. Wish it was! Occasionally, I meet awesome people in my job. Last night I did. As soon as I walked into an address on yesterday’s night shift, I was met by some amazing portrait photography of a some very famous people,taken by a very well known photographer. (Not allowed to name themconfidentiality etc) And I was introduced to some original work and prints by Patrick Caulfield. This is ‘lit window’ from 1969. I just felt the need to share it, hope you like it. I do. beautiful people in london awesome photography portrait blackandwhite patrickcaulfield litwindow popart window share someone art work sunday night shift coffee and cake at midnight

1 day ago

Seen this week 'Hill and Park' until 16 July. frestoniangallery an excellent selection of mainly graphic works by the many great British artists who live or have lived in locally to the gallery. "( In 1945) Patrick Heron moved to the bomb-crater strewn capital and made his home in the two upstairs floors of 53 Addison Avenue. From that ‘first footing’ of the artistic ‘moment’ that this exhibition seeks to define, explore and celebrate there has never been a point in the 75 years hence that this small, residential area has not been host to at least one (and more usually several) of the most prominent artists in the world." britishartfair bridgetriley howardhodgkin lucianfreud patrickheron patrickcaulfield frestoniangallery susanhillier davidhockney

2 days ago

Weekend vibes spending time with someone you love 💗 hope everybody’s having a wonderful start to the weekend this fabulous piece of art work executed by the great artist phillipguston amazing piece joanmitchell globalnetwork henrymoore tracyemin patrickcaulfield patrickheron barryflanagan barbarahepworth davidbomberg davidhockney victorpasmore vincentvangogh alandavie alanjones sandrablow samgilliam samfrancis willemdekooning williamturnbull joanmiro lynnchadwick henrimatisse henrymoore francisbacon frankbowling hansfordandsons frankiebologna

2 days ago

‘Venice Afternoon’ by Howard Hodgkin - would love to have taken this majestic size, sumptuous, wonder colour work on print home with me - it would be like being in Venice every day - though I’d need a palazzo space to give it justice - ❤️ love its leopardprint vibe ‘Hill & Park’ - New, fascinating exhibition frestoniangallery celebrating the Amazing era of major 20th Century artists living & working in the Holland Park & Notting Hill area - a story that should be told and great to see frestoniangallery nottinghill venice howardhodgkin londonartist 20thcenturyart hollandpark etching printeditions londongalleries west davidhockney bridgetriley susanhiller patrickheron patrickcaulfield lucienfreud londonexhibitions exhibitions loveart gowest leopard

3 days ago

Beyond thrilled to have attended the HILL & PARK private view last night frestoniangallery . What a show! Go and see it 🔥 “Perhaps it is the sheer historic & cultural abundance of the areas defined as ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘Holland Park’ that subsumes any notion of any particular artistic ‘moment’. However, in the midst of the glorious cacophony of contrasting and competing cultural phenomena manifest in these postcodes, it can be fairly said that, from the mid 1940s to the present day, at the very least seven of the most significant western artists of the 20th Century have been at work in this artistic ‘square mile’ par excellence.” 🔥 PATRICKCAULFIELD LUCIANFREUD PATRICKHERON SUSANHILLER DAVIDHOCKNEY HOWARDHODGKIN BRIDGETRILEY nottinghill hollandpark london artscene art artwork gallery exhibition 20thcenturyart privateview frestoniangallery

4 days ago

vector illustrations on pringles inspired by patrick caulfield✏️

5 days ago

Totally adore this image of Patrick Caulfield and son, taken when living in Holland Park c.1971. Can’t help thinking this image was part inspiration for his candy-floss coloured ‘Fig Branch’ of 1972 (swipe to view). Its colour and those thick vertical lines are also thought to be a playful nod to Bridget Riley’s work of that period. Works by both Riley & Caulfield, including ‘Fig Branch’, can be seen in our ‘Hill & Park’ exhibition, celebrating the artists of Notting Hill & Holland Park, opening this Thursday nooneputsbabyinthecorner exceptcaulfield hillandpark hollandpark colour patrickcaulfield bridgetriley julieswinebar modernart frestoniangallery westlondon art photography Photo by Pauline Caulfield

6 days ago

7B looked at Patrick Caulfield this morning and produced some amazing artwork! Da Iawn blazejoe for being 7B's artist of the day! Arlunydd da!

1 week ago

The ArtForAir auction is on til Sunday so pop down to theoldbankvault to check out lots of great work Thanks ros.a.mundi for the 📸 none LINK IN MY BIO The aim is to fundraise to ‘green’ our playground BECAUSE; Air pollution around the school nearly doubles the legal limit at peak times and our playground is a barren tarmac wasteland. The following artists have donated works for the auction: PureEvil, JeffKoons, RobRyan, PatrickCaulfield, JoeTilson, StephenChambers RA MimmoPaladino BenJohnson BillJacklin BernarVenet CharlesArnold MarkTobey WilliamCrozier artforair artauction hackneyroad theoldbankvault cleanair originalart theoldbankvault

1 week ago

First time using photoshop to create a piece. Better than painting, but need to refine when planning a final piece. development patrickcaulfield part1